Digital Media: Are You Ready for the Next Big Wave of Growth?


Is your niche magazine ready to ride the next big wave of digital media growth?

It’s clear that digital media has seen an ocean of change and will continue to gain strength. Is your niche media brand ready for the next big growth wave?

Here are some mid-year stats that will convince you to get on board and turn this wave of digital growth into new revenue swells:

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4 Ways to Improve Your Ad Sales Right Now!


Sales expert Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media gives us 4 ways to jump-start your ad sales today!

As an ad sales executive, I look for ways to improve on a daily basis. But I don’t expect immediate improvement–without a commitment to making things happen. What do I mean by that? Many media sales professionals are looking for a “quick fix.” That’s pretty unrealistic, don’t you agree?

And let’s face it–with all of the media channels out there, advertisers are more confused than ever about their marketing options.

Here are my four ideas to jump-start your week:

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5 Must-Read Posts on Digital Media

We’re picking up speed to the Niche Digital Conference in Savannah, Sept. 28th-30th. So what’s top of mind for super-creatives in the digital media space? Here’s a quick, one-stop read of some of the best posts from our expert speakers to help you stay on track:



Keynote Andrew Davis Flips Revenue Model
Your Editors Can Be Your Next Revenue Rockstars!

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Ad Sales: Are You Losing a Client to the Competition?


Ad sales superstar Nancy O’Brien tells us how to keep a client on track…and not sign with the other guys!

You’re smoothly sailing along, knowing how to take care of your client and making your sales goals. Then all of a sudden, it seems like they somehow perceive your competition as a better fit! Yikes! Unsure how to proceed? Thinking that maybe you’ve lost the client and should move on?

Think again! We chatted up ad sales superstar Nancy O’Brien to find out how to re-direct this client’s misguided perceptions and get your advertiser back on track…with YOU.

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Shutter Magazine – Digital Powerhouse!

Each month we highlight an outstanding magazine as our Magazine of the Month. This month’s selection: Shutter Magazine. This publication has an outstanding collection of online resources for its target audience. It is really taking full advantage of the medium!

Brand Manager Alissa Zimmerman filled us in on what makes this niche mag so special:

Shutter MagazineShutter_Cover_May15 has set the bar for photography education. Our goal is to provide current, insightful, and in-depth content for today’s professional wedding and portrait photographer. Our monthly contributors are active photographers who are plugged in to the industry and understand running a successful photography business.

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Premier Guitar Sees 48% Digital Readership Boost

Premier Guitar (PG) is always looking to push boundaries. The magazine, published by Gearhead Communications, is making inroads in the digital realm, where PG utilizes responsive templates for easy-to-navigate online experiences across all platforms. The increases in readership have been dramatic…almost 50%! [Read more…]

Digital Media Change Up: Innovations to Watch For Now


Bright idea alert! Check out these digital media innovations.

Fasten your seat belts! We came across this informative blog post by freelancer Grace Dobush for, (believe it or not), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). She tells us what’s coming next in digital media innovation and thought we’d share.

Be on the lookout for these 2015-2016 innovations:

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Find Ad Buyers in All the Wrong Places!


Check out Carl’s unconventional, winning path to decision makers in the ad sales game.

True niche confession: I only lasted one year in the corporate world. After 12 long months of working for a big magazine publisher, my boss very diplomatically said, “I don’t think a structured corporate environment is really the right place for you.”  

I was confused and asked if he was firing me. He said well, not really, but it would be a good idea if I started looking for another job!

So I ended up starting my own publishing company at 26 years old. What were perceived as my weaknesses in the corporate world, such as not following proper procedures, or coming up with my own solutions to roadblocks (and other corporate infractions) have served me quite well as an entrepreneur and in my ad sales career.

Here’s an example of a common ad sales hurdle and how to overcome it, Poobah-style:

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Integrated Proposals to the Max: An Interview with PennWell’s Paul Andrews


Media guru Paul Andrews shines the light on how best to maximize your clients’ digital media dollars.

The integrated proposal conundrum: From basic banners to strategic social media boosts, which ad units should be offered, when should they be offered, and what metrics should be used?  We interviewed publishing guru Paul Andrews on how to prepare a campaign proposal that will give clients the most bang for their buck. It’s all about the right-timing.

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3 Big Reasons to Elevate Your Video Content Strategy!


Time to elevate your video strategy! You’ve now got more creative, cost-effective and compelling options than ever before.

Companies are using video more and more to tell their brand story. According to CMI’s research, 80% of B2B companies are using some sort of video in their content. We know videos can drive action–75% of senior execs watch work-related videos, then conduct research to find solutions after watching a video.

Here’s 3 big reasons niche magazines should be creating video content to share with their readers. (There’s really no excuse not to!)

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