9 Niche-y Ways to Get Out of That Mid-Summer Magazine Funk

The days are longer—and it seems like they get longer every dragging minute. And it’s hot, hot, hot.


Here are 9 niche-y ways to get out of that mid-summer funk!

For many of us, mid-summer hits and then we are suddenly in a complete state of inertia with absolutely no focus beyond whether our baseball team is winning (or uh, losing) and what topping we want on our ice cream cone and…. is this work day over yet?? 

Here’s 9 niche-y ways to lift yourself out of a mid-summer funk:

1. Connect the Dots: Find some new ways to reach your fans/customers/advertisers and connect them. To do that, take a few minutes and read Scratch That Niche from Marketing Profs. You’ll start feeling creative quickly.

2. Niche Out Your Niche and Drill Down: Brainstorm with your team some ways to niche your niche even further. (We know, it’s one of our constant mantras, right behind Carl Landau’s all-time favorite: How DOES this idea translate into ROI?!) [Read more…]

Don’t Miss Out on the Niche Digital Conference Super Discount-A-Palooza!

NIM141 ND pub logo 2013Just a quick heads up that the Niche Digital Conference super early bird discount registration deadline is July 18th. That’s TODAY! Sign up and you can save a bundle!

This conference is super-targeted just for niche magazine publishers and ad sales people who want new online revenue!

Here’s just a few of the highlights:

20 Amazing Sessions: we’ll cover everything from niche tablet & mobile strategies, native advertising, paid content, and webinars to harnessing analytics data, integrated ad sales techniques, total audience marketing, conversion, and everything in between. You’ll walk away with brand new revenue streams!

Roll up your sleeves and dive in! Our Hands-On Revenue Workshops on September 30 will take you step by step through creating new revenue opportunities for YOUR niche magazine! Choose from Content Marketing Email Strategies, Video Revenue, and Camp Niche Ad Sales Training Unplugged.

Our fantastic Speaker lineup: We have visionaries and seasoned professionals from all walks of the niche publishing world. Our incredible 360° keynote speakers are Jay Baer and Aaron Kahlow – these guys have more ideas about the future of the niche media world than you would believe! Special bonus: All attendees will receive a copy of Jay’s new book Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help, not Hype.

And don’t forget peer-to-peer learning with niche publishers just like you!!! Check out this list of 15 revenue-generating ideas shared by attendees last year.

So, will we see you in Nashville, or what?


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events – blog.NicheEventNation.com  Check it out!

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Webinars Don’t Have to Suck: Lessons Learned from Our First Niche Webinar

The Grand Poobah, Carl Landau, co-hosting his first webinar!

The Grand Poobah, Carl Landau, co-hosting his first webinar!

We recently co-hosted with WebAttract our first-ever Niche webinar: “The Perfect Webinar – How Niche Publishers Can Make Serious Money, Build Audience, Inform, and Entertain (or, Why Webinars Don’t Have to Suck).”

Mike Agron from Webattract and Carl Landau from Niche Media taught our publishing audience why webinars rank as a top content marketing tactic, the role of webinars for niche publishers, how to produce and deliver successful webinars. We even discussed pricing, supercharging sponsors and ROI. (Okay, Mike really did all the heavy lifting.) You can view a recording of the webinar here.

So, how did it all go, and what were the takeaways for our next webinar?

First let’s check in with Carl, the total Webinar Rookie:

What did WE learn from holding our first Niche webinar?

“I was surprised by how many people registered for the webinar – over 350! We only sent out 2 email efforts promoting it. This goes to show that a focused webinar that promises practical information can really catch attention.

I’ve always heard the national benchmark is that only 30 – 40% of the registrants actually tune in to the live webinar. 52% of the registrants listened to our webinar live and 96% of those people were still listening in at the start of the closing Q&A period. Again, we tried to keep it lively, keep it useful, and keep it relevant so we wouldn’t lose people.

