5 MORE Ways Your Magazine Can Boost Online Advertising Sales


Increasing online ad revenue for magazines doesn’t take a miracle – just get the basics right!

So your niche magazine isn’t seeing success in the world of digital advertising. What’s a publisher to do? Give up and be resigned to mediocre web ad sales revenue? NO! You can turn your digital ad sales around with the right sales training and not undervaluing your digital products.

Last week I gave you 5 ways we can boost online sales, including getting a quality ad banner system, having your web team craft a “web story” and more.

Here are 5 MORE things to try this week to help bolster your online sales efforts:

  1. Change the way your sales team talks about digital.  Your company’s digital story needs to be strong and vibrant.  This is critical!  Advertisers need to be trained that digital offerings, when combined with print, increase overall multi-media effectiveness by over 35%. (MPA Factbook 2012) [Read more…]

Take Your City/Regional Magazine to the Next Level with Creative Content Partnerships!


With creative content partnerships, everybody wins!

Here’s a fun idea to get your creative juices flowing for new ways to take your city or regional magazine to the next level – explore your niche for opportunities to form creative content partnerships. It’s a kind of collaborative marketing Andrew Davis calls brandscaping.

Sound intriguing? Check out this story of how a city magazine in Detroit created a calendar and got the whole city (including a college and Ford Motor Company) in on the act!

Now that you’re full of inspiration, what content partnerships can YOUR city or regional magazine dream up?

Have your own great examples of successful brandscaping? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events – blog.NicheEventNation.com  Check it out!

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Financials: Benchmarks to Measure (and Improve!) Your B2B Magazine’s Profitability


Know the right benchmarks to measure your B2B magazine’s profitability.

In B2B publishing, accurate and real-world benchmarks are key to measuring the profitability (and success) of your business. Where do you start and what are accurate benchmarks most relevant to B2B niche magazine publishing?

Here are some of financial whizard Jim Zielinski’s sample financial benchmarks using the example of a profitable $1.2 million B2B magazine publisher:

 Revenue                                                                     100%


Sales                                                           20%
Editorial                                                     20%-22%
Production                                                 10%-15% [Read more…]

Media Buyer Personalities: Dealing with Mr. Love

Many media buyers cleverly have developed QUIRKY personalities as a smoke screen to get you out of their office or off the phone as fast as possible. Sound familiar? Some of them, of course, are genuinely just weird. In any event, you need to form a strategy to deal with these personality types, build a rapport, and eventually sell them an advertising program. Ready? Your first step in selling an advertising package is to understanding media buyer personality types. Only then can you create a strategy to get your foot in the door.

Some general media buyer personalities I have identified are: Too Busy Bob, Savvy Susan, Numbers Nancy and Mr. Love. Today we’re going to take a look at “Mr. Love.”  Mr. Love is the most frustrating one to me. Mr. Love loooves you, your magazine, your audience, your website, your kid and probably your miniature poodle.


Client love is great but you need to get the sale, too.

Now as an ad salesperson, this always throws you off.  You are so used to new prospects being mean and hating everything and having no money. [Read more…]

Take Your Time Back! Lauren Publications Streamlined Sales & Production with The Magazine Manager

Dallas Child Magazine

Lauren Publications’ Dallas Child Magazine is determined to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving.

Lauren Publications, which publishes 5 regional magazines targeting mothers 25-54 and hosts numerous events, is on a mission to stay local, stay current, and keep evolving to better all of their products for their readers and advertisers. To this end they are keeping in step with the digital trends and innovations in the magazine publishing industry: increasing their social media presence, using email blasts to actively grow their base, and developing a mobile app and tablet edition. Combine this with a conversational, engaging tone, a passion for being a trusted resource for their readers, and a prime target demographic for advertisers and you have the magic formula for niche publishing success.

“Change is good,” said Sales Development Director Alison Davis, “We refuse to stay the status quo and evolve continually to better ourselves and our organization.” This doesn’t just mean adding snazzy digital content – it also means trying new ways of doing things, particularly as their publications grow. Lauren Publications uses The Magazine Manager (TMM) to streamline both production and sales. [Read more…]

Bird Watcher’s Digest – From Living Room to Worldwide Reach in 35 Years (Niched Out Magazine of the Month)

Each month we highlight a great niche magazine. This month’s Niched Out Magazine of the Month is Bird Watcher’s Digest. Bird Watchers Digest coverThis birder’s bible is a true family business – Bird Watcher’s Digest was started in the living room of the Thompson family in Marietta, Ohio in 1978. Their initial direct mail effort netted a 30% response!

