Savvy Survey Insights: A Chat with Bill Thompson III


Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher’s Digest shares his insights on how to better serve (and survey) your readers.

When Bill Thompson III took over the leadership of Bird Watcher’s Digest (the magazine his parents started in 1978), he realized he had to completely change the way he worked. Since then he’s learned the hard way that listening only to your “gut feelings” (as many niche publishers tend to do) can end up gutting your company.

Bill tells us how he went against his own way of thinking and gained valuable insight into his customers, his publication’s content, and how to leverage these insights to improve and expand his business with you guessed it–surveys! [Read more…]

Niche Magazine Publishing: Hot 2015 Industry News


Niche-o-nomics: More readers, more platforms, more niche!

A piece of news in the niche magazine world can have a profound effect on how niche publishers can rock their niches. Here’s one hot tidbit that can radically change how you market to–and measure–your readership.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has reported a 10.1% increase year-over-year in magazine readership from August 2014-January 2015. What contributed to the increase? Part of the reason is the association has established a new metric that considers the whole reading audience on a magazine’s multiple platforms.

Niche publishers can learn from this–look at how you are measuring your performance and successes both internally and externally. This more encompassing approach reflects the changes we are seeing today in both print and digital products.

Magazine Industry boasts 10.1% increase in readership

More and more media companies are transforming themselves to use an “audience-centric” business model. What does this mean for niche publishers who already know how to engage their niche and have that built-in, passionate audience? [Read more…]

The New Media Sales Rockstar

Not long ago a large bottle of schmooze and a phone meant media sales success. Times have changed! To achieve rockstar media sales status you’ve got reinvent yourself. We asked Sales expert Chris Ware to share some of the tools, tricks and technology you need to succeed.

Christopher Ware NEW

Niche Media Conference Speaker Chris Ware shares how strategic online research can help increase your sales.

NMHQ: What are some of the best online research tools niche publishers should be using today?  

Chris Ware: Companies put so much information about themselves today it makes prospecting easy. Your prospect’s web site is likely your best first stop. The “About Us” or “Newsroom” pages are a gold mine.

You want to look for names of key executives and names of clients and partners. That way you know who to reach out to and when you get a hold of them, you can talk about how your audience overlaps with their list of clients.

NMHQ: Walk us though the best ways to prospect using LinkedIn. [Read more…]

5 Great Marketing Strategies for Niche Events!


Carl shares 5 great niche event marketing strategies that really work!

I’ve been creating niche events (under 2,000 attendees) for over a decade now and have picked up some sure-fire event marketing strategies along the way. Creating dynamic marketing strategies for you events is definitely not for the faint of heart, don’t you agree?

Here’s 5 event marketing ideas to keep your attendees coming back for more: 

  1. Your event’s website is a year-round marketing tool – use it!

Open registration for your next event as soon as possible and update the content the moment new information is available. Provide real content, such as last year’s session slides, new session descriptions, videos, etc. to give people a reason to keep coming back. Here’s a keynote speaker example from one of our conferences: [Read more…]

Niche Publishers are Doing Well, but Want Even More Green!

NicheMediaConf-logo2-2015-w-textSpring is coming…that means you’ve sold lots of 2015 advertising programs, you’ve got your editorial calendars and events planned out, and no one is dreaming of summer vacation just yet. NOW is the time to plant the seeds for new revenue streams to grow even more green! It’s also time to prune back programs that just never took root and lay the groundwork for propagating your niche title into a veritable garden of integrated niche brands. (Buried East Coasters, we promise that spring really, truly is on the way.)

Unless you have the greenest thumb in publishing, you’ll need a little help in finding new strategies and tools to build your media empire. We’ve got you covered at the 2015 Niche Media Conference in Denver March 31st – April 1st!

Niche is all about practical, revenue-generating sessions! “Niche Cover Mania” will teach you cover strategies to boost circulation, in “Brand + Content = Revenue! From Selling Ads to Selling Services” you’ll learn how to build your ad sales team into one-stop Marketing Services solution, and “Turning Data into Dollars” will give you the strategies you need to turn research into revenue! Plus, we have a whole track devoted to ad sales strategies!

Want to dig deeper? Attend a pre-conference workshop on March 30th to get hands-on with advanced ad sales techniques, building your event marketing plan, or taking your city & regional magazine to the next level.

Don’t miss three amazing keynotes under one roof! We’ve assembled an all star team of niche publishers to guide you through turning your niche magazine into a thriving media company! Mark Hintz, CEO of Sovereign Media, has launched over 20 (!!!) niche magazine titles. He’ll share his top 7 publishing revenue secrets. Get the inside scoop on harnessing community revenue and driving growth with big data from niche publishing icon Michela O’Connor Abrams, President of Dwell. If your head isn’t exploding with new ideas by now, buckle up for a wild ride as Eric Shanfelt, Sr. VP of HarperCollins, builds a framework for a complete digital strategy in just 30 minutes!

