Mobile Ads: You Need a Sensory Marketing Strategy!


Do you have a sensory marketing strategy in place for your mobile advertising? Here’s some areas to consider.

Have you created a sensory marketing strategy for your mobile advertising? We always talk about the reader experience–enhancing your readers’ sensory experience can take your digital advertising to a whole new level.

You need to set goals first to determine what you want to accomplish with your sensory strategy. Should it be fun? What about the element of surprise? Determine what combination will work best for your niche audience.

Here are 4 areas to consider when developing a sensory marketing strategy for mobile advertising: [Read more…]

Putting It All Together: Integrated Ad Proposal Perfection


Ad Sales expert Nancy O’Brien gives her insights into the perfect product packaging.

Do you try to sell a little of everything, sometimes wondering if you’ve got the right mix? Do your your prospective clients understand the value of each of your products? We caught up with with Ad Sales superstar Nancy O’Brien to get insight on this ad sales hot topic.

NMHQ: First, how should publishers and their sales teams determine the value of each of their products?

Nancy O: The value for selling advertising should be based on the size and quality of the audience it reaches. If you have an e-newsletter with 10,000 recipients but they have not opted-in to receive it and the open rate is less than 20%, then that would be priced less than one with opt-in subscribers and a higher open rate.

The same goes for website advertising – how many impressions will the ad get each month? The more impressions the higher the value. As for print advertising, we have always looked at CPM as a gauge for determining the value and the price of advertising.

Most importantly, however, is to be in tune with the competitors and their pricing. Sales reps should always be prepared to defend their pricing, and their value, with data.

NMHQ: What are 3 key guidelines for niche publishers to consider when creating a truly integrated ad proposal? [Read more…]

Jeff Bruss and the Digital Rate Card Discounts of Doom!

Jeff Bruss makes the case for sticking to your digital rate card for long-term sales success.

Several years ago I wrote a brief piece for the Niched Out News titled “My Rate Card Can Beat up Your Rate Card” that boldly predicted those who stuck with their rates through the doom and gloom of the 2009 print advertising recession could still remain victorious without offering discounts. So, would I change my rate card opinion now?

Absolutely not.

We learned that not only do we have to stick to a published rate, we need to recognize the value in all of our offerings. As we progress into a truly digital age, our “rate cards” are more important than ever before. Our advertisements are not commodities like oil or gold where price can be dictated by supply and demand or a tumultuous Middle East. I view price slashing as a last-ditch effort to right a sinking ship. I know of very few – if any – examples of lowering prices being an effective method to keep a business successfully operating. The prices we set must always cover our expenses – labor, printing, mailing, circulation, etc. and provide a reasonable profit – or in the end we’ll go belly-up.

Fast-forward to 2015 and now we’re being asked to negotiate rates on our digital offerings, [Read more…]

Passion for Craft Beer Pairs Well With Print

The folks at America’s leading beer magazine – All About Beer – responded to the current renaissance in craft beer by increasing the print run and distribution of their 35-year publication by 34%. In this hot niche market, serious beer enthusiasts prefer print.

All About Beer

All About Beer

Current trends aside, All About Beer has been telling the beer story since 1980, when only 40 breweries existed in the U.S. (To indicate the growth in this segment, today there are more than 3,200 breweries across the country with another 2,000 planned.) The lifestyle publication serves up long-form beer writing by some of the best beer authorities in the industry. In fact, the writers from All About Beer were recognized in 2014 by the North American Guild of Beer Writers with 3 first place awards: Best Magazine Feature in Beer, Best Food and Beer Feature, and Best Digital Feature.

Covering all aspects of beer – commercial brewing in the United States, international, as well as home brewing, festivals, brew pubs, food pairings, beer trends, you name it – the magazine itself is thriving in the print medium. Yet a prolific blog page on the website, along with a packed events line-up, videos, and photo pages create a well-balanced online community to complement the print faithful.

All About Beer’s burgeoning web traffic and social media channels have seen stunning increases – 125,000 unique web visitors monthly (up 4X from 2013), and 180,000 social media followers (up 2.5X from 2013). A clear leader in social media engagement in their category, All About Beer credits their online and social engines with the increased demand for print subscriptions.

