Sponsored Content Can Be a Good Thing!


Media consultant Rob O’Regan shares some of his guidelines on sponsored advertising.

Usually the very first question that comes up in any discussion about sponsored content is how we define it—what it means to the publisher, the editorial department, the advertiser, the audience. Are we all clear or still mucking around in the swamp of ambiguity?

Now let’s throw into the mix the fact that sponsored content is on the rise and now being created for a plethora of media distribution channels out there, including print, digital, event material, webinars, etc.

So how DO we define it? We think the American Press Institute is on the right track:

It is better to define sponsored content by what it does than by what it looks like.”

Here are some quick guidelines from a presentation by Rob O’Regan, a media consultant and senior digital content strategist at IDG, on how to present sponsored content to your readers and how to talk about it with your advertisers: [Read more…]