An Equation for Success from the Summer of Niche Magazines


Niche publishers share winning ideas!

As we wind down our Summer of Niche series for 2014, we want to thank all the publishers who submitted great ideas to share with our audience. We received almost 100 entries and very quickly some themes rose to the top, such as a whole bunch of ways to create and distribute compelling content, contests, video series, and more. Check out our past Summer of Niche blog posts for all kinds of great ideas.

The two most popular themes, most often in combination:  Drum roll, please……

Brand new events + ground-breaking partnerships = Big Success

It’s not just that publishers are creating events for an additional revenue stream with niche-like partners, or are becoming “the sponsor” of a new event. Many do that now very successfully. [Read more...]

Hot Topics in Ad Sales to Perk Up Your Week


Monday draggin’ you down? Here’s a little cup of inspiration to get you going.

Happy Monday! Ready to hit it hard? Or are you still going through your emails from last week, looking at the time and wondering what the heck you’re going to say in the weekly sales meeting?

Periodically we like to share collections of our most-read ad sales posts by niche publishing professionals– just like you.

Think of this as a quick-stop refresher if you will:

First, if you encounter some grumpy prospects who seem skeptical about advertising in your magazine, check out:  More Good News For Niche Magazines [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch in Publishing


Latest research reveals some no-brainers, new insights and puzzling questions.

What’s new in social media marketing strategy? The Social Media Examiner blog sums up the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report about the biggest trends to watch in social media marketing.

Here’s our niche publishing perspective on it:

Yes, visual continues to be big, big big. Webinars, podcasts, infographics, oh my! The new twist here is the rise of “original” video series. (There’s a reason biggies like Amazon are jumping on that one….) Magazines already have a huge visual presence…what are you doing to spread your eyeball influence beyond print pages?

Another no-brainer revealed in the report—Facebook ads. Niche media companies have known this works and the report says it is still a solid part of any marketing strategy.

Ok, so what’s something we don’t know? The report says marketing with Google+ is definitely on the rise. We would love to hear from niche publishers if they agree with that and how they are using it.

Some other key take-aways from the report:

  • LinkedIn love: Grand Poobah Carl has been consulted at the mountain top many times on this one. No, it’s not just for job-hunting. Linkedin expands brand awareness, positions you as a thought-leader, helps make great new contacts…….everyone learns!

[Read more...]

Summer of Niche: Reader Experience–It Matters!

Inside Publications

Inside Publications has a very popular feature and ensures customers love it. Here’s how.

This week’s Summer of Niche great idea includes a little twist. Most local/regional publications include some sort of reader-submitted content. Cecily Hastings and her team at Inside Publications recognized the popularity of one of their special features and took the time to make sure it continued to stay that way for their customers.

Cecily tells us how they did it:

“It started about a decade ago when a savvy PR guy in town took a copy of the magazine to Paris and sent us a photo of himself and his daughter reading the magazine in front of the Eiffel Tower. We ran it and then soon more started to arrive and we developed it as a full page.

It is probably one of the best loved reader-oriented features in our magazine. For many years it was called Readers Near and Far and last year we redesigned and renamed it as we updated our entire publication design. We now call it “Have Inside, Will Travel.”

Here’s the results:

“Within a few years, we had a backlog of more than a year’s worth of travel photos with the magazine.  When people began writing to ask how long they had to wait for their shot to appear, we bought an extra 12 pages of print and ran the backlog as a special section. It has been very well received!  Plus, now we only have a backlog of few months and our readers aren’t waiting and waiting for their photo to appear.

We are amazed that we have had shots from practically every country on earth! And most importantly, we are blessed with such loyal readers each month.”

Here’s the lesson: Periodically gauging customer satisfaction, even for a highly popular, long-standing feature, means that you are not taking your customers’ experience for granted. Ever. Way to go, Inside Publications!


More about Cecily and Inside Publications:  Cecily Hastings is the founder and publisher of Inside Publications. The 4 neighborhood publications feature 100% local original content and are direct mailed at no charge to neighborhood homeowners. More than 350 small business advertisers support the publications with ads that appear in from one to all four editions.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events -  Check it out!

