20/20 #20: DC Velocity – Rethink Televison as Streaming Video

Here’s our twentieth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days  sharing their strategies for success):  DC Velocity.

Vital statistics:

DC Velocity MagazinePUBLICATION: B2B,  published monthly/13x, controlled circ of 50,000

TARGET: Blend of corporate-level execs and on-site directors, vice presidents of logistics operations
BIG IDEA: TV shows are not just for TV anymore!

By now we all know how strong visuals resonate with our audiences in a big way. TV too costly? Not necessarily. DC Velocity decided to launch an on-demand, produced-for-web TV show. That means buying neutral TV time for maximum exposure. Viewers have the ability to watch the show via any streaming video device such as smart phones, tablets, computer screens and of course, TV’s– at any time they desire. The magazine promoted the show, “Move it!” with tons of advance and on-going social media, a “world premiere” showing of the pilot and more. How successful has it been? Their episodes showcase the vital role logistics play in our economy in an entertaining way……and who knows, “Move It!” may be destined for cable and the Discovery Channel!

20/20 #19: The Senior News – Give Readers 15 Minutes of Fame!

Here’s our nineteenth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days  sharing their strategies for success):  The Senior News.The Senior News

PUBLICATION: B2C but widely used by healthcare facilities and staff, published monthly, mostly free and some paid, 60,000-75,000 circ
TARGET: Those aged 50 and better
BIG IDEA: “Where do you read us?” Feature

What do the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Iraq, the Red Sea, Antartica, the Pyramids of Egypt and the leaning Tower of Pisa have in common? They have all been shown on the cover of The Senior News, with a passionate reader holding their copy of magazine. What started out as quick solution for a cover shot submitted by a reader has turned into a tidal wave of submissions and massive consumer interest for the magazine every month. After that first success, they decided to seize the opportunity and began a “Where do you read us?” feature for submissions. Years later, it is still the favorite feature of their readers. The magazine can select from loads of submissions every month for a cover shot without having to pay for one, and readers get so excited when they are featured on the cover that they order extra copies for their friends and family. Total win-win!

20/20 #18: Cleaning and Restoration – Focus on Industry VIPs for Great Content

Here’s our eighteenth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days sharing their strategies for success):  Cleaning & Restoration Magazine – Focusing on industry VIPs creates great content.  Cleaning & Restoration‘s vital statistics:Cleaning & Restoration Magazine

PUBLICATION: B2B and Association, monthly with 2 double issues in March/April and Nov/Dec, controlled circ of 11,000
TARGET: Restoration and cleaning professionals, insurance adjusters, property managers, attorneys
BIG IDEA: How to get interviews from industry movers & shakers

Many niche magazines face the challenge of trying to get their industry’s movers & shakers to respond to questionnaires or interviews. These interviews can yield great content, but it is often hard to get busy industry leaders to make time for an interview. How did determined Editor-in-Chief Patti Harman manage to get a foot in the door?

She focused on pursuing the top – and most difficult to access – experts that her readership really wanted to hear from. The magazine added a simple, 5-question column on the last page. For movers & shakers who won’t do a full interview, C&R found they will often take a few minutes to provide some answers on 5 succinct questions. Harman finds having that initial feedback makes it easier to eventually get those highly sought-after full interviews, and industry leaders end up sharing priceless insight with their readers. Since Cleaning & Restoration encompasses everything from the restoration of St. Paul’s Chapel after 9/11 to the clean up in the aftermath of Katrina, there are always ongoing opportunities to share the latest industry information with their readers.

20 Niche Magazines Share Great Revenue Ideas

Want new ideas to expand your niche publishing empire or create new revenue streams? Connect with your fellow niche magazine publishers to share strategies for success! We created the Niche 20 for 20 series – one niche mag’s great idea every weekday in October – to do just that.

Here’s a recap to date of these great ideas from YOU:

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20/20 #4: Study Breaks – Stand Out with Outdoor Advertising

20/20 #5: Camping Magazine: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

20/20 #6: Apronology: A Trend Can Be the Perfect Fit!

20/20 #7: St. Louis Small Business Monthly – Re-Strategize Your Revenue Streams

20/20 #8: Crown Jewels of the Wire – A Sense of Ownership = Passionate Subscribers

20/20 #9: Talking Stick – Volunteer-Generated Content

20/20 #10: Austin Woman – Creating Outstanding Events: Go Big or Go Home!

20/20 #11: Embedded Computing Design – Power to the People

20/20 #12: Building Indiana News – Step Behind the Curtain to Cross-Sell Events

20/20 #13: Covertside: Refocus Content on What Matters to Readers

20/20 #14: The College Store – Boost Reader Engagement with Readers’ Questions

20/20 #15: Occasions Magazine – Creating Lasting Relationships with Advertisers

20/10 #16: Linger Magazine – Challenge Your Audience!