The polling questions were a great way to see if attendees are actually listening and learn what they are thinking—Over 50% of the attendees participated in the three polls. I think it also keeps them feeling engaged, not just sitting at a desk trying not to multitask. I was also astonished that the average listener stayed on for 52 minutes!

What would you do differently?

“The suggestions by attendees were spot-on and very helpful. It took too long to get into the meat of the presentation, about 11 minutes. That was mostly my fault. I did a 4-minute welcome that I would make 30 seconds next time. We also spent too much time on case studies – next time I would shorten the case studies a bit and offer more Q & A. We had dozens of live questions and we only got to 4 of them!

Also, there is much more production set up and testing than I ever imagined. I was just lucky to work with a true pro like Mike who walked me through the whole thing and did all the heavy lifting.”

Now let’s see what Mike, as a seasoned pro, took away from the Niche Webinar Experience:

Where there any unexpected surprises for you?

 “I was pleasantly surprised by the great turnout of niche publishers that both registered and attended, as it validated in my mind that as a “webinar guy”, I’m not alone in my notion that there’s a tremendous potential for this group to add webinars as part of their integrated marketing strategy.

I was somewhat surprised by the distribution of media types from B2B (42%) , B2C (22%), Combination of B2B and B2C (15%), as well as Associations (11%) and others (10%) that signed up for the event.  It tended to validate what Carl was saying about the importance of niche publications having a digital marketing strategy.

What are a couple of things niche publishers could do to improve upon their own webinars?

“ As I mentioned during my closing comments, take a good look at their industry and segments, and identify the top changes or market disruptions they and their audience are dealing with, and then look to their current or prospective advertisers, and see which of them have the “thought leadership.” And look at customers who have a great story to tell via a webinar about how they solved a vexing challenge that produced better outcomes or results. This applies to B2B, B2C and Association magazines.

Once this has been determined, begin to negotiate with the sponsor to set some goals, outcomes and success factors to produce a webinar and develop a work plan identifying all of the phases (acts) to cover the entire life cycle of what needs to be done before, during and after the webinar.

Then determine if they have the in-house resources, or do they want to outsource the entire production, or portions of it to produce, deliver and host a webinar that will meet or exceed their commercial outcomes as well as delight their audiences, and get to work.”

Do we plan to do more webinars in the future? With these kinds of results, we’d be crazy not to!


More about Mike:  Mike Agron, WebAttract’s Webinar Demand Generation Expert, would be happy to talk to you. If you are interested in a complimentary consultation and to learn more about sponsored webinars, contact Mike at mike@webattract.com or 916-804-4703.


To our delight, 23% of the webinar attendees requested more info about our upcoming Conference:

Niche Digital Conference in Nashville October 1 – October 2. It’s super targeted for niche publishers that want to generate more revenue. Don’t forget the BIG discount deadline is tomorrow, THURSDAY, July 18th.

Register here.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events – blog.NicheEventNation.com  Check it out!

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Summer of Niche: How to Create a Successful Community Partnership for Long-term Success


For Food & Spirits Magazine, connecting with its community in a meaningful way was a win-win decision.

Magazine: Food & Spirits Magazine based in Omaha, Nebraska. B2C magazine, 5 years old and going strong!

Great Idea: Creating a successful community partnership that expands brand awareness, strengthens long-term business relationships and more.

(Editors Note: This post is going to warm your heart and melt your ice cream, we are not kidding.)

We recently talked with Erik Totten, Publisher of Food & Spirits Magazine in Omaha, Nebraska recently about a really-great-idea and how they took it to the next level:

“In our just released issue, we creatively partnered with one of our local high schools. We’ve worked with the journalism department to have them create a two-page spread on the high school’s culinary department. We also found a sponsor to fund the effort. It’s been one of the best things we’ve ever done to engage our audience and build community while making some strong evangelizers from the school administration, teachers, students and their families.” [Read more…]

7 Steps to Better Strategic Planning for Your Media Company


Need help with your 2014 strategy meeting this fall? Check out Ryan’s 7 Steps to Better Planning.

