Wanda the Amazing Pug says: “Let Go of Your Fear, Take a Leap!”


Wanda the Amazing Pug waxes philosophically about niche publishing and risk-taking.

(Well sometimes Wanda takes a leak instead of a leap, but that’s another story…….)

What do red wine, pugs and niche publishing even have in common? Grand Poobah and I were chatting over a nice bottle of red the other night about risk-taking in general and how fear stops most people from moving forward in life.

And the fact that about 99.9999% of niche magazine publishers are entrepreneurial risk-takers, willing to face the fear and plunge ahead.

About the same moment that our wine wisdom got truly deep, our little Wanda—pug of very short stubby legs—quickly and quite gracefully took a giant leap high in the air, over the cat, to get to her favorite landing pillow.

We laughed when she did it, because our black, furry, feisty Felix is a pretty darn big kitty-cat with ninja reflexes and very sharp claws. Didn’t stop Wanda though, not even for a moment. She truly sees no obstacles. No fear of failure whatsoever. With focused vision, always go straight for the goal. (Or the doggie treat, whichever comes first.)

Seriously, though, let’s think about some of the key qualities that define a successful entrepreneur: [Read more…]

Your Sponsored Content Questions Answered!


Editor Rob O’Regan chats with us about the sticky subject of sponsored content.

The concept of sponsored content and native advertising sound so promising and simple, but there are plenty of ways to screw it up. Above all else, you must preserve your credibility with readers. Keep readers #1 and you can find whole new revenue streams for your niche magazine.

We recently interviewed Rob O’Regan with some of the most common questions we hear about the ins and outs of sponsored content. Rob is Editor of eMediaVitals, an online publication that serves print media executives who are transitioning their businesses to e-media. Rob has a keen understanding of sponsored content programs such as native advertising, which can provide enormous financial benefit to both print and online properties–if done right.

Here’s the highlights of our interview with Rob: [Read more…]

Should Your Next Ad Sales Career Step Really Be Ad Sales Director?


Sales Rep or Sales Director?
Here are some points to consider.

You know what they say about Hollywood actors – they all want to direct. I guess it’s just a natural inclination, and it is no different in the ad sales world. When ad sales reps are successful, they want to move to the BIG chair. As in Ad Sales Director…finally having all the power, all the prestige…..and all the headaches. It’s an age-old progression. Sometimes it’s a great career move and sometimes it’s not. How do you figure out if that is the right path for you?

I’ve done both jobs in my publishing career.  I started as a regional ad sales rep for a B2B publisher. Then I went on to a new job as an Ad Sales Director of a high-tech magazine. But there were no other ad sales people. It was sorta funny being a director with no one to direct! (Sales meetings were short, though!)

Then I started my own magazine company and did pretty much everything at first—including all the ad sales calls. Finally I hit the big time and I became The Publisher with an Ad Sales Director with an Actual Ad Sales Staff.

What did I learn? I learned that there were a lot of things I liked and definitely didn’t like about my different roles. [Read more…]

Could Your Magazine be the Niche Magazine of the Year?

Don’t miss your chance to enter the Nichee Awards

You could win Magazine of the Year at this year’s Nichee Magazine Awards! For eight years, the Nichee Awards have recognized the best of the best niche magazines. Entry deadline is Wednesday, January 29th! Enter here!

This super fun contest recognizes the creative talents of the very best niche publishers. The main categories are Best B2B Niche Magazine (3+ awards by subcategory) and Best Consumer Niche Magazine (3+ awards by subcategory).

Judges took into account the size of each magazine’s market and the needs of the specific niche it serves to create a level playing field. These magazines all do what they do well, find innovative ways of serving readers, and find creative ways to generate revenue.

Winners will be announced February 26th at Nichee Award Party on the final night of the Niche Media Conference. Many thanks to Trend Offset Printing for sponsoring the Nichee Awards bash!

It is only $75 for conference attendees to enter and $125 for non-attendees to enter. Don’t miss your chance to be recognized for your great niche magazine!

You can read more about last year’s amazing Nichee Award winners here.

[Read more…]

Why Should An Advertiser Buy An Ad From YOU?


What makes YOU different from every other ad sales rep? Ryan Dohrn gives us some ways to help you shine.

Advertisers today have more strategy choices than ever before to market their products and services. No matter the size of the niche you serve, the sheer number of media channels available to an advertiser to market their product grows every day. If you are an ad sales rep trying to sell your magazine’s media packages, standing out from the rest of the shouting takes some extra effort.

So what makes YOU different from every other ad sales person that walks in the advertisers’ door today? This is a question that you should be asking yourself before each and every advertising sales call.

Almost every time, advertisers will tell me that they bought media because they really liked the salesperson. It’s not necessarily just a personality contest.  But knowing your strengths and offering your insight to your customers can set you apart from the pack.

