Micropayments Versus Subscriptions For Digital Content


Micropayments or subscriptions for digital content? CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights.

Publishers have gotten the message that they need to innovate to survive. Innovation can take several forms – new content areas, new products, new business models. As digital ad dollars grow scarcer, some publishers have turned to the idea of micropayments to monetize their web and mobile content. [Read more…]

Bust Outta Your Rut: Avoid These 10 Digital Content Pitfalls!


Getting too complacent maybe? Avoid these 10 digital content pitfalls!

Constantly creating quality digital content that engages (and ultimately converts) your niche audience is a big job. Or it should be. But sometimes it’s easy to sink into a nice, comfy rut, cranking out content you think your audience loves. That topic worked so well then that it must work tomorrow too, right?

Not necessarily. High-caliber content creation is about always having that constant pulse on your niche market and paying attention not only to the big audience shifts but the subtle ones too. And it’s about not letting your publication get too complacent.

Here are some common ruts that publishers can fall into: [Read more…]

Work-related, sort of……


Start your sales calls to clients with a smile!

It’s the dog-eat-dog days of the media ad sales summer and we’re gonna give you a little fun today. Seriously. Still work-related, of course, but we all know that sometimes we need a break. Plus if we gave you deep-thinking, quality content every single day your head would explode.

So check these out if you want to laugh a little and start off your sales day with a smile: [Read more…]

Social Media Insights: An interview with Carla Johnson


Social media insight from marketing strategist Carla Johnson.

Ok, as a niche publisher you probably don’t have the budget to become a sponsored pokestop. But you know you need to focus on your social media content strategy and brand storytelling more often. So throughout your work week, in between deadlines and vendor meetings, you might send a couple of random tweets, generate some unrelated posts on Facebook, and round it all out by posting the office cat to Instagram.

Too often the social media plan sounds good but the execution is pretty much hit and miss.

How do you develop a robust strategy that will strengthen your social brand?  We consulted Carla Johnson, a marketing and customer experience strategist, author and speaker, about how to create solid messaging that will reinforce the key action you want your followers to take: [Read more…]

Niche Publishing: Create Custom Projects for Additional Revenue Streams


Publisher Fred Parry shares his insights on successful custom publishing.

by Fred Parry, Publisher of Inside Columbia 

Publishing a magazine, annual report or catalog for an outside organization allows you to lend the resources of your talented staff to companies that likely could never afford the level of expertise you provide. The good news is that most publishers can achieve a 35 to 40 percent margin on custom publishing projects while offering customers a significant savings from what they’d pay handling it in-house or jobbing it out to an advertising agency or design firm.

Making It Work For You [Read more…]

Power Move: Partner with Advertisers for Videos!


Bright idea: Partner with your advertisers to create successful videos that lead to conversion!

Bright idea: Partner with your advertisers to produce promotional, informative videos…that lead to conversions.

Yeah, you know all about that. It’s not always the easiest alternative for a small-to-medium publisher with a tight budget. But have you tried it yet?

Of course you want an amazing video. Video advertising can be highly effective, even going viral. Or it can become an expensive disaster. Even worse, your video can so boring it hurts your brand(s) instead of helping it.

But it can make sense to partner with your advertisers to create truly innovative videos without breaking the bank. It can be a win-win if you do it right. How to do it, you ask? [Read more…]

City and Regional Magazines: How to Develop Audience AND Increase Revenues!

City & Regional magazines are known for having a robust print and event presence. But online success can be more elusive. Did you know that developing and refining your e-newletter program could be the most lucrative part of your digital portfolio? We consulted audience development superstars Melissa Chowning of D Magazine and Cassie Noves of 5280 to learn how niche publishers can drive profit with their digital products. [Read more…]

Niche-worthy News for Magazines!

We read a plethora of sites daily to bring niche-worthy content that matters to our publishing audience. Whether is advertising and viewing trends, solutions to real-world magazine conundrums or lead-gen, we’ve got it for you.

We bring you niche-worthy news for publishers. Read on, peeps!

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ROI High
As of June 2016, “Magazines deliver an average return of $3.94 for every dollar spent on advertising.” MPA (Association of Magazine Media): Magazines show highest return on advertising spend

Bright side of the road
Comprehensive post about challenges and solutions in digital media and what publishers need to do about it to improve revenue streams. Inpublishing, UK: Why digital magazines must embrace a borderless future [Read more…]

Creating the Best of Both: How to Sell Digital AND Print for the Ultimate Ad Package


Associate Publisher and Sales Expert Nancy O’Brien shares her insights on selling the ultimate package.

Many advertisers think that digital is the less expensive alternative when really it’s not. And more than ever, advertisers are turning to Google AdWords, Facebook and other online-only digital ad opportunities….and leaving you and your niche magazine’s advertising opportunities out in the cold. So what’s the best way to overcome this “either-or” way of thinking?

We consulted Ad Sales Expert Nancy O’Brien on ways to prove that traditional media is alive, well and needed–as well as how to advance your conversations about your digital products at the same time. [Read more…]

Keys to Successful Partnerships in Niche Magazine Publishing


Here’s 10 keys for success when forming a business partnership.

Partnerships can be incredibly beneficial (and profitable) for niche magazine/media companies, but many end in failure early on. If you develop a carefully thought-out partnership plan, you can create relationships that are a win-win-win–for you, your partners AND your audience. So where to start?

Here’s 10 key points to consider when creating beneficial, lasting partnerships: [Read more…]