Toy Update: Blogging Tools For Niche Publishers!


Try out some of these new tools to up your blogging game.

We hope by now your niche publication has an active blog that regularly provides your audience with helpful information while entertaining them a bit. If you’re head of the class you’re also sharing more about you and your brand. Heck, even the sales team should be blogging to their customers and prospects.

So what else can you do to build your blog (and not spend all day doing it)? [Read more…]

Niche Magazine Media and Instagram: A Perfect Match

If there was a free, word-of-mouth marketing tool that allowed you to easily build an audience for your niche publication, you’d jump on it, right?   search-1

Knowing mobile was going to be a big part of their future, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion a couple years ago. (Ten Reasons why Facebook bought Instagram)

This highly-popular social media tool allows users to post a photo with catchy caption or hashtag. Instagram is free, easy to use, effective and it’s even fun. This might get your attention– in the past six months, the application gained 50 million new users.  [Read more…]