Publishing Insights: Live from the Niche Digital Conference


Here’s what niche publishing professionals are buzzing about at the Niche Digital Conference–happening now!

Some of the brightest minds in niche magazine publishing are sharing their insights this week at the Niche Digital Conference in Minneapolis. Couldn’t make it this year? Well, here’s a collection of insights from the conference. Check back soon – we’ll keep adding great ideas as they roll in!

Peter Sprague, Chairman, Premier Media Holdings / Premier Guitar: Partnerships can be incredibly beneficial for niche magazine/media companies, but most end in failure early on. Here are 10 things that can you make your partnerships last and generate the most mutual benefit: [Read more…]

Just in Time for Selling Season: Top 3 Ad Sales Posts of 2014!


Hit or miss? These top ad sales posts will help you hone in on your target!

We have published ad sales posts on Mondays for about 2 1/2 years now, every week, rain or shine, in sickness and in health…well you get the drift. We thought it would be fun to check out our stats and see what is resonating big-time with niche ad sales people right now.

It can’t hurt to see what your fellow ad salespeople are honing in on, right? [Read more…]

Niche Publishers — Time to Think BIG!


Think Big! Be the niche publisher with the bigger, bolder, brighter idea!

So you publish a niche magazine. What is your larger plan for your business?

You need to think beyond yourself and what you are doing right now. You have to think beyond just publishing the magazine. Beyond creating digital content. Beyond generating more subscriptions or single-issue distribution. Beyond creating an industry event.

Why? Because you’ve captured this incredible niche audience. And now you’ve got to own it. How? When you own that market and niche audience there are so many opportunities for growth and revenue!

Here are 3 excellent examples of bold niche innovation, all keynote speakers who have spoken at one of our Niche CEO Summits:

#1 Michela O’Connor Abrams, President and Publisher of Dwell, the magazine. If you are not familiar with Dwell, they have evolved from a small, niche print magazine focused on architecture and design to a fast-growing multimedia design brand. [Read more…]

Online Marketing: Publishers + Partners = Profit!


No need to forge e-commerce alone. You can form profitable online partnerships!

More and more traditional niche publishers are morphing into “media companies.” They not only produce print publications, but digital versions, webinars, events and other revenue streams, too. And now niche magazines are forging into the wonderful world of e-commerce.

Here’s an intriguing website/search portal to check out: Founded by Heather Marie in S.F. in 2011, works with multiple retailers, including digital publishers large and small, to create a scale-able source of native e-commerce sales. Yes, Shoppable is reaching out to publishers as potential merchants. [Read more…]

5 Tips for Selling Ads Even When Your Website Traffic Sucks


Are your web stats snoozers? Here’s how to perk up your ad sales approach despite the numbers.

As a niche magazine ad sales person, we are willing to bet you sometimes face the challenge of not having huge traffic numbers to tout about your publication’s website. It happens.

But don’t despair.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you sell advertising when your website traffic stats are not so compelling:

  • Bone up. First, fully analyze your magazine’s website analytics so you understand exactly what they mean. Ask for help if you need it. Remind your advertisers that even if your website attracts only 200 eyeballs instead of 20,000, it’s the quality of the audience and conversion rates that matter.

[Read more…]

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Reaching Millennials?


Before this Millennial “likes” you and your product, she’s going to research you on Facebook and read tons of reviews too.

According to, ” Millennial is a term used to refer to the generation born from 1980 onward, brought up using digital technology and mass media; the children of Baby Boomers; also called Generation Y.”    

That’s a pretty vague definition for a whole bunch of people who are avid online consumers. So how do niche publishers (and their advertisers) best market to Millennials?

Most everyone is still trying to figure out who they exactly are and how they best respond to digital advertising. Guess what? Not even Millennials know exactly who they are, according to the national behavioral study fielded by Mossylvania, a digital marketing firm.

We were first intrigued by the study itself. (Oh, if only most presentations in business looked like this one!) Millennials aren’t boring and neither are the slides. The graphics and stats are actually fun to read, informative and crack some myths about this group, the 2nd largest purchasers of any generation online.

Some things you will learn about how to effectively market online to Millennial: [Read more…]

It’s “Controlled Panic Time” for Ad Salespeople!


Control the ad sales panic this time of year with Carl’s “how-to prioritize your calls” list!

It’s mid-September—such a beautiful time of the year. Temperatures are beginning to cool a bit, the leaves on the trees are getting ready to change colors, the kids are back in school. How wonderful!

Oh………except if you’re in ad sales. Then this time of year means “GO TIME!!”

Like most of ad sales, organization is the key. For example, most ad sales people have something like 300 – 400 clients they need to contact in some way in the next 6 weeks to sell them some sort of 2015 schedule. How in the heck do you do that?

Well, by now I hope you’ve sent your 2015 promo pieces out. You’ve sent emails out to everyone. You have laid the foundation. But now is the tough part: Calling all the clients! [Read more…]

Help Your Advertisers Build Their Mobile Ad Strategy


Help your advertisers think multi-device for success!

Today many advertisers pretty much expect publishers to be consultative on mobile ad strategy, even help with content creation. Mobile ad relevance is gaining traction as CTRS are increasing rapidly in our ever-evolving techy, smart-watch world.

A few things ring true:

GOOD: Fast mobile site and app navigation, lack of ad clutter on the screen, niche publishers who design different versions of their ads in order to be device-appropriate.

