Media Ad Sales: Mastering Social Media


Up your ad sales game to rock star status with these expert tips.

Attention Media Ad Sales Reps–If you have not totally immersed yourself in learning how to use social media to your advantage, you are missing out on a big opportunity. Why? Because if you engage in social media correctly, you can increase your prospect connections and strengthen existing relationships even further.

Here are some of our most popular social media blog posts, just for Ad Sales reps: [Read more…]

Talking Turkey: What We’re Grateful for in Niche Media


There’s a cornucopia of abundant possibilities for niche media!

Have you bought your turkey yet? Niche Grand Poobah Carl Landau is super-excited this year, because due to various comings and goings of family members, we have decided to do the holiday feast on…Friday. This means that on Thursday,  he will be munching on his favorite take-out Chinese food and watching the San Francisco 49-ers game. (His personal version of nirvana.)

This year, in addition to being deeply grateful to our readers and niche media publishing professionals everywhere, we decided to poll some of our most popular, beloved conference speakers. Evolution was the biggest theme in 2014 thanks to big data, the mobile imperative, new channels of content creation and distribution and more.

We asked these thought-leaders what change in niche media they are most grateful for this year: [Read more…]

Top 4 Digital Ad Selling Tips!


There are lotsa great digital ad sales ideas out there. Grab one that works for you!

Do you need a quick sales kick start as you head into 2015? Digital ad selling has become a high art form in niche media. Why? Because the possibilities for customization are almost endless–for your magazine AND for your advertisers.

Here are some of our most popular digital ad sales posts to get you inspired:

From ad sales superstar, speaker, and trainer Nancy O’Brien on creating better relationships:  Maximize the Potential of Your Magazine’s Online Advertising by Transforming Your Relationship with Media Buyers

Working with your advertisers on their mobile ad strategy can be tricky. Here’s some tips on getting it right:  Help Your Advertisers Build Their Mobile Ad Strategy [Read more…]

Top Digital Media Trends for 2015


George Jetson used to live in the future. It’s here, niche publishers!

Fasten the jets on your boots, niche publishers! The hottest digital media trends for 2015 and beyond are going to take us to a new galaxy.  What do we mean? Here’s our take on some of the 2015 trends to watch from Say Daily, a weekly media newsletter.

The power of the tiny screen: For starters, check out this stat– “….one billion people will use mobile as their only form of Internet access in 2015.” (Ovum) Look for mobile only and mobile first in 2015.

Big Data Big Brother: Real-time “pre-targeting” allows advertisers to not only to use big data to analyze why customers purchase, but they can now analyze the data during the buying process. [Read more…]

Ad Sales Tips from the Experts: Are you a Sales Introvert or an Extrovert?


Here are some expert tips for introverts and extroverts….working together for a winning sales team!

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? This can make a BIG difference in how you handle being part of an A-Sales team.

Experts Don Nichols and Ed Coburn gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Niche Digital Conference about various types of people that make up super sales teams. It’s all about learning ways to be effective and successful within a team environment.

Here are some of their quick tips on how to be your best in a top sales team environment:

If you’re an Introvert on an Extrovert team: [Read more…]

Niche Talk: New and Innovative Models in Publishing!


Wondering which direction to take your magazine in 2015? Here are some new ideas in publishing to inspire you!

Our Niche Talk video series features niche media professionals from all over the world, sharing their new, fresh ideas with other publishers. Last week we featured How to Boost Advertiser Value in 2015

This week we are featuring fresh distribution and marketing ideas from a niche magazine publisher and an executive from Publishers Press. Traditional methods are being built upon (or flipped) to create entirely new models in this latest video chat.

Some notes:

From Caroline Nuttall, Publisher of Charlie magazine (a city magazine for Charleston, SC):

They have created a new “underwriting” model where their advertisers have become underwriters on a larger scale. How? By matching the right advertisers to underwrite a host of campaigns, including creating a partnership to co-brand their online event calendar, wedding industry vendors underwriting a love story/event/branded products line, etc. [Read more…]

Planning Your Niche Events: Does This Contract Make My Budget Look Fat?


Jeff Bruss of COLE Publishing shares his tips on planning and budgets for niche events.

Planning and budgeting for a niche event is THE critical first step of the whole process. Jeff Bruss, event expert and President of COLE Publishing, spoke last week on this very topic at Niche EventFest, a conference all about organizing niche events.

If you are thinking about putting on your first event or starting a new one, here are some quick tips from Jeff. [Read more…]

4 Easy Tips for Getting Great Ad Sales Testimonials


Here’s 4 easy tips from Carl Landau on how to get customer testimonials.

When talking to ad sales prospects who don’t know your niche magazine, do they trust their fellow vendors’ opinions about your product more than yours?

Probably. This is how the world works. If a prospect has never advertised in your print or online media or has not attended one your events, they will reach out to their vendor community for opinions about your brand and your products. This is why Yelp works — people tend to trust strangers’ opinions more than the word of an unknown restaurant or hotel. Right?

If you want to grow your advertising or sponsor community, you need to push for testimonials, but not any old comment. You need stellar testimonials that can ultimately lead to referrals!

Here’s 4 Tips on how to get great testimonials: 

1. Ask. I know if sounds silly, but your current happy vendor base can give you an endorsement if you just ask. In your next conversation with a happy customer, ask them if there are any other advertisers they know that would be a good fit for your audience. When you contact the new prospect, you want to mention front and center that you were referred to by a mutual friend/advertiser. [Read more…]

How to Boost Advertiser Value in 2015: A Chat with Niche Publishers


Niche publishers share their bright ideas for success in 2015.

We recently created a series of videos featuring talks with publishers about various topics that you, our niche publishing audience, wants to learn more about.

First off we have Daniel Stone, a Publisher with Shweiki Media in Austin. They are pushing ahead next year with augmented advertising through apps and gamification opportunities plus creating customized videos [Read more…]

“Classifieds” are a MUST for Niche Magazines!


Peter Zollman tells us why digital classified advertising is a “must” for niche magazines.

You think Craigslist has all the classifieds? No one’s paying for anything any more? Think again. Classifieds are a multibillion-dollar business and niche publishers have the best opportunity to make their share.

Time to look at digital classified advertising in a new way! Margins can be as high as 70% and niche magazines already have a built in, engaged audience.

So are you providing a vibrant, digital marketplace for the people/equipment/services in your niche already? If not, are you in a niche with equipment, or products, materials, vendors, suppliers, or people looking for new jobs or services? Think about creating a marketplace for your audience.

Here are 6 tips for a dynamic digital marketplace: [Read more…]