Look Beyond Print and Digital: It’s Not an Either/Or Question Anymore!!!!


We’re livin’ in a multi-platform, multi-revenue stream world!

We get kinda tired of reading about the end-of-the-world proclamations about the state of magazines. Many biggies are struggling, but it’s never been a better time to be niche. And yes, there are some big hurdles to overcome as the old ad revenue models change with the soaring digital media world. All that means is that niche magazine publishers are going to have to innovate!

The question is NOT “Print or Digital or Both?” Not anymore.

It’s not relevant in 2016 to publish only print or digital or a mere combination of the two–at least not for a long-term plan. Today publishers must look at ALL the revenue streams available to them to create a profitable, sustainable niche magazine and multi-property media brand.

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Digital Media: The Big “O” is Optimization


Improve your magazine’s website with these top tips on SEO, LPO and VSEO from the experts.

Yo! Want improved website results for your media company’s properties? Here’s the latest updates on SEO, LPO and VSEO for niche digital publishers:

From thenextweb: If you didn’t implement these straight-forward, actionable SEO strategies in 2015, you can do it right now. [Read more…]

Niche Magazine Publishers — What Business Are You In?

I just watched a terrific documentary called, All Things Must Pass! It was about the rise and fall of Tower Records. This was near and dear to me since Tower started in our Niche HQ hometown of Sacramento. Tower Records had been in business since the early 1960s and ultimately went out of business around 2000 because of new technology. No one wanted to buy a $18 CD to listen to just one or two songs on the album. They were in the record retail business when they should ultimately have been in the consumer music entertainment business regardless of the vehicle used to listen.

This is Marketing Myopia. Trains thought they were in the train business when they should have been in the transportation business.

Now I ask you, my magazine publishing friend — what business are you in? I’m hoping you don’t say the magazine business! Today you need to be in the media business, offering content on all platforms your readers and advertisers want to use.

This is a long-winded set up about Niche celebrating our 10th annual Niche Media Conference this April. Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years, and so have we…NicheMedia-logo-2016-10Anniv

Are you ready to embrace change? 2016 is THE year to stop being in the magazine business and transform your publishing operation into a true media brand. There are so many new opportunities for “target audience” publishers to integrate revenue from print and online properties. The only way to move forward is to get out of your office to learn and network with your fellow publishers and niche media expert speakers!

The Niche Media Conference was created exclusively for “publisher types” – Publishers, CEOs, Presidents, Publishing Directors, Advertising & Marketing Directors, and Audience Development Directors. Topics are strictly about the business side of magazine publishing with a practical, small-to-medium-budget approach. Plus, we have our famous Camp Niche ad sales track to turn your sales team into super heroes!

BONUS: Networking, Fun and Serious Learning – That’s How Niche Rolls at the Niche Media Conference! Come celebrate 10 Years of Niche Fun with us!

Here’s what’s new at the 2016 conference:

  • All New NicheTek: New technologies can transform your business and supercharge your revenues! NicheTek is your one-stop mini-event 100% focused on technology just for publishers! NicheTek will bring together some of the nation’s best tech providers (and the publishers who use their tools) to share insights, tips, case studies, revenue ideas and more. You’ll walk away with new tools and strategies that you can implement immediately!
  • 360° Niche Keynotes – 4 all-star, amazing niche media visionaries!

Don Peschke, Leveraging Your Niche Content: Produce Once, Sell 10 times

Joe Pulizzi, Undiscovered Revenue Opportunities for Your Niche Media Brand

Dan Oswald, Innovation… The (Not So) Secret Sauce for Success

Krystle Kopacz, The Full Monty: Selling the Complete Media Experience

  • Get Ready for Niche Big Fun! Since the 2016 conference is our 10th Anniversary, we are planning some great networking events for you! We are going old-school Austin at the iconic Scholz Garten, a super-cool beer garden with hot Texas-style BBQ. You’ll hear one of Austin’s best bands!
  • Hot Topic Roundtable Discussions: You will discover new, revenue-generating ideas that are working right now in a peer-to peer setting. The roundtables are on the subjects you’re most interested in – 2016 topics: Paid Sponsor Content, Video, B2B Lead Gen, Pricing Models, Sales Compensation, Content Marketing, Events, Subscription Strategy, Custom Publishing, and much more!!!

The Niche Difference: Our world-famous Welcome Reception, fabulous Nichee Award Party, Orientation Networking Party, NicheTek Pizza & Beer Mixer, Super-fun Austin, and much, much more! This event is small and interactive — we limit it to the first 250 attendees.

