B2C Magazine Insights: MPA Report Reveals New B2C Stats


MPA releases new, intriguing stats on consumer demand for magazines.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) has recently introduced their new  Magazine Media 360° report. It is an attempt to gauge the effectiveness of consumer magazine media, measured and communicated by its cross-platform, consumer demand.

This new measurement of “Magazine Media Vitality” better captures the consumer demand by measuring print, digital, websites, video and mobile platforms in order to gain a more holistic and accurate view of the health of a magazine.

Here’s a quick snapshot from Magazine Media 360° Report:

  • There is a gross audience for consumer magazine brands of 1.514 billion in September 2014, (compared to 1.369 billion in September 2013.)
  • This significant growth is largely attributable to a 90% rise in mobile web use, a doubling of video consumption and the steady performance of print/digital editions, which were up 2.1%.

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What’s the Most Shared Content?


Get creative and offer quizzes to kick up your audience engagement and sharing stats!

Come on, admit it……almost everyone has done it at least a few times.

Is it a waste of time? Not necessarily.

We’re talking about QUIZZES. A recent article from SayDaily discusses the effectiveness of offering quizzes–which not only increase reader engagement, but also can increase sales conversion rates too.

Quizzes are the most shared content out there. Doesn’t every niche publisher want to create niched-out content that their target audience wants to read and share?

Check out these compelling stats: [Read more…]

That First Time: 5 “Don’ts” When Contacting New Advertising Prospects


Sometimes it’s a little stressful when contacting a prospect for the first time. Here’s Carl’s 5 DON’TS to keep in mind.

It can be kinda nerve-wracking that first time you contact a brand new magazine ad sales prospect, especially if they don’t know much about you or your niche publication. You know what you want to achieve. You are homed in your goal, at least in front of the mirror. Now it’s time to make actual contact…that’s the hard part.

The last thing you want to do is make a poor first impression. So what should you avoid doing to get it right?

Here’s my short list of 5 DON’TS when contacting new prospects for the first time:

  1. Don’t lead off by going on and on about your magazine or site. Your prospect does NOT want to hear all about how wonderful you and your product are. This is the time to ask questions and listen to the answers.

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5 Tips For Creating Raving Fans


Raving SF Giants fans win the pennant! Can you spot Carl Landau in the stands?

Ok, we all know the very nature of niche is an enthusiastic, loyal fan base. But how can you create raving fans? You know—the fans that are SO excited about your publication(s) that they share your content and generate new leads for you too.

How do you kick up your fan base to the next level? It takes some work, but with some focused effort you can watch your audience engagement stats and new leads grow.

Here are 5 tips on how to create raving fans: [Read more…]

Rooster Magazine Crows About Success Through Strong Partnerships

Simon Berger, publisher of Rooster Magazine, learned early on that having business partners you can trust is a key to success.  42186_Rooster Boulder_Sec1_1.p1

In 2007, when Berger was a senior at the University of Colorado, he and his roommate decided that, while there were many magazines around, none of them were really interesting to college students. They both realized there was a unique opportunity to create a free magazine with “content that WE wanted to read”.

Originally, they launched a finance and politics publication directed at college students. Berger quickly learned that students didn’t want to read the same sort of material they were studying in class all day. So, they immediately re-evaluated the content and launched their second issue as a college entertainment publication. It was an instant hit and the magazine started growing almost overnight. [Read more…]

Building a Better E-Newsletter, Part 2


Publishing expert Rebecca Sterner gives us 7 tips for a successful e-newsletter.

Last week we blogged about ways to up your e-newsletter game in Create an E-Newsletter that Rocks! Part 2 comes from niche publishing expert Rebecca Sterner, who spoke at our Niche Digital Conference last month. She gave our attendees tons of great ideas that work.

Here are her 7 sensational tips to build an even better e-newsletter:

1. To improve open rates, do not use a generic subject line. Instead feature juiciest headline.

2. Entice readers with juicy opening paragraphs, then drive readers to website to read full article. [Read more…]

Don’t Start an Email War with Your Advertisers!!


Don’t overreact to pushy demands by engaging in an email war!

Email is a part of daily business communication—but it doesn’t have to be a tool for destruction. What do I mean?

I’m talking about advertisers who send you a long list of demands about all the rates they want and the terms they want.

People find it so much easier to email aggressively than to actually talk with someone.

Your gut reaction is to write them back with a hotly worded email, right? “We don’t do that! I can’t believe you asked for that!!” Sound familiar? [Read more…]

In the News: Creating Conversation or Driving Buzz?


Ok so there’s tons of change. What’s it all mean to niche publishers?

So the very nature of media–revenue models, advertising, editorial, print/digital, audience development, distribution. It really all keeps changing, and rapidly. So it’s kinda interesting to watch the big dogs make changes and see how it takes. Usually there’s a lesson or two in there to be learned for niche publishers.

In the news:  Big digital news publisher, The Huffington Post, recently tied the knot with a top creative agency. Together they can manage huge teams of brand content writers to drive cultural conversations……about the news they just published. [Read more…]

Create an E-Newsletter that Rocks!


This guy is totally excited about the awesome newsletter he just received in his in-box. Maybe too excited?

Branded e-newsletters are one of the fastest growing revenue streams for niche publishers. They offer so much flexibility in terms of timing, sizes, style and content. It’s the perfect way to connect with your niche.

Since you are publishers, we are going to assume you know the mechanics of producing an e-newsletter. But how do you take yours to the next level and knock it outta the park?

Here are 5 tips for creating a GREAT e-newsletter: 

  1. Content:  You must have compelling content or no one will read you. Make sure you have different writers/voices within your business represented. Test out content with sidebars.

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Avoid These 5 Sales Mistakes to Become a Sales Superstar!


Avoid these 5 mistakes and you’ll be full of bright ideas to boost your ad sales.

As November approaches, most advertisers have finished their 2015 planning and budgeting. The perfect time to perfect your sales game, right?

If you want to be a top performer in niche magazine ad sales, you have to avoid the easy mistakes. You know, the ones where you are on auto-pilot, doing the same thing the same way every day. Everyone gets in a rut sometimes, with that nagging feeling that you are not achieving the success you want.

Here are the top 5 ad sales mistakes to avoid:

1. Mail a media kit. Don’t do it! If your prospect has all the info, why do they need to talk to you? Always present your media kit in person and inform your customer in an easily absorbable way.

2. Go on and on about your magazine. Don’t just talk up your magazine, solve your clients’ problems–only then will they be really interested. Listen instead, learning what your customers objectives are and how you can help them achieve goals. [Read more…]