20/20: 20 Niche Magazines Share the Secrets of Their Success

Wow! When we launched our 20/20 Magazine Profiles (20 magazines in 20 days in October) we had no idea we would immediately get over 500 enthusiastic responses. It’s always exciting when the email box blows up, isn’t it? The great ideas just keep pouring in and we can hardly wait to get started in sharing them with the Niche Media world.

In the multitude of responses and interviews over the last few days, we quickly saw what a passionate group this is and how they love their niche. They also truly understand their customer base. Throughout October we’ll share their lessons learned and strategies for success in their niche markets.

Keep an open mind– you may be a B2C, but an Association or B2B publication may still have great ideas that can be applied in your niche. Before we get started with the first 20/20 profile with a really great idea to share, here are some little truths that kept surfacing over and over in the conversations:

  • Niche pubs are passionate and know what is passion-worthy to share–your own knowledgeable opinion and your customer experiences really do count.
  • With all of us staring at pixels all day, (and some of you are watching cat videos too, admit it), we need to remind ourselves that our customers want us to bring humanity into all the technology with original, authentic voices, sharing of problems, stories and emotion.
  • If your industry is product-focused and the content quite dry, you can still be yourself and be a little dry-witted, even a little snarky in a fun way sometimes. Customers remember when you made them smile.

Stay tuned for our first profile!

– Diana Landau

3 Types of eBooks for Your Niche Magazine

Making your niche magazine available to your readers in tablet form is important. Since more and more people are purchasing tablets, it is important that you make your niche magazine available in this format so that readers can access the product anywhere. In order to help you get a better understanding of what an eBook is, we have put together the 3 different types available. Take a look:

Niche Media

Check out the 3 different types of eBook available.

  • eBook: This is your very basic form of a digital version of your magazine available. A simple eBook will give you a static presentation of your niche magazine. You will be able to make the font size larger, however, other interactive features are not typically available.
  • Enhanced eBook: An enhanced eBook is the next step up from the basic eBook. This format allows you to make the content much more interactive and engaging for readers. Audio and video elements are often available with an enhanced eBook format, which will give your audience members a new way to interact with your content.
  • Interactive eBook: The interactive eBook format will take your digital version to a whole new level. Consider an interactive eBook to use elements such as: three dimensional objects, quizzes, interactive infographics, animation and video.
It is important to make sure you choose the right digital platform for your niche magazine in order to give your readers an engaging and interactive experience.


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Niche 20 for 20 – We Want to Feature Your Magazine!

Grand Poobah Carl has declared October to be National Niche Magazine Month. To celebrate, we’d love to feature one of your niche magazines in our 20 for 20 Niche Series.

We’ll highlight 20 different magazines over 20 days in October – B2B, Consumer, Association, and Digital Only – so niche publishers can share tips and techniques for success.

Each day we will highlight a different magazine with its:

  • Cover
  • Niche Target Audience
  • Secret to your niche success (consumer contest, special events, sales incentive program, white paper promotion, subscription premium, cost-cutting ideas, crazy sales promotion ideas, etc.)

All you need to do to participate is hit the big button below and leave your contact info so Diana, our Content Marketing Manager, can contact you for a short interview.

Profile My Niche Magazine!

Many thanks,

Niche Swiss Army Knife


P.S. This profile is totally free. We’re just trying to help out ALL niche publishers. Be a sport and participate. You’re going to make Niche History!!!

Tips for Making Effective Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action are incredibly important when it comes to your content marketing strategy. These tools are the ones that will hook your audience members at the end of the piece, encouraging them to take further action. In order to ensure you are putting the best calls-to-action out there, it is important to take a few things into consideration. Have a look at some tips for making effective calls-to-action:

Niche Media

Check out some tips for creating effective calls-to-action.

  • Highlight how the reader will benefit: A solid call-to-action will highlight how the reader can benefit from taking the further action you want them to. When creating your calls-to-action, make sure you are including at least one way the reader will benefit from doing what you are encouraging them to do.
  • Make it stand out: It is also important that you are creating calls-to-action that stand out from the rest of the piece. Consider using contrasting colors to draw the eye to the area and encourage the reader to read the call-to-action. You can also create a custom icon that symbolizes the call-to-action as well.
  • Prioritize your calls-to-action: In addition, it is crucial that you are properly¬†prioritizing¬†your calls-to-action for the best results. Ensure you are properly encouraging the reader by pairing the right call-to-action with the right content marketing piece.
It is important to make sure you creating effective calls-to-action in order to boost the ad sales of your niche magazine. Make sure you are creating great ones to boost your content marketing efforts.


