Successful Online Revenue Strategy from a Pro: Tips from Prime Publishing’s Stuart Hochwert


Prime Publishing CEO Stuart Hochwert shares some revenue-generating online strategies.

Generating more online revenue is always a very hot topic among niche publishers these days, so check this out: Stuart Hochwert and his media company generate 100% of their revenue online. Check out these impressive stats: In just 5 years, his start-up has built 5.3 million subscribers and generates over 15 million page views of content per week.

We recently caught up with Stuart and asked him to share with us some of his successful revenue-generating strategies and more.

Niche Media HQ: What are a couple of new revenue-generating opportunities and strategies in digital publishing which publishers could adopt right now? [Read more...]

Ad Sales Pros: No More Manic Mondays!


Ad Sales: Here’s some great tips from Carl on how to best manage your week.

What’s your week like? I mean….really? Most workdays have a certain feel to them, don’t you agree?

For example, most ad sales people dread Manic Monday. It’s the first day of the week and you really aren’t in the mood to hit the phones hard and most people are just trying to get a handle on all their emails and meetings and aren’t very excited to even answer the phone.

Wednesday, of course, is Hump day. The week is half over. It’s a good day. (You should celebrate by bringing in bagels for the staff.) Then there’s Friday and it really feels like TGIF! Everyone is in a great mood. The week is almost over and there is anticipation about the weekend.

So what does ANY of this have to do with publishing and specifically the ad sales game? A lot. I build my prospect plan specifically for each day. It’s worked well for a long time.

I’m going to share with you my super-selling strategy for managing….the days of the week. [Read more...]

How to Sell Against a Competitor’s Inaccurate Online Data


Here’s some tips on selling against a competitor’s pumped-up numbers.

USA Today’s recent article How Much is Internet Traffic Worth? made us ponder about the measurement and accuracy of traffic data in online ad sales. The author paints a pretty bleak picture. Do we now live in a world where it’s hopeless for ad sales reps to fight against their competitor’s fraudulent fluff?

We don’t believe that. So we asked Digital Advertising Sales expert Ryan Dohrn for his take on the situation and some ways for ad sales teams to deal with a competitor with pumped-up data. [Read more...]

Inspiration Resources for Niche CEOs


Check out these websites to stay informed.

True leaders try to avoid ivory-tower isolation. They don’t delegate new learning and knowledge-gathering. They stay connected to the pulse of the world beyond their own company and industry.

We are NOT suggesting that CEOs (or anyone) spend half their work day surfing the web–we know you don’t have time for that. But you can be strategic about what you read and embrace the discipline of setting time aside for business and creative development.

Here’s a great list from Forbes (albeit from 2 years ago) that is still very relevant today. It’s a list of the top websites for CEOs,  anyone currently in a leadership position, or really anyone who just wants to stay well-informed, for that matter. [Read more...]

From Research to Launch, How to Create More Profitable Niche Events


Stone Fort Group’s co-founder Sean Guerre talks with us about launching profitable niche events.

Looking for a road map to take your current event portfolio to the next level? Are your wanting to integrate new events for maximum profitability? Sean Guerre is THE event guy — he knows the ins, outs, and in-betweens of building a super successful media company featuring a highly profitable event portfolio. We’re talking with Sean about niche publishing and launching successful events.

Niche Media HQ: What is step #1 in researching and launching a new event? Guerre: The first step and most critical is talking with the potential attendees for the event to determine market need, key topics, likelihood to attend, pricing, timing, etc. [Read more...]

Top 5 Best Magazine Revenue Ideas from 2013: Magazine of the Month Round Up!

Niche magazine publishers can learn a lot from what their fellow publishers are doing. You never know where you will find that next, big revenue idea! That’s why we highlight a different niche magazine every month and its strategies for success. Well, this month we’re taking a look back at some of the series’ best magazine ideas from 2013 – what new idea will you find for YOUR niche magazine? [Read more...]

Losing a Sale Really CAN Be a Good Thing!


Sales expert Shane Greer tells us why losing a sale isn’t always a bad thing.

Shane Greer has been in the trenches and on the sales floor with the team–and knows plenty about motivation tactics that work.

He recently wrote on his blog about the fact that sometimes it can actually be beneficial to lose a sale. Does that sound crazy? Hear him out. There are solid reasons why walking away from a client or sale can be the best decision – both for your peace of mind and your bottom line. [Read more...]

3 Ways Niche Publishers Can Increase Revenues and Decrease Expenses

Necessity is the mother of invention. Back in the mid-1990s, PrintComm was a 35-year-old printing company in Flint, Mich. where the auto industry was drying up. We started publishing magazines for associations at that time simply to try to keep our presses busy and find other ways to generate ongoing revenue from print.

We continue to publish several titles and print and mail several others for various small publishers. Each era brings its own challenges. Print is still viable, but all of us are looking for ways to generate additional revenue streams or reduce costs. Here are a few things we have done that might be helpful to the smaller publisher. [Read more...]

Sponsored Content Strategies That Work!

What’s on the minds of niche publishing professionals? Our audience tells us that the hot topic of sponsored content continues to confound, so we’ve rounded up some of the best past posts by our content experts for you reading pleasure and learning-ment. (New word we just made up.) These smart guys also happen to be very popular speakers at our conferences. Here’s why:

Joe Cha 012First, we interviewed digital expert Joe Cha last year about the future of sponsored content. Joe was deeply immersed in the sponsored content pool while most of us were still learning to tread water: Sponsored Online Content is the Future of Niche Magazines!

[Read more...]

Beyond Compensation: 3 Major Motivating Factors for Your Sales Team


Consider these 3 motivators as you lead your team to success.

We have all heard about the studies that money is not necessarily the biggest motivator for salespeople. We’ve all heard passionate debates about whether there are other motivators that make top salespeople want to work for you. I do think there are some compelling factors to consider if you want to create a quality sales team for the long-term.

Beyond the compensation, consider these three motivational factors:

The first motivational factor, is autonomy. Autonomy allows the employee be self-directed, set some goals and manage their time in ways that often go beyond typical corporate structure and supervision. The plus side is there is more individual freedom in the daily work, yet the same or higher expectations in terms of results. Additionally, employers have found that some of the best new ideas are generated from autonomous employees. The downside is not all people can function well without clear direction. [Read more...]

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