20/20 #17: CityDog Magazine – Take Events Beyond the Booth

20/20#18: Cleaning & Restoration – Focus on Industry VIPs for Great Content!

 20/20 #19: Senior News – Give Readers 15 Minutes of Fame

20/20 #20: DC Velocity – Rethink Television as Streaming Video

Have your own great ideas to share? Contact Diana (dianatlandau@gmail.com) and your magazine’s great idea might be featured in the coming year.


The Future of Advertising is in the Palm of Your Hand

By Tom Martin, Founder of Converse Digital Tom Martin, Converse Digital

We live in an ADD world. To make matters worse, smart phone proliferation and the glance-and-go behavior it empowers is ensuring that this trend doesn’t stop any time soon. In fact, a recent study of college students that read news on their smart phones found that 56% of students read less than the first three paragraphs and 72% consume 25% or less of a story.

Beyond changing how readers consume publications and information, mobile platforms also present a significant challenge to a traditional advertising-supported publishing model. Smaller screens place a premium on screen space. Combine the limited screen space with an advertising intolerant consumer in a glance-and-go mode of information consumption and you have the perfect storm for disruption of the entire publishing industry.

Or do you?

Like any disruptive technology, mobile presents the publishing industry with an opportunity. In this case, it’s an opportunity to reinvent their relationship with readers. Mobile savvy publishers can move beyond an episodic, transactional relationship to create true communities around their publishing brands. They can move from being top of mind once a week, month or quarter to being top of mind each and every day. By harnessing their knowledge and making that knowledge available on demand via mobile devices, publishers have the opportunity to become the trusted resource for information and recommendations in their niche.

This new relationship era presents new advertising opportunities for publishers. Once a publisher has curated a community of readers that interact with the publisher, the publisher can monetize access to that community.

Here are three examples:

1. Paid Access — publishers can engage their community of readers to discuss a particular advertiser’s product or allow the advertiser to sponsor a standing chat or conversation the publisher already conducts. In return, the advertiser pays the publisher for guaranteed access/impressions.

2. Research — the focus group isn’t dead, it just moved online. And with tools like the mobile friendly Google Hangout, publishers can create virtual “focus groups” where brands can engage or just watch as their customers talk about their product, category or competitors. Best of all, today’s busy consumer can join these Hangouts from the palm of their hand. What’s that worth to an advertiser?

3. Contextual Marketing – your smart phone always knows two things about you – where you are and what you’re looking at right now. That means the mobile-friendly publisher can sell highly targeted ads along three dimensions – demographic, geographic, and time-of-day.

The future of publishing is in flux but one thing is certain: Mobile is here to stay and the smart, profitable publisher will learn to leverage the unique attributes and opportunities mobile provides to create new and lasting revenue streams.

Create Content that Converts Easily

Being able to access your niche magazine’s content marketing pieces from a wide variety of different devices is crucial. It makes the process easier for your readers, which will help to keep them coming back. We have compiled a couple of helpful hints for creating content that is easily converted. Take a look:

Niche Media

Check out some tips for creating content that can be converted easily.

  • Font size: It can be troublesome for your readers to have to manually adjust a device in order to read your content marketing piece. In an effort to avoid forcing your readers to take extra time to get adjusted, it is best to stay away from small font sizes.
  • Font contrast: In addition to font size, it is also important to pay attention to font contrast as well. It is a good idea to ensure your text is not fading into the background by choosing a font color and a background color that are easy on the eyes as well as easy to read.
  • Line breaks: Long blocks of text can be a large turn off to audience members. Maintain interest from your readers by including line breaks to give eyes a break. Line breaks also make reading the text in your content marketing piece more inviting to readers as well.
Make sure you are paying attention to small details in order to create content marketing pieces that can be converted easily.




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Best Practices for Advertiser-Driven Email Blasts

by Ryan Dohrn, 360 Ad Sales Training

So, you want to create e-newsletters for your paying clients that will be sent to your readers? Here are 10 best practices to consider for great results.

1. Subject lines are king. Use the recipient’s name if you can. Always think, what is in it for me/them? What makes me want to open this when I get it?

2. Most email is read in the preview pane, so be aware of that when designing the email layout. Also, be aware of that when looking at results of the push. Open rates are often off by 12% due to reads in the preview pane.

3. Due to picture download issues in email programs, do not rely on images to sell the product/service. Text is often better. Use images to reinforce text. Most advertisers want to just place a modified print ad in their email. NO! Keep it simple.

4. I do not advise sending an email on Monday or Friday. Monday is “delete day” and Friday is “do not pay attention day”.

5. I like to send emails at 10:00 am or 2:00 pm in the target time zone. Try emails at different times to see what works best for your business.

