The Publishing Paradigm Shift: Transforming Digital into Print


Joe Mathes, VP of Delta Publications, Inc. shares his insights on the new paradigm shift from digital to print.

As publishers, no matter how strong your content is or how solid your online strategy, you need to be better at selling your print products along with your core product. Is this a dramatic shift from even 7 or 8 years ago? You bet.

We recently asked Joe Mathes, Vice President of Delta Publications, Inc. and a Partner in Delta Online, to talk with us about how they leverage their existing online assets to increase print sales. Joe is also a digital revenue consultant across the country and he helps clients see the whole bundled media picture.

Niche Media HQ:  Can you explain why niche publishers should use their digital products to leverage print sales?

Joe Mathes: As print publishers we still have an effective and dynamic advertising platform with which to promote our digital offerings. Our print products and all of our other organizational assets give us tremendous credibility and leverage in our markets—and that gives us the inside track when it comes to digital. [Read more…]

Audience Data is for the Birds!

Is there a more important niche in the world than that dedicated to the business of feeding the globe? Not according to WATT Global Media, a world leader in providing quality content for the professionals within the poultry and agribusiness industries.  Their titles and properties include WATTPoultry,, Poultry International and numerous other products that educate, inform and advocate for industry best practices for safety and efficiency. WATTUSAcover

But while the need for quality research, content and education has remained unchanged in the 97 years of WATT’s existence, just about every aspect of the industry and their business has changed.  So, how have they continued their excellence and value to this important niche market? WATT has an unwavering passion for their audience and a willingness to adapt their strategies to satisfy their market.

The combination of passion and adaptation is a key attribute of the company culture according to Joyce Neth, WATT’s Vice President, Director of Audience Development & Research.  Like most Publishers and their own niches, recent years have seen an explosion of complexity in terms of reader behaviors, content channels, globalization and regulatory and competitive forces within the poultry industry.  This creates a need for flexibility, ingenuity and a desire to think and act differently. [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Divorce Magazine!

Each month we highlight a great niche magazine as our Niche Magazine of the Month. These magazines know their niches and do an incredible job meeting their needs. This month’s pick: Divorce.DivorceMag

This isn’t just a magazine about the legal nuts and bolts of getting a divorce – it covers everything from helping your kids and handling your relationship with your ex to mental health and figuring out your taxes. Divorce covers both U.S. and Canadian markets with issues for every state and province, plus it offers a blog, e-newsletters, telesiminars/podcasts, forums, a professional/resource directory, and even has a dash of celebrity divorce gossip. That’s a lot of ground for one publisher to cover!

Long-time publisher and Divorce Marketing Group’s CEO Dan Couvrette told us in his own words how he came to publish a magazine in this unique niche and build it into a media empire:

‘”You want a WHAT?’ Those were the words I said to my then wife when she told me she wanted a divorce on Sunday, June 19th 1994. This also happened to be Fathers Day—needless to say the day got off to a bad start.”

“So given that I was a publishing guy – I’d published Ottawa Magazine, Ottawa Business Life Magazine, and Wedding Bells Magazine, (I’m sure the irony won’t escape any of you) – I thought ‘Hey, I should start a newsletter or magazine to help divorcing people.'” [Read more…]

Planning a Niche Event in 2014? You Need To Go Visit the Site!

If your niche magazine is planning an event, in-person prep-time is the key to success.  Yes, you can do loads of research online and if it’s a local or regional event, perhaps you’ve already been there a bunch. But venue management can change and change often.


Think you are too busy to do onsite venue visits before your niche event? Guess again. It’s worth the effort!

If you want to ensure your niche event goes off without a hitch, you actually need to go visit the site. Sure it takes time, but choosing the right venue for your niche event is critical for it being successful.

The key to an effective site visit is advance organization. Whether your event is regional or national, the Convention & Visitors Bureau is a good resource. I put on events throughout the U.S., so I usually visit 4-6 venues in a day when planning a particular event. That requires more than a little help.

I’ve been working with Laura Little at HelmsBriscoe for over 8 years. Laura organizes all the hotels we use and negotiates everything for us–which eliminates the hassle of us having to negotiate every little detail.

I also bring the conference space layouts, sample menus and anything else the hotel or conference center has sent me in advance. Often you will meet with a brand new sales rep who may not have all the current information. Having the info with me often saves time for both of us.

Here’s some helpful tips for onsite visits: [Read more…]

Stop Wasting Away Your January! 7 Tips For 2014 Sales Success

You’ve mostly survived the holiday season and are ready to start the new year. Except you can’t seem to get moving. Or you are just going through the motions and feeling uninspired. It’s OK, it happens to all of us salespeople at some point.


Ad Sales Guru Ryan gives us 7 ways to get going!

Here are 7 great ways for media salespeople to jump start their 2014:

1.  Expand your advertisers’ reach with education.  Organize a sponsored webinar to share valuable information with your magazine’s audience. First, create a list of the five most common objections that you received as a media sales person in 2013. Then create advertiser education webinars to address those five needs. Hosting a webinar with Gotomeeting is easy and costs less than $100.

2.  Collect success stories. Meet with your key advertisers and collect several success stories about what has worked well for them. Use these success stories throughout the year to share with new prospects. Be sure to find specific success stories within the niche you serve so that they are highly relevant to your new advertisers.

3.  Look for inefficiencies in your sales process. Take a few minutes and write out in detail your complete sales process. Start with lead generation and conclude with advertiser retention. Be very detailed and look for areas where you see time-wasters and where you can improve. You may even want to share your process with your supervisor or a colleague for constructive feedback. [Read more…]

Niche Magazines Trending Up!


While general interest magazines aren’t sure what direction to take, niche magazines are trending up!

Brandscaping author and frequent niche conference speaker Andrew Davis shared this recent NY Times post with us about the sustained success of “hobby” magazines in a world where many general interest magazines are suffering. (We prefer to call them B2C vs “Hobby”, thank you very much.)

Better yet, the power of niche is trending skyward. Why? With the advent of giant search tools like Google, readers are increasingly turning to the internet for general news and information. Subscribers may be cancelling their general magazine subscriptions but they are as a passionate as ever about their niche. [Read more…]

Find Your Audience-Centric Ad Sales Mojo


Publisher Geoff Hird helps us find our audience-centric mojo.

We recently had the chance to interview Geoff Hird, Publisher of Westwick-Farrow Media. Geoff is a strong advocate of multiple media platforms and engaging with and influencing targeted audience groups. (He is also passionate about magazine media, surfing and his family – but not necessarily in that order.)

We asked him to share some key strategies with us on how to make that change from slogging along in the traditional ad sales way to soaring to new heights with a focus on audience.

Niche Media HQ:  Can you share with us some real life tips for niche publishers for shifting from ads and brands to being audience-centric?

Geoff: It really must start with the underbelly of your publishing business. The key lies in building (or buying) a CRM/operational system that allows easy access to subscriber data across each of your brands (magazine/newsletter/website), and across your business as a whole. If you cannot easily extract and sort subscriber data (preferably in real time), then an audience-centric sales model is not really an option. If as a publisher you do have this type of access to your audience, the next challenge is putting together some simple one-pager marketing sheets for your sales team and starting the education process with them. Some will get it immediately, some will get it in time, and some will just not get it – and that latter part of your team may well need to be moved on over time. [Read more…]

Take Your Content Strategy to the Next Level


The key to success is a solid content strategy.

We all know the nature of marketing has completely changed. We don’t market our products in the traditional way any more and content is now the crowned king. When it comes to great content, the key is to explain and inform about what we do, not about what we want to sell.

We also know that with the clutter of the internet and mega-search tools like Google, readers and consumers are becoming more selective than ever. That’s a GREAT thing for niche media, especially niche magazines.

So in this rapidly evolving environment, it’s time to take it up a notch. I just read Joe Pulizzi’s recently released Epic Content Marketing-How to Tell a Different Story, Break Through Clutter And Win More Customers By Marketing Less.   [Read more…]

Overcoming a Full Stop “No” in Magazine Ad Sales


Godin gives us a way to overcome the full stop “no” from advertising prospects.

It’s the New Year, you are on top of your game, your desk is all clean and you are so ready to tackle your 2014 sales goals.

But does everyone seem a bit grumpy?

Post-holiday funk? Maybe.

Seth Godin wisely explains to us why you may have the best presentation in the world, but try as you might, you still can’t seem to overcome the resolute “No” from your advertising prospect. [Read more…]

An Easy Way for Niche Magazines to Increase Visibility


Here’s an easy way to increase the visibility of your company’s local or regional profile.

Want an easy way to quickly and easily increase your company’s visibility?

While the debate continues about Yahoo’s ability to bounce back as a successful tech giant, the search engine is picking up some steam again and it may be time to check out whether it’s worth it to list your biz.

If you are a B2C, B2B or Association with a strong local/regional base, this may be a way to pick up some visibility for your niche magazine in a very economical way. Every little bit helps, right?

According to this useful post below from Search Engine Watch about Yahoo! Local, there is now a tool for improving online company profiles.

Yahoo! Local allows users to improve to existing online company profiles and lets business owners fix incorrect or incomplete listings on sites like Yahoo! Local (the company’s own online reviews aggregator) Yelp, Citysearch, MapQuest, SuperPages, MerchantCircle, and Bing.

It also allows you to create brand new business listings where none exist. [Read more…]