All 100% practical sessions are devoted to helping you build your publishing business and generate new revenue in your niche market. Bring your Entire Revenue-Generating Team!
> 2 Complete Publisher Tracks
> 1 Camp Niche Ad Sales Training Track — Print, Online, Integrated Sales

PLUS the newly renovated Sheraton Austin at the Capitol is awesome. It’s in downtown Austin and walking distance to tons of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Register by this Thursday, February 11th to get the HUGE discount!


Carl_New_Headshot-e1358554036283About the blogger: Carl Landau is Grand Poobah of Niche Media. He is a media/event guru, SF Giants fan and part-time blogger. His 15 minutes of fame took place in the mid-eighties when he launched his famous, “Buy an Ad, Get a Cat” ad campaign. He has long since patched things up with the SPCA.


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Expand Your Niche Media Brand! An interview with Joe Pulizzi


CMI’s Joe Pulizzi talks about new ways niche magazines can leverage their content and expand their brand.

Are you uncertain about finding new growth opportunities for the next two months to two years? And if you do decide where to invest your valuable time and budget, is it certain you will get the ROI you need? We asked Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute (named the fastest growing business media company in North America by Inc. magazine), to talk about ways to drive new revenue growth and expand your niche media brand. [Read more…]

Niche Media News: Mobile & Custom & Banners, Oh My!


We’ve scoured the news for insights for the world of niche publishing!

We scoured the web to bring you the latest news in niche publishing. From social media to banner success to custom products:

Digital nichey-ness
Seize the day–“Savvy online marketers have already accustomed themselves to the notion of covering specialized networks and offering more unique content, but the need to specialize and offer more value to a specific niche has never been greater.”  From Business2Community: How social media marketing is set to change in 2016 [Read more…]

Be an Ad Sales Superhero to Your Clients!


Be a superhero ad salesperson to your advertisers!

Ridiculous you say? Not really. Sure superheroes can have invincibility and laser-beam eyes. But they are the best at what they do.

Salespeople are not so different really. They are committed, responsible, ethical and yes, even sometimes courageous when it comes to meeting the needs of their clients (and their own magazine’s deadlines!)

Here’s 5 ways to embrace your inner-Superman/Wonder Woman and get the sales results you seek: [Read more…]

Niche Media CEO’s Share Their Top Tips

As a niche publisher you are up to your ears in daily stuff that must get done yesterday. At the same time you also have to be constantly looking for ways to improve your business and your puzzler is getting sore.

So let’s go to the smart guys and get some good advice…

Eric ShanfeltTrends in mobile-optimization- Eric Shanfelt, Founder and CEO of the Local Marketing Institute and former Senior VP of eMedia at HarperCollins shares why a mobile strategy is so important for niche publishers: “Think mobile first. If it works for mobile, it will work for full-size laptops/desktops, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Forget about all the buzzwords and chic trends and focus on making your emails and website work great on mobile devices. Another reason to think mobile first is that it makes you prioritize. Many publishing websites are a cluttered mess, but when you optimize for mobile, it forces you to prioritize the most important elements for your readers and for your business model.” [Read more…]

Are Your Emails to Ad Sales Prospects Producing the Results You Want?

I asked my daughter to create this cartoon to illustrate how important it is to send the right email subject line to your prospects and clients. You want to get them to respond to you vs. annoy them. So what’s the solution? Know your clients and treat each email as unique. I’m not kidding.

Here’s some of our most popular past posts on “the art” of emailing prospects: [Read more…]

Custom Publishing Opportunities Abound for Niche Magazines!


Diversify your revenue streams by capitalizing on custom publishing opportunities!

Niche magazine publishers are always looking for new revenue opportunities. So how do you maximize the editorial, production and advertising team you already have in place and increase revenue at the same time?

Todd Matherne, CEO of Renaissance Publishing, is a rockstar in the custom publishing game. He diversified his own company during the past 5 years, and now custom publishing represents over 25% of the company’s revenue. His New Orleans Magazine and 5 other lifestyle titles are growing like crazy—they’ve even added a business monthly title, Biz New Orleans to the mix. [Read more…]

Advertisers and Readers: How Do Publishers Keep ’em Both Happy?


How best to keep readers and advertisers happy in a shifting media landscape? Here are 5 points to consider.

Give readers the niched-out content they want and you’ll build a strong, devoted audience. Give advertisers meaningful and measurable access to your audience and you’ll see ad revenue jump.

What’s changed? Multi-platform media. Readers can consume content in a wide variety of ways, including print, online, apps, videos, podcasts, events and more.

So how the heck do you keep your advertisers happy without scaring off or irritating your readers with all these new opportunities?

Here are 5 points to consider as you strategize how best to please both worlds: [Read more…]

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