Strategic planning is critical to sales revenue success in the niche media world. Do you have plans in place yet for your strategy meeting this fall to plan for 2014?  

Yogi Bera said it best, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.”

Most successful companies host at least two days of strategic planning each year as a matter of practice.  Why?  Their hope is to reveal new revenue opportunities, find process improvements and to sort out ideas or problems. 

So set a date today and think about these following 7 steps to set your day of strategic planning in motion. [Read more…]

Total Audience Marketing = Increased Revenue for Niche Magazine Publishers


Graham Kilshaw of Item Media knows how to turnaround niche magazines with a Total Audience Marketing approach. Here are some of his insights.

Are your marketing programs steeped in tradition? Is it time to get out of the warm, comfy zone and learn new approaches to selling the new media? Graham Kilshaw, President of ITEM Media thinks so.

After a lackluster relaunch of Tea Magazine, Graham creatively came up with a way to “caffeinate” his new title by packaging and monetizing the rapidly growing online and social audiences. He called it Total Audience Marketing and introduced it with very interesting results!

Graham will be leading the session Bundle This! Total Audience Marketing with Holly Scott at the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville this fall. He kindly let us pick his super-creative brain about why niche publishers should be taking advantage of this new approach to marketing and sales… AND increase revenues at the same time.

Niche Media: Why is a  “Total Audience Marketing” approach important in the first place? [Read more…]

How the Ad Sales Pro deals with “Numbers Nancy” Media Buyers

The first step in selling to media buyers is understanding their buyer personality. Numbers Nancy wants details, details, and more details before she will commit. Some media buyers use this personality type as a smoke screen to keep the ad sales person at arms length. Others are just wired that way.

In past posts we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Love, who loves everything you say but never commits, and Too Busy Bob, who is just so much more swamped than anyone else on the planet. [Read more…]

How Publishers Can Maximize Value from a Sales CRM Solution


Where does CRM fit into your business strategy? Here’s some tips on finding the right fit for your niche magazine.

For many niche publications, the prospect of implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to manage sales activities has about the same appeal as dental surgery. You know you should probably do it, and you know you will feel so much better after, but that part in the middle just seems so awful.

Here are some of the most common objections to using a CRM database (sound familiar?):

 “We have a small number of reps and advertisers so we’ll just stick to using a spreadsheet.”

“The cost of licensing and training our staff how to use it is too expensive.”

“I don’t need another complex piece of software that no one ends up using.”

The above are valid concerns for sure, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you do your homework and pick a platform that works for you, your staff, and your budget. In a media world where sales reps and advertising partners are constantly changing, a CRM database serves as a digital archive of your communication with one another providing key customer insights to a sales rep assuming a new territory or client list. [Read more…]

Find New Online Revenue Streams for Magazines at the Niche Digital Conference!

Landau guitar

You can’t help but have fun in Nashville! Who says learning new revenue opportunities for your niche magazine has to be boring?

What do Nashville, niche magazine publishing professionals, and Goo-Goo Clusters have in common? If you read our blog, then by now you probably know the answer—the upcoming Niche Digital Conference, October 1-2.

We only have 250 spots and it’s filling up fast. Why? Because this is a great opportunity to learn and connect with other niche magazine publisher-types just like YOU, and have fun doing it!

CONNECT: You can’t connect with other niche publishers, real-time and in person, sitting in front of a computer in the daily publishing grind. Getting out of your office for face-to-face networking with other niche publishers to share what works and what doesn’t is the key to taking your media company to the next level! We limit conference attendance so that making new Niche friends is easy – you’ll meet all 250 attendees through our super-fun networking events and parties by the time the conference is over!

LEARN: Our publishing world is evolving fast. There are so many new revenue streams for niche publishers, but it’s slow going figuring it all out alone. [Read more…]