6. Use an ESP with a great deliverability percentage like Contactology or iContact.

7. Test and re-test. Send several tests and look at them on Mac and PC and on mobile.

8. Make sure it is clear that you are sending this to them as a valued member/reader of your publication. Like this sample line, perhaps: “This special offer presented exclusively to valued readers of …”

9. Approving the creative is so important. Make sure that is in your contract.

10. Think about your spam rating in advance. You do not want to have a spam rating at all. So, will the cash from this advertiser’s e-push create a ton of spam reports? If so, think twice. Does the ad really work for all your readers? Is it dumb? Is it a gimmick? Use your best judgment.

There is a ton to consider, but it is worth it. Advertiser-driven, stand-alone e-mail can drive revenue for your publication.

Success Story: The Magazine Manager Helps Akron Life Magazine Celebrate 10 Years in Publishing

Akron Life Magazine is preparing to celebrate 10 years in publishing next year.  The lifestyle magazine serves the Greater Akron area covering issues and trends in local business, the arts, home design, dining, people, and places.  Management is committed to putting out a quality product which benefits its readers and advertisers.

Akron Life Magazine

Akron Life Magazine

When asked about the secrets of their success, Associate Publisher, Colin Baker credits a staff of great people who truly believe in what they do.  Baker also points to The Magazine Manager (MM) as helping the company to operate efficiently and grow and prosper through the years. “The Magazine Manager has been part of the fabric of the company since 2007”, says Baker.  While the company was looking to manage subscriptions when they implemented the web-based magazine management system, they found that The Magazine Manager offered much more.  It allowed them to shed their old contact management system as well.  Salespeople and management now benefit from being able to view real-time sales data, reducing the number of meetings and internal follow-up.

“I really feel strongly that Magazine Manager has helped us run a lean company and eliminate a lot of tradition layers, which has been the key to us weathering the storm.  Most of the new sales people we hire when they become familiar with MM they often tell me that it is the best tool they have ever had and often have horror story about other publishers and their systems or lack thereof.”

To Learn More About The Magazine Manager, contact Susan Beattie at (877) 256-0362 or sbeattie@MirabelTechnologies.com, or visit our website: www.MirabelTechnologies.com

20/20 #17: CityDog Magazine – Take Events Beyond the Booth

Here’s our seventeenth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days  sharing their strategies for success):  CityDog Magazine.  CityDog’s vital statistics:

PUBLICATION: B2C, published 5x/year, paid/free combo to animal shelters that include adoptions, 20,000 circ
TARGET: Dog lovers!
BIG IDEA: Take events beyond the booth & find partners

CityDog MagazineIn recent 20/20 profiles we have featured magazines that create events or host an annual competition to engage their target audiences. Well, when Seattle-based CityDog Magazine decided to create an annual competition for a dog cover model, they decided to take it one step (or maybe one paw) farther to raise big bucks for charities directly connected to the dog-loving world.

Entry fee proceeds for the CityDog Cover Dog Model Search are donated directly to animal welfare organizations. Over the past 7 years, they have donated over $25,000! Every dog has it’s day by walking the stage with its owner at the event, having a photo opp, and gets a photo posted on the magazine’s website during the competition.

Here’s the key–the general public votes on the final dog to be the featured as a cover model for the magazine. According to Brandie Ahlgren, Founder, thousands of dogs (and their eager owners) participate every year. The Cover Dog Model Search brings increased web traffic, increased single copy sales, and increased paid subscriptions every year. Plus, it generates more revenue through sponsorships from their advertisers and expands their brand awareness. A howling good time for all and a tail-wagging success for the magazine!

Follow along on their Facebook and Twitter!

20/20 #16: Linger Magazine – Challenge Your Audience!

Here’s our sixteenth 20 for 20 (20 niche magazines in 20 days sharing their strategies for success):  Linger MagazineLinger‘s vital statistics:

PUBLICATION: Monthly Digital B2C, paid circulation, 10,000

Linger MagazineTARGET: Smart, fashion conscious individuals who are passionate about the fashion in their city and across the globe

BIG IDEA: Annual Themed Challenge to Industry Artists

We love competition, don’t we? Here’s a super-creative idea for a super-creative audience: Linger Magazine holds an Annual Themed-Pictorial Challenge every June that grows in anticipation and scope and continues to surpass the previous year by 50%. They challenge industry artists to create a couture/avant garde theme in a high fashion editorial with a creative team made up of only one photographer, one fashion designer, one fashion stylist, one make up artist, one model. That’s it, only one of each.  As you can imagine, website visits are at all time high during the June-August Challenge period and peak interest expands even more for months. Tiffany Tate, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, says the new revenue stream created from entries allows them to also donate part of the proceeds to a charity for homeless youth. Next year’s Challenge includes a plan to include industry experts as judges. I wonder if Heidi Klum is available?

Connect with Linger: