Taking Time to Say, “Thanks!” is Just Good Business


A business best practice: Saying “Thank you.”

Niche Media HQ recently received a handwritten note, thanking us for a shout out on our blog.  We had found a great video online and shared it with our readers. The note writer even gave us a Starbuck’s gift card in appreciation.

We didn’t expect to get a thank you, but it sure made our day. That someone took the time to actually write a personal note and mail it to us was really cool.

And it got us thinking about the power of saying “thank you.”

We all know verbalizing our gratitude strengthens relationships in our personal life. But what about our work life? [Read more…]

New Magazine Competition? How to Size ‘Em Up and Use Competition to Your Advantage!!

You have found success as a niche magazine publisher. Your editorial content is widely respected, your readership is on the rise and you possess a healthy bank of advertisers. All good, right?

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Think of new competition as a mere hurdle. Here’s some tips from Carl on how to fly high.

So what do you do about a new competitor?? And can you turn competition to your advantage?

First and foremost, I would share with your staff that this is a positive sign that the market is good. I am quite serious about communicating that to your team. Think about it: In a crappy market, no one wants to start something new. The other positive to communicate is that your new competition will most likely uncover new advertising prospects that you can go after.

So don’t spend time worrying whether the competition could affect you in a negative way financially. Instead, focus on an action plan. [Read more…]

Magazine Advertising Sales Answer-O-Rama!


Ask us your questions about niche magazine ad sales.

Do you have a burning ad sales question? A sales management puzzler? Ask our ad sales experts!

Last week we had a reader ask us about whether outsourcing ad sales is a wise move. You can see the answer here: Can Outsourcing Work for Magazine Ad Sales?

Today, we want to hear from YOU. Let’s have an Ad Sales Conversation. How? Start by sending us your Ad Sales questions in the comment section of this post.

We bet you have some questions you want to ask Ad Sales Guru Carl or one of our other experts. We will post your questions with the answers in the coming weeks. [Read more…]

Digital Update: Innovation for the iPad Audience


What’s new and next for your digital edition readers? Check out this new app.

Here’s a digital update we think you will want to learn more about: TechCrunch profiled the latest tech innovation—Storehouse, a new app and service for the iPad. Created by ex-Apple, Facebook and The Daily talent, the Storehouse app enables anyone to create long-form, visual, compelling stories.

As niche media, we are truly content publishers who have been successfully creating magazines—most with strong visual components. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Ad Sales Management Success


Do you lead an ad sales team?
Here are some tips for ad sales management success.

What makes a great Ad Sales Manager? When I am hosting ad sales management training, we spend considerable time identifying the desired qualities and abilities of sales management. Not surprisingly, there are common themes that lead to success.

Here are 5 successful tips for being highly effective ad sales managers:   

  1. Clear expectations rule the world: Great managers are crystal clear with their expectations.  Are you?  Set expectations AND set accountability. Calendar in place to monitor progress. [Read more…]

Selling Your Media Business: The Components of Valuation

By Michael Alcamo, Guest Author


Selling your media business? These 6 keys will help.

Considering a sale of your niche media business, but not sure how to get your highest and best price?   We consulted Michael Alcamo, President of media investment bank M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. and a popular speaker at our Niche Media conferences.

Michael often discusses with an owner the Six Keys to achieving the highest and best valuation.  These comprise: 1) employee talent, 2) operations, 3) financials, 4) products, 5) market perceptions, and 6) the components of valuation.

In this post, Michael addresses Key #6, Understanding the Components of Valuation. [Read more…]

Can Outsourcing Work for Magazine Ad Sales?


Need some ad sales wisdom or inspiration? Send us your ad sales questions!

Last week Ad Sales veteran Carl gave us some insights on what’s changed and what’s important to focus on now in niche magazine ad sales in Ask Carl

Then we heard from Barbara Shepherd, Circulation Director at Creative Age Publications, Inc.

“Here’s a question for you, even though ad sales is not my personal specialty: Do you see the outsourcing trend which is affecting other media company functions affecting ad sales?”

So we thought it would be interesting to have one of our experts on outsourcing, Mike Obert, answer Barbara’s question:

Hi Barbara, great question.  The short answer is definitely yes, process outsourcing can and is being used successfully for Ad Sales.  The question, however, cannot be answered with one blanket statement and the success of the project is affected by various circumstances.   [Read more…]

Sponsored Content and Native Advertising Strategies for Niche Publishers


Defining what both sponsored content and native advertising means to your magazine and your readers is the key.

Sponsored content vs native advertising–what’s the big difference? They say that sponsored content is meant to be read, native advertising is meant to be shared, but are they really all that different?

No matter what you call it, niche magazine publishers are tackling this sticky subject and looking for new revenue opportunities while keeping readers #1. We all know the editorial dept and the sales dept feel very differently about the possibilities of sponsored content and native advertising, and there also has to be agreement on the guidelines that work best for your product for you to move forward. [Read more…]

The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call


Ad Sales Trainer Ryan Dohrn shares his “10 Minute Ad Sales Call” process.

In my world, process is everything. The fact is most sales people thrive better within a solid structure, knowing the expectations and organizational framework. Personally,  I recognized long ago that I am a “roll with the flow” kind of sales guy and that sometimes a lack of structure kills my ability to be a raging success.

So I created an ad sales call process. As I looked to improve and refine how I hosted my sales calls, I looked for a simple, repeatable pattern of success.  I found that pattern when I changed my typical sales call into small, defined segments.

I soon realized I could host a really solid sales call in 10 minutes or less.   Because most sales people lack a process when they make sales calls, this simple approach really boosts confidence and creates a systematic plan.  Plus it also stops those endless, meandering, boring sales calls that result in little more than a request for a blind proposal – that often goes nowhere.

In my ad sales training workshops, I teach “The 10 Minute Ad Sales Call.[Read more…]

A Valentine for Niche Magazine Publishers

Carl Rose single

The Grand Poobah spreading a little love for niche magazine publishers at the Niche Media Conference.

Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day. Some of your co-workers just got fancy flowers and assorted chocolates in a pretty pink heart box and who knew that new guy in accounting was even dating? Maybe even YOU are the desirable target of someone’s affections this year.

What’s love got to do with it?  Pretty much everything, if you are in niche magazine biz.

When you work in niche media, it’s kind of a requirement that you need to love what you are doing. We all know that niche love extends to your readership and they send it right back.

Here are our top 10 reasons we love niche magazine publishers: [Read more…]