Take Ad Sales From “Meh” to “YEAH!!”


Do you have a sinking feeling your follow up emails are all wet? Here’s some tips on becoming more confident.

Hi there, I was wondering if you’d read this post. I’m hoping you have time.


I WANT you to read this post.

I’m SURE you’ll have time. This post is short and sweet.

If you have ad sales reps, urge them to look carefully at their language in follow-up email correspondence.

Often I have seen what I guess you’d call “weak language” in follow-up correspondence from a rep to a prospect or customer.

I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to review the proposal I sent you last week…”

I was hoping we could talk about the quote I sent…”

Sound familiar? To me, this shows a lack of confidence, in both the ad sales rep and their product. Here’s two quick sample examples to move from weak language to what can be much more powerful syntax:

FROM Meh… to…..YEAH! [Read more…]

Independence Day is Calling


Let freedom ring. That’s what NICHE is all about!

We are taking the next few days off from the blog to celebrate our country’s Independence Day holiday on July 4th. We hope you can kick back and enjoy the parades, BBQ’s and fireworks too.

Here’s to the fierce independence, true spirit and sheer grit of niche publishers everywhere!


The Niche Media HQ team


P.S. We will be back with Ad Sales wisdom on Monday, July 7th.

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