Peace, Happiness and all things Niche

Whew. Another year in the niche media universe just flew by! It is our sincere hope you enjoyed a productive and profitable 2014.

Snow flakes are cool and no two are alike--just like niche publications!

May your 2015 be your brightest year yet!

At Niche Media HQ, 2014 was a time of change and growth. As you can imagine, starting up a brand new event requires the whole team giving a great deal of time, planning and energy. But it was all x2 – we created TWO new conferences!

Now there’s the Niche CEO Summit, coming up again in July in Chicago in 2015. The Niche CEO Summit is limited to just 50 niche media CEOs for the best CEO-to-CEO learning. We’ve created an amazing atmosphere to share ideas, plus we’ve brought together top niche media experts to help lead the conversation.

And we held our first-ever Niche EventFest in New Orleans this year. In addition to connecting niche event organizers from London to the U. S. to Mexico, we had a blast and learned some cool stuff too! Check out the Niche EventFest Video!

We also launched Niche Event Nation, our blog for niche event organizers. Our team cranked out hundreds of blog posts all year long about the wonderful wide world of creating successful small to medium-sized events.

We truly love to blog about all things niche. Hopefully you’ve found the blog to be a helpful resource for you and your team. As always, we want to know what you think! Please feel free to reach out and write us about ad sales and other niche media topics you’d like to see us tackle in 2015.

We wish you peace, happiness and all things niche this holiday season. We’ll be back in January in the New Year with more great ideas, solutions and resources for you in 2015! [Read more…]

5 Goals for Ad Sales Success in 2015!


Forge ahead in 2015 with these 5 goals for ad sales success!

Hey Ad Sales Pros — we’re only 10 days away from 2015. I’m sure your publisher has already put together 2015 financial goals for you.

But what do YOU want to accomplish?

Make these 5 goals part of your 2015 plan. They have never failed me!

1. Contact 20 new accounts a month. Not 18, not 25, but 20. Best way to focus.
2. Meet 5 of these accounts Face-to-Face. The only way to truly build a relationship is in person. [Read more…]

Clean Up Your Database!

It’s all about the base, ’bout the base, base, base…..

Your customer relationship management database is critical to your success. However, most sales people do not clean up their database on a regular or even once-a-year basis.

This is a great time of year to re-categorize, delete old accounts or trade accounts with other sales reps within your company. In the sales space, a cluttered database will slow you down. Maximize the potential this important tool. [Read more…]

Helpful Links for Publishers You’ll Want to Check Out!


This niche publisher is taking the time to learn something new….and he’s really happy about it!

This post is just gonna be a good resource for you today. Our aim is to help niche publishers rev up for 2015!

Learn up:  Free, fun, informative and thought-provoking 30-minute webinar from Knowledge Marketing. It’s tomorrow and it’s not too late to sign up! Publishing’s Best Ideas and Biggest Bloopers from 2014

Embrace mobility: From Ad Age, download their latest report on Cross-Device Advertising  (How to Navigate Mobile Marketing’s Next Big Opportunity) [Read more…]

Ad Sales: 5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Advertisers’ Online Conversion Rates


Here’s 5 Quick Tips to help YOU help your advertisers!

Why is it your job to help with their ad creation and conversion, you ask? Because pretty much everyone does consultative selling now. Plus, niche ad sales reps have the built-in advantage of a targeted audience. That’s what everyone wants!

It’s pretty simple—increase online conversion rates for your advertisers and you will sell more advertising. So how do you become the ultimate sales/marketing consultant, helping your advertisers to turn your niched-out readers into customers?

Here are 5 Quick Tips for YOU to help your advertisers boost their online conversion rates: [Read more…]

The Digital Dimension: Storytelling, Platforms, Publishing, Oh My!


Nope, it’s not the Twilight Zone. You can add new dimensions to your digital publishing strategy right now!

As boundaries continue to shift in the digital and publishing realms, creative companies are taking on a whole new life form. Even if your niche media organization is not morphing around all the time, it’s good to learn up on what others are doing and how they are changing the niche media landscape. Or as keynote speaker Andrew Davis would say, the niche media Brandscape.

For example: TechCrunch ran an interesting story recently about Atavist, a Brooklyn “storytelling company.” Evan Ratliff, co-founder and CEO, says Atavist is for online publishers who want to publish longer content than a typical magazine article but shorter than say, a book. [Read more…]

5 Creative Client Gifts They Won’t Forget!


Need a cool client gift? Check these out!

Oh no! It’s only a couple more weeks until Christmas and you still haven’t figured out what to give your special clients to show them how much you appreciate their business all year long. Please don’t tell us your back-up plan is a company logo coffee cup!

And it has to be fast, very unique, totally memorable and not too pricey, right?

Have no fear, niche publishers! We have scanned the globe and found some super-cool stuff that should make you the most memorable gift-giver of all. We assure you there is nothing boring about these creative gifts: [Read more…]

Digital Ad Sales: How Do You Address Traffic Fraud?


Work with your advertisers head on to deal with this web thief…….traffic fraud.

Is it 25%? A third? Up to 50%? How many are out there? The scary thing is that almost everyone knows it’s happening more and more, but they are afraid to do anything. Are we talking about some crazy robot invasion? Sort of.

What we’re really talking about is phony online traffic. You know, the click frauds, the cheats, those sneaky robots that impersonate human buying behavior. For publishers, those fakers can greatly undermine the usefulness of their online analytics. For advertisers, it can cause really poor buying decisions.

We think sticking our media advertising heads in the sand about a growing digital media issue affecting everyone is……..not the way to go. As media ad sales professionals, how do you tackle this sticky subject with your advertisers? [Read more…]

Niche Media Publishers: Real World Great Ideas!


Niche publishers share their real world great ideas…that work!

The best part of live events, according to attendees, is networking and sharing ideas with peers. That’s why each month we highlight a different niche magazine and what it does really well – consider each article an itty-bitty real world example that you can learn from to find new revenue streams and ways to connect with your niche magazine’s audience.

To get you pumped up for next year and buzzing with ideas, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite Magazines of the Month and their awesome ideas. Enjoy!

INSIDE PublicationsGet readers involved! They created a section to print photos of readers holding the magazine in exotic locations and were amazed at the response. Whether a magazine is B2B or B2C, you can create a place to recognize and include your readers. The loyalty payoff is outstanding! [Read more…]

SCB Marketing – Poised for 2015 and Beyond

Investing in technology has helped SCB Marketing become what it is today: the premier marketing services company on Florida’s Space Coast, achieving such accolades as “Business of the Year”, one of “Florida Companies to Watch” and a spot on Inc. Magazine’s “List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”. SCB

The company launched Space Coast Business Magazine 8 years ago, and now oversees 7 magazines, 4 events, and full gamut of marketing and design services including custom publishing. According to company Co-Founder and President, Josh Field, “We’re a marketing company first and foremost… we connect buyers and sellers through whatever means we have available to us – print, digital, events, personal relationships, etc.” [Read more…]