BAD: (Or just kinda irritating!) Most text message ads, pop-up “call us now” numbers, stalker geo-targeting.

What can niche publishers do to make sure they are helping their advertisers create the most effective mobile ad campaigns? Here’s some helpful tips from blogger Mark Irvine of WordStream. These strategies will help both you AND your advertisers become more effective.

1. Give your advertisers the ability to control what they pay for on mobile based on selected key words. [Read more…]

Don’t Forget the “Second Sale”… Advertiser Retention!


Watch your ad sales rise with your retention rate!

Are your existing advertisers lining up to renew? Does your organization have a solid advertiser retention plan in place? If not, you aren’t alone–most salespeople will say that they’d like to really improve their advertiser retention rate.

It is more expensive to sell to a new client than to retain a current one. So why don’t more niche publishers focus on their existing customers? Advertiser retention should be a high-priority!

The reasons vary, but they are usually kinda lame:  “Not enough staff… time….but we send cards at the holidays…..not enough money…”

It can be done. It requires consistency and creativity, no matter what the budget or time constraint. [Read more…]

Niche Events are the New Black!

Most of us know that live events are the new black. It all comes down to three keys: Revenue. Profitability. Expansion. Niche event organizers need it all–super-networking, tips on budgeting, planning, expansion, plus opportunities to learn new ways to generate event revenue–and we need it fast!

We have the perfect solution for you: Niche EventFest! The conference takes place November 3-5 in New Orleans and is just a couple months away! TUESDAY, September 9th, is the final super early bird discount deadline. Just a few days left to save over $400!

So to get you motivated, here’s the Niche EventFest BIG 20! (20 ideas / reasons / benefits / bribes to attend the Niche EventFest)

1. Super targeted event JUST for niche event organizers who want to generate more revenue.

2. The conference is in, jazz parade please…….New Orleans! What’s not to love about one of the most interesting cities in the world??


Andrew Davis

3. Look! Is that Andrew Davis in a suit? (Maybe, it would be a cool one, with sneakers.) We know he’s Warren Buffet’s pen-pal, but he’ll also show you marketing tricks to build audience and revenue 360 days a year!

4. Join the Event Startup Mania Workshop. Filling up fast! Special 1/2 day workshop covers everything. Designed for both event newbies who need a crash course and people who want to take a fresh look at existing events and new event revenue models.

5. It’s almost Big Easy Party time for the Welcome Reception! Dust off your saxophone! We’ll have entertainment and amazing food waiting for you!

6. Talk shop with the best solution providers in the niche event world all at one location.


Benny DiCecca

7. Meet CEO of Wellesley Information Services and our keynote speaker Benny DiCecca! He knows about events after building Wellesley Information Services’ event portfolio to 35 events, achieving an incredible 1,500% growth over a seven-year span. 13 Unconventional Brand Spankin’ New Best Practices for Out of the Box Event Success  

8. Stay at the newly-renovated, 4-diamond InterContinental New Orleans!

9. Hear what Phil Mershon, Social Media Expert & Director of Events for Social Media Examiner has to say: 7 Unusual Ways to Create Unforgettable Networking at Your Event.

10. Check it out – you’ll have access to 20 niche event experts!

11. Discover the deliciousness that is New Orleans cuisine. Po’ Boys, Beignets, Gumbo, Jambalaya, oh my!

12. Explore new technological toys with a group of your fellow attendees. We supply the beer, wine and snacks… You get to test drive the coolest event high tech tools in the world! High Tech Wiz Bang Event Tool Time and Beer Hour!

13. You’ll meet all your fellow attendees even before the conference starts at the super-fun Orientation & Networking Party. Meet EVERY attendee before the EventFest even begins! The Orientation & Networking Party will take place at a fabulous New Orleans hot spot.

13. 26 Event Revenue Generating Sessions! You can mix and match and go to the session you most want to see.

14. Soak up some wisdom from “Earl the Pearl” Heard! As founder and CEO of BIC Media Solutions, a publishing, event planning and management and sales training company, he not only specializes in planning vents, but also booking venues, coordinating the catering, sending invitations and covering the event in BIC Magazine.

15. Even the big fish are attending: Event bigwig Grep Topalian will be there! He’ll be one of the judges at the all new Niche Tank Game Show!

16. Find a new relationship: Eric Udler, Live Event Guru and Producer of Super Pet Expo, a consumer pet shopping extravaganza that takes place in the New York and Washington DC metropolitan areas, will talk about forming Media Partnerships!

17. Connect with your peers at the the Event Model Mania Roundtable! Completely interactive session covering all the many different event models: tradeshows, conferences, local events, workshops, seminars, corporate, hosted-buyer, retreats,roundtables, online events, and more!

18. Check out our Niche EventFest brochure.

19. 5 events, 3 judges and 1 grand prize! End the conference with NOLA’s Sazerac cocktail and dozens of you’re new best event friends at the all new Niche Shark Tank! Watch 5 lucky event organizers pitch their events to a panel of event experts.

20. You get all this at the Super Early Bird Discount Rate. Save up to $400. But, you need to register NOW!

Maybe you serve a B2B or B2C market? Or you run an “event-only” company? Whether you’re in start-up mode or have a mature event property, we have you covered. 100% for Niche Event Organizers–what are YOU waiting for?? [Read more…]