Ask yourself: What makes YOU different? Likable? Why would an advertiser buy from you personally? What is it about you that would make them want to buy your media offering? [Read more…]

10 Reasons Not to Miss the Niche Media Conference


January 23rd is your last chance to register for the Niche Media Conference at a discount rate!

What niche magazine publisher isn’t looking for new revenue strategies, am I right? That’s why 8 years ago we created the Niche Media Conference – it is 100% focused on teaching publishers how to generate new revenue for their niche media companies. It all takes place February 24-26, 2014 in Charleston, SC. Here are some of the great things that bring niche publishers back year after year:

Over 20 Amazing Speakers! Here’s just a few of our publishing gurus:

– Bryan Welch, CEO of Ogden Publications. He’s got the inside scoop on reader engagementMother Earth News has been the fastest growing major magazine in North America for 10 years running!

– Rob O’Regan, Editorial Director of eMedia Vitals. Rob will unravel the mysteries of sponsored content so you can get maximum revenue without sacrificing editorial quality.

– Rebecca Wesson Darwin, President & CEO of Garden & Gun. She’s breaking all the publishing rules and taking the niche magazine world by storm!

– Geoff Hird, Publisher at Westwick-Farrow Media. He knows how to turn audience-centric ad sales mojo into major revenue and growth!

Niche FUN!!!

– Experience Southern hospitality in Charleston, SC. This is an amazing and incredibly fun city! Don’t believe us? Check it out!

– Super-fun networking events and parties! Have some fun, get relaxed, and share ideas with niche magazine publishers just like YOU! From “speed publishing” to our wacky “Nichee Awards” show, you can’t help but make new niche friends. Oh, and we can’t forget the bourbon tasting welcome reception!

– We limit the conference to 250 attendees to keep it intimate and make networking easy.

Revenue-Generating Sessions on the Topics YOU Most Care About!

– Pre-Conference Hands-On Revenue Workshops on Niche EVENTS, Digital Publishing, and Ad Sales.

– Publisher Peer-to-Peer Roundtables on Video, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Webinars, Sales Compensation, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

– Two Publishing Executive Tracks and one Ad Sales Training track.


What’s not to love? But if you want to sign up, do it TODAY! January 23 is the last day you can sign up for the Niche Media Conference and SAVE up to $300! Don’t miss out – register now! [Read more…]

What’s Your Best (Ad Sales) Pick Up Line?


What’s your best ad sales pick up line? Here’s some lines that just may work with a new prospect.

I recently saw American Hustle and some of that crazy time came back to me.  It reminded me of the cheesy pick up lines in the 1970’s, which didn’t really work most of the time. I mean, I don’t personally remember ever using them, but admittedly the days of platform shoes, jumpsuits, and Saturday Night Fever are a little hazy for me.

I do remember people laughing a lot and rolling their eyes at pick up lines in the 70’s. What your sign? Do you come here often? And my all-time favorite—Hello, Cupid called. He says to tell you to give me my heart back.

When you are cold calling a new ad sales prospect, unfortunately it’s kinda like a pick up situation. Everyone feels a bit uncomfortable and no one knows what to say.

The important thing is to say something and make it interesting. Be sincere. Definitely don’t be smarmy. And show that you’ve done some homework. Remember, authentic compliments will get you everywhere.

Here’s 6 Fab Ad Sales Pick up lines:
(Yes, it’s a stretch, but think outside the box for a minute. Don’t be such a spaz and see if you can dig it, man!) [Read more…]

A Digital to Print Success Story


Check out this recent online-content-turned-print-catalog success story!

Happy Tuesday, alert blog readers!      

Here’s yet another interesting article out of the NY Times on content jumping from digital to print.

Whether it’s magazine content or catalog content, the message is still the same: Building audience with your content is one of the most important elements of print or digital success. [Read more…]

3 Ways to Be a Social Media Ad Sales Superstar


Ryan Dohrn gives us 3 social media tips that can lead to increased sales.

It is all too easy for an ad sales rep to say that they understand social media marketing because they post daily on Facebook.

How can you grow to social media superstar status? You must learn and totally embrace engagement to expand your ad sales revenue opportunities.

Here are 3 easy ways to increase engagement:

1. Sales Rep’s Personal Engagement: Posting on your magazine’s Facebook page is not enough. Every ad sales rep should be creating their own personal “brand.” For starters, they should be frequently blogging on their own blog, offering expert market information their advertisers are searching for. They should also be regularly reading their advertisers’ FB pages, blogs, sharing, re-posting, commenting on industry LinkedIn groups, etc. [Read more…]

More Good News for Niche Magazines


Niche media rocks!
Spread the word.

We just read a post by Susan Parente, who cites some darn good, heart-warming, super-positive stats happening now in the niche publishing industry. (Parente works for Sheridan, a company that specializes in working with publishers.)

But the numbers don’t lie.

The author gives us some very positive take-aways for you to share with your readers, your peers and your advertisers: [Read more…]