The Best of the Grand Poobah’s Ad Sales Rants


Rants about Ad Sales? Grand Poobah Carl sounds off and throws in some darn good advice too.

He just can’t help it. He is passionate about niche magazines and laser-focused about ad sales success. Niche Media’s Grand Poobah has some doozies of ad sales rants, but they aren’t just him blowing off some steam – there is a lot to learn about ad sales success in each one.

Here’s some of our favorites of the Carl Landau/Grand Poobah rants about Ad Sales:

From all the way back in 2012, let’s start with the basics of how people can reach YOU: Carl’s Capsules: Have You Filled Out Your Own Contact/Subscribe Form Lately?

And here’s some sound advice, really. Don’t give up when an account you have been working with for a long time still won’t commit: Ad Sales Pros: You Need to Man/Woman Up!

Ad deadlines that aren’t real deadlines bug the hell out of the Grand Poobah. Drawing a line in the sand can be great for your ad sales bottom line:  Who is Running Your Media Business, You or Your Advertisers? [Read more…]

Change is All Good at LA Parent: Reflecting on the Year

So much can change for a niche magazine in just a few months! We featured LA Parent and its new owners six months ago, and this month we checked back in with them to see what had changed and what they have in store for 2014.

2013 was a busy year for L.A. Parent, the premier resource for parents in the LA area. Since purchasing the business in Dec. 2012, Ron and Elena Epstein have focused on content and expanding social media, and plan to re-launch in January 2014. They also replaced their entire back-office systems with The Magazine Manager in February 2013.LAP1311

Publisher Ron Epstein reflected on the year since we had spotlighted his company in June. [Read more…]

INSIDE Publications – LOVE Going Local!

Each month we feature an awesome niche magazine as our Magazine of the Month. This month’s pick: INSIDE regional newsmagazines. Published by Inside Publications (and headquartered practically on Niche Media’s doorstep), this chain of community newsmagazines is a product of a publisher’s love for her community. Publisher Cecily Hastings told us how she got into the crazy world of niche publishing.

“My husband and I started Inside Publications 19 years ago in our older historic Sacramento neighborhood. A few years earlier when we moved to our city we were asked to help start a neighborhood association. Given I had a design background and a home computer I offered to do a neighborhood newsletter so neighbors could know what was happening in the neighborhood. We took them door to door soliciting memberships.”Ip four covers [Read more…]

Top 3 Tips for Ad Sales Reps Working From Home


Working from home can be productive with these 3 tips from ad sales pro Bonnie Dodson.

Working in a corporate office forces you to be on task and organized. But more often these days, employers are learning about the benefits of having a remote staff that works on flex time–and still getting great results.

Almost 13 years ago, my husband and I realized our dream to leave the big city and live in the mountains.  With over 30 years of advertising sales experience, I was certain I could continue selling advertising from home. The forward-thinking publisher I was working for gave me the chance.

For the most part, I have found that by sticking to the same basic selling skills that I learned over the years and incorporating a few home-specific guidelines, I am every bit as successful selling remotely as from working in a corporate office.

Here are my top 3 working-from-home tips: [Read more…]

How to Create Great Networking Opportunities at Niche Events


Take time to re-imagine networking opportunities at your events so attendees are fully engaged, not falling asleep!

Are opportunities for attendee-networking a priority at your events? They should be.

You have to provide fun networking opportunities for your attendees and sponsors. It’s always rewarding for them to get to talk niche-speak with their fellow peeps.

Plus, their friends and family are tired of hearing them talk about their job and other event attendees love to talk about it.

I received a very enthusiastic response to my session at the SISO conference this year, Event Networking Mania.”

The point I made was that as a niche event organizer, you spend SO much time planning great sessions, finding the very best speakers, selling tons of sponsorships, etc.

But how much time do you actually spend creating meaningful networking opportunities for your attendees and sponsors/vendors at your event? [Read more…]

Grow Magazine Audience and Revenue: Jeff Rohrs Interview


Jeff Rohrs, Author and Audience Development Guru, shares his insights on how to engage our target audience for the long-term.

Just imagine all the digital marketing that innundates our customers every day. It’s imperative for niche media publishers to develop and grow an online audience for the long-term, rising above all the other spammy messaging out there.

So how do you cut through all the clutter, create meaningful connections and win more customers within your niche?

We were super-pumped up to chat with Jeff Rohrs, author of the new book Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers and a true audience development guru, to find out just how to get readers fully engaged.

Niche Media HQ:  What are ways that niche publishers can build their audience and boost sales? Can you give us a couple of real-world examples? [Read more…]

5 Great Ways to Market to Your Ad Sales Prospects


Here are 5 great ways to market to your prospects…today!

Today’s successful salesperson should be creating their own personal brand — online, in social media, e-newsletters, a blog and more.

We recently caught up with Mitchell Olszewski, Ad Sales Wizard and Associate Publisher for Bayou City Magazine, a lifestyle magazine from Houston.

We had to ask: What are some sure-fire ways ad salespeople can market to their client base if they can’t create a blog right this very minute?

Here are Mitchell’s 5 great ways to market to your prospects, right now, today: [Read more…]

Niche Magazine Audience Development: The Online Dating Game


Woo your target audience and convert them into paying subscribers.

Converting unknown readers into known leads and paying subscribers is pretty darn important to niche magazines. So how do you attract quality traffic to your website and social media channels?

At the Niche Digital Conference in October, speaker and audience development wizard Jill Hoffman shared with us how to discover tools, tactics and tips that will maximize your audience building powers.

Here’s a snapshot of her presentation, The Online Dating Game Admit it—just like trying to get a date, niche magazines are always on the hunt for new readers.

The first step is to listen! Don’t just promote and talk about yourself. Get to know your potential readers. How? [Read more…]

Are you Stuck in a Sales Rut? Get Your Ad Sales Mojo Back!

Man Sitting In Valley

Are you in an ad sales rut? Check out the warning signs here.

Everyone can get stuck in a rut. It doesn’t even matter how long you have been in the ad sales biz. The stress of the holidays doesn’t help. You can stay on top of your game and keep yourself feeling inspired (and sell more advertising!) if you build variety into your sales strategy.

First step: take a deep breath and get ready to make some changes. You want to be alert and at your best as you hit 2014. Then try out these four ideas to break out of boredom and the ad sales rut.

Four  Ways to Break Out of an Ad Sales Rut:

1. Change things up! Don’t get glued to your routine. You may be missing the opportunity to connect with a potential client because you always call the same time—when they are not available. Shake up your daily routine by scheduling time to make calls and send emails at different times of day. You are probably sitting in the chair at meetings and eating lunch at the same restaurants, too. Throw in a little variety – even with something that seems inconsequential or silly – to get your creative juices flowing. Make sure you are trying to connect to clients through more than one channel: there’s email, snail mail, phone, networking events, text… [Read more…]