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How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Your Niche Magazine

The use of the hashtag on Twitter is important when it comes to your content marketing and social media strategy for your niche publication. The hashtag, as defined by Twitter, is “the # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.” In order to get the most out of your niche magazine’s Twitter account, it is important to a few important considerations about hashtags into account. Take a look:

Niche Media

Check out some tips for using hashtags.

  • Read up on what’s happening in the industry: Hashtags are a great way to find out more about what is currently happening in your niche industry. Type in a few various hashtags that are keywords for your industry. You will find numerous tweets, which can help you learn more about what is developing in the industry.
  • Keep them easy to remember: When coming up with hashtags for your niche publication, make sure you are selecting ones that are easy to remember and direct. This will not only help others find you, but encourage followers to use these hashtags as well.
  • Get involved with Follow Friday: Follow Friday is a Twitter movement that involves people and businesses announcing and following new people on Fridays. Designated by the #FF hashtag, Follow Friday is a great way for you to get out there and put your name more in public view.
Hashtags are an excellent way to get the name of your niche magazine out there while also connecting with your readers. Make sure you take advantage of hashtags to further your content marketing and social media efforts.

The New Face of the Niche Magazine Conference Revealed!

Every year, Niche Media picks a new theme for the Niche Magazine Conference. With a SUPERHERO theme for 2013, the Niche team was left with one burning question: Which superhero will become our Grand Poobah’s alter ego?

We pared it down to three and put it to the people for a vote with the promise that if enough people voted we’d make Carl dress up at the event:

After tallying hundreds of votes, the clear winner and new face of Niche Media’s Grand Poobah for the 2013 Niche magazine conference is (drum roll please) Batman-Carl!

Now it is time to get to work in the Niche Bat Cave on making this conference even more awesome than last year! We hope you join us for the fun! (Oh, and all the revenue-generating information for niche magazine publishers, too!)

Questions to Consider Before Using Infographics in Your Content Marketing

Infographics are a fairly new tool being used across the board for a wide variety of things. These neat little illustrations present data or information in a very visual way, which would often be confusing if presented in any other way. While some of the infographics being produced do a great job of explaining material to readers, some are merely colorful and bright pictures. If you are considering implementing infographics in your content marketing plan, consider a few questions:

Niche Media

Check out some questions to consider when it comes to infographics.

  • Will the infographic have something relevant to add to the conversation? Creating an infographic just to have one will most likely not have the effect your were searching for. If you have a topic you wish to share with your readers that is complex and requires a more visual explanation, an infographic could be just what you need.
  • Can the infographic be reached on various platforms? Having an infographic that is formatted to fit various formats is key. One of the goals of an infographic is to reach the highest number of your audience as possible. In order to ensure your readers are seeing and reading the infographic, make sure it is widely accessible across your different platforms.
  • Do you have a good designer? Infographics catch the attention of your readers due to its good design and attention to detail. In order to make sure you have the best infographic possible, be sure you have a wonderful designer who understand your niche publication enough to integrate your values into the infographic.
Adding an infographic to your content marketing plan is a great way to generate interest among your readers. Infographics instantly draw attention and can explain topics that are confusing and need visual assistance.


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How to Cover Live Events in Content Marketing Pieces

Including live event coverage in your content marketing pieces for your niche magazine is a fantastic way to grab the attention of your readers. However, in order to make sure you are covering live events properly, it is important to take note of a few items. We have rounded up some tips for covering live events in content marketing. Take a look:

Niche Media

Check out some tips for live event coverage in content marketing.

  • Let your readers know what to expect: Leading up to the live event that you plan to cover, it is a good idea to give readers some notice so that they can be aware of the piece. Make sure you tell them what platform this piece will be available on in order to reduce potential confusion.
  • Decide how you will cover it: It is important that you decide how you will cover the live event for your content marketing piece. A few ways to do this include: live blogging, daily wrap ups or post event details. Make sure you choose the style that best fits the audience’s tastes.
  • Don’t forget pictures: While good content regarding the live event is essential, pictures are also an element that are a necessity when covering a live event. Ensure you are drawing your readers in by providing good pictures to go along with the coverage.
Make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to make sure your live event coverage in your content marketing piece is the best it can possibly be.


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