6 Great Ways to Reward Your Fans

Never, ever take your people for granted. You know, the evangelists for your brand, the ambassadors, champions, super fans—whatever you want to call the people who are passionate about your niche magazine.


Here’s some ways to reward your 100%, true-blue passionate fans.

And when you show appreciation to your fans, it is very important to be consistent, responsive and genuine.  If you only give thanks randomly, you can expect random results.

Here are 6 great ways to reward your fans:

  1. Free stuff. People love free stuff, whether it’s a sample of something your are testing, branded promo item or free tix to one of your events.
  2. Invites. Invite your passionate fans to beta test for you. Invite them for a sneak-peek of something you haven’t unveiled yet and ask for their feedback. [Read more…]

Planning a New Niche Event? 5 Ways to Keep Calm

Do you like to wake up at 3 AM with your heart racing a mile a minute?  I don’t think anyone does, but if you’re like most niche event publishers planning a new event, this middle of the night jolt is going to happen to you.


Wide awake with worry at 3am? Here’s Carl’s tips to alleviate pre-event jitters.

Plain and simple—first-time events are scary. There are a million details to juggle and a lot of unknowns.  Such as: Is anyone going to come to this thing?  And what about the speakers, AV, catering, venue, agenda, staffing, volunteers, parties, and a million other things? Will I ever sleep peacefully again? [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales Tips from a Magazine Master

We were lucky enough to hear Publisher and Ad Sales Master Geoff Hird speak at the Niche Media Conference in Charleston a few months ago.


If you know your audience data you will hit the target every time.

Here are a few nuggets of his Ad Sales and publishing wisdom to start your Monday:

First, by now you all should deeply understand AD Sales 101: Products, (print and online), Position, Pricing and Multi-platform Packaging. [Read more…]

Does Your Social Media Program Need a Little Help?

Publishers take note: This post is specifically for NICHE publishers, who may not have a have a huge staff or budget to devote to some highly developed social media program.


Is your social media program lost in the vortex? Here’s some great ways to get you headed in the right direction.

You probably know you need to pay some attention and possibly give a boost to your social media program, but you are not sure where to start. Plus, how long it will take before you see a benefit for your business?

We are here to tell you that you can take your social media program to the next level just by reading these 3 short, very popular posts from our experts. [Read more…]

Recipes for Media Ad Sales Success

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here’s our recipes for success.

Carl Landau, the Grand Poobah of Niche Media HQ, is noshing on fancy fajitas with CEOs at the Niche CEO Summit in Chicagoland at the moment. So we lowly staffers thought it would be an excellent time to add in a little extra fun today.

First, there’s our recipe for Ad Sales Success – plus we are throwing in a killer margarita recipe. (You should note that both recipes are truly uncomplicated and if followed to a tee, a success you will be.) [Read more…]