5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Offline Community Strategy


Here’s 5 quick tips to turbo-boost your offline community strategy this year.

Yes, you read that right niche media publishers. Most everyone is tightly focused on the latest digital trend. That doesn’t mean you can ignore your offline community strategy!

Why do you even need one? Because connecting your audience in person can generate new revenue streams and provide opportunities to promote your brand. It’s also a chance to give your audience something they won’t find anywhere else.

So how do you keep your readers engaged and connected offline?

Here are 5 quick tips to strengthen your offline niche community: [Read more…]

Your Mobile Consumption Strategy: 4 Great Guidelines from Andy Swindler


Get your mobile consumption strategy on the right path for 2015 with these guidelines from Andy Swindler.

Most niche media publishers are planning to increase mobile device consumption as part of their revenue growth plan in 2015. Do you have a defined strategy in place?

Before you charge ahead, check out these guidelines from expert Andy Swindler, President of Astek Consulting and one of our Niche Digital Conference speakers last year.

4 Guidelines for a Mobile Consumption Strategy:

  1. Pay close attention to reader behavior on various devices. What do your readers use their mobile device for? Poll your readers about the following:

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Sales Rep vs. Ad Sales Prospects!


Does conquering your prospecting to-do list feel like this sometimes?

I’m sure most of you have seen the TV show Man vs. Foodwhere a guy takes on some ridiculously gargantuan food item at a restaurant and a crowd cheers him on as he attempts to consume the entire thing……in one sitting. Ugh.

An advertising sales person is in sort of the same situation (minus the indigestion). There is just YOU—one sales rep—taking on a huge prospect database of probably 300 prospects or more. The assignment is quite daunting. For many sales reps, the sheer size of the prospect list is so overwhelming it becomes paralyzing.

So what can you do? Segment and prioritize. Organization is the key here, folks!

Here’s my 3-step program to help you tackle the prospect challenge: [Read more…]

Growth Trends for Niche Media in 2015


2015 trends are looking up. What’s in your 2015 growth plans?

Are you ready? According to the new FIPP World Magazine Trends 2014-15 report, total magazine revenue will resume growth in 2015.    

We also know that digital ad spending year-over-year continues to increase. On Joe Pulizzi’s recent podcast, Content Marketing Predictions 2015, Joe and Robert Rose observe that many of the same predictions were made for 2014 and will be made for 2016, Why? Because it takes most organizations out there some time to adjust to the real changes happening right now in the marketplace.

What other areas can niche publishers look to for growth in 2015? [Read more…]

Ad Sales: Data-Driven Selling for Success!


Your big data can puzzle your advertisers. Help them gain the insight they need!

Happy New Year! Time to get back at it…….

So there’s lots of blather-buzz lately about giant media companies using Big Data and “the media-buying capabilities of the DPM” and Programmatics. Competing, dizzying definitions make it all even more confusing.

What do you need to know about all that as a niche magazine ad salesperson?

You need to know that when you get right down to it, the key is to gather really good insight from your customer data and share that information with your advertisers so they can make better buying decisions.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you going:

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