Their commitment to increased reader reach has led them to invest in newsstand and events — even bringing the publication to 400 airport locations across the U.S., unique for niche titles. And, they will produce 6 of their own beer festivals in 2015, reaching 35,000 beer lovers. The combined economic impact of the company’s events will bring more than an estimated $6 million in economic impact to these 6 communities. They will also sponsor another 60 beer festivals and events across the country this year.

All About Beer has been a valued Sheridan customer for many years. Its bimonthly publication is printed and distributed from Sheridan’s Dartmouth Printing Company facility in Hanover, NH. We are excited about the vibrant and growing readership this publisher is enjoying. Cheers to All About Beer!

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Even More Real World Great Ideas from Niche Media Publishers!


Here’s more great ideas from niche magazine publishers!

The best part of live events, according to attendees, is networking and sharing ideas with peers. That’s why each month we highlight a different niche magazine and what it does really well – consider each article an itty-bitty real world example that you can learn from to find new revenue streams and ways to connect with your niche magazine’s audience.

To get you pumped up for a great 2015 for your magazine and buzzing with ideas, here’s part 2 of our collection of some of our favorite 2014 Magazines of the Month and their awesome ideas. Enjoy!

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Check Out These Learning Opportunities for Niche Publishers!


Take advantage of these learning opportunities and go to the head of the class!

Okay, niche publishers, you are done with the budget process and rolling full-steam ahead into your 2015 strategic plan. Here are some super cool learning opportunities coming up this quarter that will power-boost your game throughout the rest of the year. Brush up your skills in audience monetization, content marketing, and multi-platform publishing! [Read more…]

Cold Weather? Perfect Time for….Cold Calls!


Don’t let the crummy weather get you down. Cold call instead!

BRRRRR. For many ad sales reps across the country, now is the time of frosty temperatures, snow storms and just cold, cold, cold.

But your prospecting doesn’t have to freeze over this time of year too. This is the perfect time to make cold calls. Why? Because it’s a new year, because people are staying close to their warm desks, because…why not??

Here are three of our most popular posts on cold-calling to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside about tackling that prospect list: [Read more…]

5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Offline Community Strategy


Here’s 5 quick tips to turbo-boost your offline community strategy this year.

Yes, you read that right niche media publishers. Most everyone is tightly focused on the latest digital trend. That doesn’t mean you can ignore your offline community strategy!

Why do you even need one? Because connecting your audience in person can generate new revenue streams and provide opportunities to promote your brand. It’s also a chance to give your audience something they won’t find anywhere else.

So how do you keep your readers engaged and connected offline?

Here are 5 quick tips to strengthen your offline niche community: [Read more…]

Your Mobile Consumption Strategy: 4 Great Guidelines from Andy Swindler


Get your mobile consumption strategy on the right path for 2015 with these guidelines from Andy Swindler.

Most niche media publishers are planning to increase mobile device consumption as part of their revenue growth plan in 2015. Do you have a defined strategy in place?

Before you charge ahead, check out these guidelines from expert Andy Swindler, President of Astek Consulting and one of our Niche Digital Conference speakers last year.

4 Guidelines for a Mobile Consumption Strategy:

  1. Pay close attention to reader behavior on various devices. What do your readers use their mobile device for? Poll your readers about the following:

[Read more…]

Sales Rep vs. Ad Sales Prospects!


Does conquering your prospecting to-do list feel like this sometimes?

I’m sure most of you have seen the TV show Man vs. Foodwhere a guy takes on some ridiculously gargantuan food item at a restaurant and a crowd cheers him on as he attempts to consume the entire thing……in one sitting. Ugh.

An advertising sales person is in sort of the same situation (minus the indigestion). There is just YOU—one sales rep—taking on a huge prospect database of probably 300 prospects or more. The assignment is quite daunting. For many sales reps, the sheer size of the prospect list is so overwhelming it becomes paralyzing.

So what can you do? Segment and prioritize. Organization is the key here, folks!

Here’s my 3-step program to help you tackle the prospect challenge: [Read more…]

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