Get all the super-fun networking you could ever want! Whether you mingle at one of our FOUR networking parties or roll up your sleeves and and dive into our publishing topic roundtable sessions, you are guaranteed to make some new niche publishing friends. Meet publishers just like YOU and share ideas! We have an amazing show lined up for you at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret for the Niche Xtreme Welcome Reception that you won’t want to miss.

Denver is AMAZING! Within blocks of Niche Media Conference HQ – the Westin Denver Downtown – you will find great restaurants and entertainment. Catch the free shuttle down 16th Street, find hidden gems in the historic Larimer district, or come for the weekend and get your fill of the great outdoors before the conference! Here’s our guide to our favorite places in Denver.

Need even MORE reasons to attend? Here’s 25!

Want to get in on the action? Sign up now! Don’t wait – sign up by March 5th and SAVE $300! [Read more…] Magazine Nails Its Niche!

QuinceaneraEach month we recognize a magazine that is outstanding in its niche. This month’s pick:

Sometimes we find a niche magazine that hits all possible points within its niche, and this is a fantastic example of a magazine doing it all right. serves Hispanic families and helps young Latinas plan the quineanera of their dreams.  This is no small undertaking…the average spending for a quinceanera celebration is $20,000! Families want information, resources, and advice to guide them through the planning process. That’s where comes in. [Read more…]

Big Science Media Success with Genome Magazine!

Genome_cover2014 was a great year for Susan McClure and Big Science Media! In its first year of publication with Genome magazine, Big Science Media, based out of Plano, Texas, took home the gold for two Folio Awards! At Subscription Genius, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Big Science Media over the past year. Susan and her team display constant creativity and a true passion for their mission at every turn.

Big Science Media’s Genome magazine covers an array of health care topics, focusing on the development of personalized medicine and the genomic revolution that’s changing the face of health care. Susan and the Genome team took home the Folio Eddie award for best full issue in consumer health care/ medical/ nursing for their Spring 2014 issue and the Folio Eddie award for the best consumer single article in health care/ medical/ nursing for “Change your Microbiome, Change Yourself.” Susan and her team have mastered a mixture of compelling content, captivating scope, impactful design, and a personal touch that has been recognized by Folio as a leader in its field. [Read more…]

It’s not enough to be an Ad Sales Pro–You have to become an Expert!


Blogging is a powerful sales tool. What are YOU gonna write about?

Frequently I will ask ad sales people during my training class how many of them are writing blogs. The answer is usually that hardly any of them are. And the most frequent question thrown back to me is “What would I write about?”    

What this tells me is that most ad sales people look at themselves as just sales people, while they should be thinking of themselves as industry experts. And blogging is an excellent way to share your expertise with your advertisers and clients.

Any media buyer can look up your rates or read about your circulation. Media ad sales reps need to be viewed as experts in their industries. Whether you sell for an industry publication or a city magazine or a hobby journal, YOU have to understand your market and make yourself an incredible (and credible) expert. You want to be considered a valuable resource to your advertisers, right? [Read more…]

Choosing the Right Event Platform: A Chat with Elizabeth Petersen


Event guru Elizabeth Petersen shares her niched-out event insights with us.

The term “Rock Star” is thrown around a bunch these days, but when it comes to event guru Elizabeth Petersen, she’s the real deal. She candidly shares the ups and downs, ins and outs of live events. She’s one of those experts that not only tells you what she’s learned to be wildly successful, but also what hasn’t worked and why. We interviewed her briefly this week leading up to the Niche Media Conference in March.

NMHQ:  What are some good guidelines for choosing the right event model?

Elizabeth:  Costs, pricing, market competition, and, ultimately, your appetite for risk. Not every event needs to follow the tradition (and expensive!) trade show model. While there certainly is a place for the live, in-person conference in this day and age, there are many lower-cost digital event platforms. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s possible to gauge your customers’ interest in a higher-priced in-person event by testing with inexpensive e-events. 

NMHQ:  What are some new event marketing efforts you’ve been using lately that are working? [Read more…]

It’s Time To Embrace The ‘Brand As Publisher’ Trend


Hop on the Brandwagon! Rob O’Regan shares some solid reasons why the “brand as publisher” trend shows no sign of fizzling. 

While big-name brands, from American Express and LinkedIn to Red Bull and Tesco, are aggressively building their own media engines, most small and even midsized companies lack the skills and other resources needed to consistently create and distribute quality content. The top content marketing challenges that B2B marketers at small businesses face, according to the Content Marketing Institute, are producing a variety of engaging content and producing it consistently. But they press on: 74% of those marketers said they are producing more content than they were a year ago. [Read more…]

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