How to Sell Advertising in Launch Mode!


Need some bright ideas for selling ads during the launch phase of a new magazine? Read here!

What are the best ways to sell ads for a NEW niche magazine? Savvy niche publishers know that when they launch a new publication, they must have a core of ready-to-commit advertisers who will sign on in the concept stage, at least to cover most of the production costs.

This means having the right sales person is KEY. When publishers are searching for that perfect ad salesperson to do the job, they need to look for someone who is well connected within the target niche market. They should be paid well, or at least offered a profit-sharing component to their compensation to get it all started.

We chatted with Grand Poobah Carl about launching magazines and the ad sales strategy behind it all. He launched 5 successful magazines and was the driving advertising force! [Read more…]

How to Start an Online Magazine From Scratch


Mequoda Group’s Ed Coburn shares sound advice on starting a new online magazine.

If you’re launching an online magazine from scratch, there are 3 steps to successfully branch into the world of online magazine publishing. You’ll soon discover that the planning required to start an online magazine is not much different than the planning required to start a print magazine.

Let’s begin by defining an online magazine. An online magazine is a web-friendly version of your magazine. It’s in HTML, it works like a website and it has a topic-based archive in addition to an issue-based archive. And while our research indicates that only 15-20% of users place a high value on being able to access content by topic in addition to accessing it by issue, those who do wish to access the content by topic value this feature very highly.

One question we often get asked is: If you’re a from-scratch start up, how many back issues do you need to launch with in order to have a viable archive? We believe the ideal scenario is to have 12 months worth of issues available in your archive. But if budgets are tight, you may decide to launch with as little as 3-6 months of back issues and allow the benefits of the archive to grow over time.

How to launch an online magazine in 3 steps [Read more…]

Ad Sales: Curb Your Enthusiasm!


This ad sales person is excited about his niche product, but not too excited…….

Huh? Tone it down? What could we possibly mean?

Many advertisers complain that when media ad salespeople contact them, they are immediately talking a mile a minute, wildly enthusiastic about their product. They can’t help it, right?

Consider for a moment–that kind of approach can impede the initial advertiser engagement because their shields are already up, just waiting for you to sell some snake oil next. [Read more…]