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Golden Opportunities Abound for Mining Media International with The Magazine Manager

Mining Media International (MMI) got its start in 2003, and through acquisition and growth, has evolved into the leading publisher serving the global mining and construction materials industries with industry-leading print, digital and event brands.  MMI relies heavily on the quality of its people and its technology to connect those staff members around the world to manage 65 different products.

Engineering and Mining Journal August 2014Implementing The Magazine Manager® proved to be worth its weight in gold, especially with customer data siloed in a variety of independent databases as a result of its acquisitions over the years.  According to John Bold, President:  “Before implementing the Magazine Manager in 2012 we were hard-pressed to pull timely reports of the business we had on the books.  Magazine Manager has given us the ability to create a centralized customer database that fully integrates our contact management needs with the ad order entry, production and billing systems [Read more...]

Fan the Flames of Competition For Ad Sales Success


Expert Ryan Dohrn has an idea to share on how to fire up your ad sales.

It is a very common practice in ad sales to look to your competitors for new sales leads.  While I understand this strategy is common, unfortunately you are often late to the party when you call on them and ask them to run with you as well. Usually the results aren’t so…hot.

While writing my new book, I did a ton of research to expand on this idea and discovered an even stronger strategy that is really yielding solid results for my ad sales clients. I call it Competitive Chaos Selling and it takes the competition sales strategy one step further. [Read more...]

Digital Revenue Round-Up – Interviews with 4 Media Masters

We have been posting strategy-packed  interviews with our dynamic digital experts most Thursdays to get you ready for our upcoming Niche Digital Conference in Minneapolis September 29 – October 1. Can’t leave the office to join in the big digital revenue palooza? You can still learn a ton from the informative, engaging, and revenue-focused conversations about what’s working and what’s not in digital media today for publishers.

Here’s some of our most insightful interview posts:

picture-402  From Sturart Hochwert, Founder of Prime Publishing:

  Ask the Expert: Web Revenue Strategies [Read more...]

Summer of Niche: Content, Content, Content!


This niche publisher has been reading all the great content ideas from our Summer of Niche series!

Our audience of niche publishers have been submitting great ideas to share with you all summer long–and we’re not done yet.

But we thought we’d take a moment to show you one hot trend that is top-of-mind with publishers and definitely had some of the biggest splash:

  • How to create, cultivate, lengthen the life of compelling content! 

[Read more...]

8 Reasons You Should Read This Blog


Lists not only help keep YOU organized, but they can help you attract more eyeballs too!

So did you make it past the headline? Are you still with me? Good.

If you are like me, you live by your to-do list. Even sometimes when you complete a task that wasn’t on your list and you then write it down and cross it off.

C’mon, you know who you are.

Lists can be extremely effective when it comes to editorial strategy. In fact, many consumer publications – mostly in the health/fitness and lifestyle markets, make list-based editorial their main features. In fact, Cosmopolitan pioneered this style of editorial decades ago (Ten Quick Makeup Tips, Five Ways to a Better Job, etc.,). Travel magazines use it more than anyone (Ten Great Caribbean Getaways…).

For B2B media, list-based editorial is great because:

1. It lends itself beautifully to becoming a regular column for an editor.Our (insert your industry here) Top Ten for the Week of…” [Read more...]

Turn “Absolutely Not!” into “Tell Me More!”


NDC Speaker Nancy O’Brien tells us why overcoming tough objections is possible.

Ad salespeople—do some days feel like you are smacking up against a brick wall of “No?”  Do you encounter prospects who cross their arms and purse their lips tightly, all the while glancing at their cell phone or desktop every 30 seconds?

Everyone in the ad sales profession faces rejection. But how do you overcome the persistent, teflon-coated objections of a really good prospect—one you know you can help? We checked in with Nancy O’Brien of Aviation International News—and ad sales rock star in her own right—to see what works best.

Niche Media HQ: We have featured posts from you in the past on this blog where you talk about overcoming objections. What are some early warning signals that clients show so an ad salesperson can know they are heading for trouble? What can they do to turn it around? [Read more...]

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