Today the magazine and its many birdy tentacles deliver content to bird lovers all over the world in a tremendous variety of ways. Its menagerie of bird-based products could fill an aviary: the flagship print magazine (conveniently pocket-sized for taking into the field), newsletters, books, booklets, digital editions, an app, websites, e-newsletters, e-blasts, podcasts and blogs, custom content, and special birding events. Talk about reaching readers, and finding new ones, through every medium they can! (Niche publishers, take note! Using multiple media channels – and having specialized, branded content for each channel – is the future of magazines.) [Read more…]

5 Ways Magazine Publishers Can Boost Online Advertising Sales


Boost your online sales AND your online revenue.

So you showed up late to the web party and you gave your online ads away for years... the search for the elusive online ad dollar seems to be like a never ending game of cat and mouse, doesn’t it?  So, should publishers just give up on the web and move to new dollars?  Perhaps look harder at mobile or tablet technology?  The answer is a flat out…

Yes and No.

Should publishers just give up on the web and move on to emerging technologies?  Yes, you need to keep your eye on new technology! However, you should still be skeptical of revenue potential: even recent advancements by Google in the mobile advertising space have held little hope of near future revenue.

And No— you should not give up on the web.  The issue is training.  You have trained your clients to undervalue your digital products and your sale staff continues to tell a boooooring story about it.

Here are 5 great yet simple ways you can try to boost online sales this week: [Read more…]

Why Didn’t Leno Tweet More? An Audience Engagement Lesson for Niche Magazine Publishers


Lesson for those on TV: Why didn’t Leno use more media than TV to engage his audience?

Ongoing communication with your audience is vital to the success of the relationship. If you are a celebrity, it seems to matter quite a bit if you tweet. But as a niche magazine publisher, you can do what works best for you–blog, tweet, email, text, instagram, video or whatever–as long as you keep a robust conversation going with your customers.

If you haven’t started thinking in these terms, take a lesson from the recent Leno-Fallon shift.

Lotsa buzzzzzz about the Tonight Show. Did Leno really get ousted because he didn’t tweet enough?

Check out the engagement and online activity (or lack thereof) for Jay Leno vs Jimmy Fallon and other TV hosts like Letterman and Kimmel: Why Twitter helped Fallon get Leno’s job. [Read more…]

Financials: 3 More Key Areas to Evaluate to Take Control of Your Magazine’s Costs

Your niche magazine’s financial picture is important. You know this.  Yet we cannot tell you how many successful niche publishers don’t know – even as a

Knowing your costs is vital to your magazine's success and profitability.

Knowing your costs is vital to your magazine’s success and profitability.

ballpark figure – what their costs are! It’s not always the most exciting part of the business, but you need to know the numbers.  

To help niche magazine publishers get a handle on their finances, we’re publishing advice every Thursday from financial wizard Jim Zielinksi. Jim has already shared with us how to understand and evaluate your niche magazine’s profitability. Last week he shared with us 4 key financial areas on which to focus on first.

Here are 3 MORE key areas to investigate and evaluate to get your magazine’s costs and overall financial picture under control:

 1.  Postage:  Postage went up 2.57% in January. Be prepared for more and soon, due to huge USPS losses. Can you consider co-mailing? What’s your frequency of postage? Ask your printer to do a co-mailing study.

2.  Paper weight and quality:  There are 5 grades.  1 is best, 5 is worst.  Most publishers now use 3 or 4 grade.  Moving one grade gets savings of about 5%.  Also evaluate the print contract cost per copy. Your type of magazine affects how much you can shift paper quality – a high end lifestyle magazine doesn’t have as much wiggle room as Gear & Cog Monthly. [Read more…]

Voice Mail is an Ad Sales Tool!


Leaving the right voice mail messages can be an effective ad sales tool.

Let’s get in the way-back machine: There was a time when you dialed a phone number and only one of three things could happen—the line was busy,  the phone rang and rang and there was no answer, or someone answered and you could have a conversation. If you were calling a business during business hours, you certainly hoped a person would answer the phone.

Technology has changed all that. Now more than likely the phone call results in a recording, asking you to leave a voice mail message.

How can a magazine ad salesperson make a pitch when they cannot actually talk with someone?

Don’t sweat it! The goal is not necessarily to talk with a live person—it can be as simple as using voice mail as a touch point. The trick is to craft an effective message that gets the result you want.

Dial the phone number with the expectation that you will not get a person on the line. [Read more…]