Print Magazines (Still) Rock, So Get the Most Bang for Your Print Buck!


Make magic with these 34 print magazine tricks.

It’s Friday, Nichers! Our industry is changing and evolving every single minute, right? Well now the big buzz and curiosity is all about augmented reality and what it means for niche magazine advertising. Golf Digest’s When Print is Better  really talks up augmented reality and why print can be better than, er, the real thing.  (You know how golfers get.)  And while this next level of customer experience is intriguing and brings the wow, some niche magazines do not have the big budgets to develop and offer these kinds of enhancing apps.

In the excitement over the digital magazine frontier, it is easy to forget that print can do some things that digital can’t. Even in a digital age it is just as important to maximize the impact – and take advantage of the special capabilities – of your print edition! [Read more…]

Financials: Know Your Revenue Per Employee? You Should!


Revenue per employee is a key indicator of the financial health of your business.

Fan gush: We think Jim Zielinski, a Niche Magazine Conference contributor, is a cost cutting strategy expert. In the first post of this series, Jim told us about ways to measure your company.   He knows solid, practical ways to develop cost-reduction strategies for niche magazines. What to do first?  You need to evaluate a key revenue measurement for your magazine–revenue per employee.

“Revenue per employee is the most key basic measure because it fundamentally incorporates the entire P&L (Profit and Loss) in one number.  In media businesses, the staff payroll and related expenses probably account for perhaps 60% to 65% of total expenses,” Jim tells us.

If revenues per employee are too low then your staff expenses will quickly destroy your profitability. How low is too low? [Read more…]

5 MORE Ways to Get Your Ad Sales Groove Back


Get out of the Ad Sales Rut and become more successful.

How DO you get your senior level ad sales team out of that magazine ad sales rut? How can they get their groove back?  In our last post from Ryan Dohrn of 360 Ad Sales Training, he challenged you to start doing something new, fresh, and meaningful to the client.  And he gave you 5 ways to get your ad sales groove back. Now that you’ve freshened up your offerings, it’s just as important to cultivate your sales prospect list. Take time to really examine your prospect list and whether the potential clients on that list truly need you (or if you truly need them).

Now lets look at 5 more ways you can get your groove on and get more sales prospects: [Read more…]

Social Media Revenue for Niche Magazines? It Does Exist!

Social Media is not a buzz word any more. It’s a integral part of doing business for everyone now. At least is should be if you don’t want to get left behind. Left behind with the people who still bust out a paper map to search for the nearest pay phone. Billions of Facebook fans  “like” and Tweet is now very much a verb, but most niche magazines still struggle with one simple fact:  How do we make any money with social media?

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

Sponsored product tabs, posts/tweets, and contests can increase your magazine’s revenue AND keep your page fresh for your fans!

Here are my 10 tips to get you started:

1. Most niche magazines have more Facebook fans than People, GQ and Rolling Stone magazine! This is a selling point with advertisers!

2. Create new tabs to highlight sponsored product debuts. If you do not know how, Google it or hire a consultant. [Read more…]

Top 5 New Big Ideas for Managing My Media Company

Every time I attend a conference, I wonder what, if any, take-aways there will be for me as a niche magazine publisher.  I recently attended the 2013 Niche Magazine Conference in Tempe, AZ, and  I got pretty inspired.

Here are my 5 top ideas from the conference that I can apply to my media company:

1. Not all Magazines are created equal:  Even though I print on the same paper with the same quality of editorial, I won’t be able to charge as much per thousand for a family magazine (B2C) as I can for a B2B magazine or a doctor’s (Association) magazine.


Adding a new magazine to your portfolio or comparing ad rates? Type of magazine makes a big difference in ad pricing.


2. Be transparent:  Put our rate cards on the web and talk about the competition and our promotions.  Finally, I get it!


Make your advertising rates easy to find, and make it easy to tell if your magazine is or isn’t a good fit for a prospect.

[Read more…]

Cost Cutting: The First Step – Measure Your Media Ad Sales Costs

ID-10093044Jim Zielinski, Founder of Zielinski Financial Advisors, LLC, knows all about cost-cutting measures to save money for niche magazine publishers.  There are always ways to look within and do a better job when it comes to margins. We are beginning a Cost Cutting series with posts every Thursday for the next 5 weeks to help YOU improve the bottom line for your media business. We’ll bring you what works and what doesn’t for magazine publishers to improve financials based on Jim’s knowledge and expertise about what works for niche magazine publishers.

The first step: Get a handle on what your expenses really are. You can’t begin to find savings for your publishing/media company unless you know where to look!  It is helpful to create some benchmarks to tell you where the culprits are lurking.  This is what MEASURING YOUR COMPANY REALLY MEANS.   After you identify these problem areas, you can then develop strategies to defeat them.Start with your sales expense. (In future posts we’ll discuss industry averages for expenses and revenues, but for now just ask yourself if you are happy with the number you find.) If it seems too high, then ask yourself these 4 basic questions to find the problem and set internal benchmarks: [Read more…]

Ad Sales: 5 Ways to Get Your Groove Back


Get your ad sales groove on with Ryan Dohrn’s 5 fab tips.

We asked Ryan Dohrn, President and founder of 360 Ad Sales Training and frequent speaker at niche media’s conferences, for ad sales ideas to get your print & digital magazine ad sales groove back.  Here’s what he had to say:

“It can vary person to person, but in most cases, a senior level ad sales rep is either worn out from selling the same thing to the same people or the rep is tired of calling on their list of 100 and getting no replies. Sure, ad sales training is a great place to start, but if you want long standing results, ad sales training is just the beginning.”

You need something to shake you out of your ad sales routine and give you a fresh perspective (and maybe some fresh revenue). Here are Ryan’s  5 things you can do right now to take a fresh look at an old ad sales training issue… [Read more…]

Strike the Right Intuition/Research Balance in Your Marketing Programs


Find your Magazine’s perfect balance of data and intuition in marketing decision-making.

INFO ALERT: We stumbled across this wise blog post this week and had to share: Data Guides but the Gut Decides from Rich Beatty and Ad Age. It talks about how important it is to take a hard look at the balance between sound intuition and hard data as it relates to your marketing programs.

We know that you know you must use BOTH when creating your marketing strategies for your niche magazine. But take some time now and really evaluate your current position.

Are you leaning too hard one way or the other? Is it time for a slight, or even major, shift to take your marketing efforts to the next level? Author Beatty also points out that all too often organizations will stick with the standard industry blend.  Don’t do it.  Make your marketing mix unique to YOUR magazine and YOUR niche market. [Read more…]

How to BLOW AWAY Your Niche Magazine’s Competition (and Blow Up Your Ad Revenue!)

We all have competing magazine titles and websites to contend with.  If you don’t have any competitors in your market that means you’re not in a very strong market. Competition is a very good thing.  It makes you provide the very best print and online product for your readers and advertisers.


Ad Sales: Blow away your competition with Carl’s 5 tips.

Hey, if you didn’t have competition, where would you get the good leads?  The key: As an ad sales person,  how do YOU handle your competition?

Here are 5 ways to blow away your competition and sell more print and online ads:

1. Take an objective look at how you stack up to the competition—differentiation of audience, circulation, editorial, production quality, number of ad pages and views, and branding. How do you really compare to these competitors? What are you your strengths and weakness against each competitor?

2. Never bash the competitor in a sales presentation.  It just makes you look unprofessional and you will not look like a credible source anyway. [Read more…]