Buyer’s Guide “Storefront” Commands Top Dollar

It is the rare niche publication that receives more than $1,000 for an annual online buyers’ guide listing. Even with a print component, not many charge more than $2,000 per year without bundling in a display ad. The typical online directory has not changed much from its print origins. Most offer company name, address, website link and a cursory list of products.

"Microwave Journal"

“Microwave Journal” has had amazing success positioning their online directory as a storefront!

Microwave Journal (MWJ) takes this to an entirely different level, positioning theirs as a “storefront” and charging $7,000 per year. They call their buyer’s guide a “source for the latest product announcements (and) industry news,” rather than just a product listing. All companies in their markets are given free listings to be sure this is a comprehensive source, said editor Pat Hindle. Discounts are offered to magazine advertisers. [Read more…]

How to Look for Magazine Sales Leads In All the Right Places


Does your new lead landscape feel like this sometimes? Here’s some easy ways to find quality leads fast!

All dried up. No new signs of growth. In California, we call it a drought. For sales reps it can be that parched time of the sales cycle when your publisher reminds you daily how thirsty they are for new leads AND quality leads. And you have tried everything.

It happens to every sales rep once in a while, but do not fear. We have culled some great ideas from the niche magazine brain trust on how to find what you are looking for—and fast! [Read more…]

16 Super Revenue Ideas for Digital Niche Magazines!


Need some inspiration and revenue ideas for your niche digital magazine? Start reading!

So maybe you already have a digital niche magazine in your product line-up or you are thinking of launching  a new one. Either way, you can’t ignore this recent statistic from PR Newswire’s Magazine Media Factbook 2015:  “U.S. adult viewership of digital edition magazines has more than quadrupled in the last 3 years.”    

So here’s 16 smart revenue ideas from Niche Brain Trust to get you going: [Read more…]

Craft the Ultimate Mobile Magazine User Experience!


Are you giving your nice audience the ultimate digital experience? Here’s some points to consider.

We all know that in 2015, the use of mobile devices to consume our digital content is up over 125,000 percent. We might be exaggerating slightly, but you get the point. More to our point, your niche audience is consuming multiple streams of of multiple forms of your content in multiple ways. Mega-multiple.

So how do you optimize the reader experience on mobile? If all your niche content is now viewed in fragmented form, how do you ensure your audience can easily connect the dots between content, community and commerce?

Here’s some facts to consider when crafting the ultimate user experience: [Read more…]