Ad Sales: Need Some Monday Motivation?


Yeaahh, do your Mondays ever feel like this? Check out these sales blogs to get your mojo back.

It’s Monday–the most dreaded day of the week. (Unless you are a Kardashian, who probably has a staff of 20 just to get the day rolling.) The coffee’s cold, the weather isn’t great, you had a loooong weekend and instead of coming to work rested, you are TIRED. Need a quick motivational video or read to get you going?

We’ve got that! The sales trainers below have tons of expert tips to help salespeople conquer even the worst Mondays:

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Mobile-First Web Design: Expert Advice from Roberta Muller

Responsive website design that allows your editorial content and ads to scale across different screen sizes? Check. A mobile-first strategy that responds to the demands of our ever-shifting media markets? Check. But what about better engagement, more market share and sustainable growth?


SVP Roberta Muller shares her insights with us and busts some myths on mobile-first web design.

We interviewed expert Roberta Muller, SVP of Product Development for Northstar Media, for some practical advice for niche publishers on adopting a digital strategy for long-term success.

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Top News for Niche Magazines


Here’s the latest buzz in Nicheland.

Here’s some of the top buzz this week for you in the wonderful, wide world of niche:

Billion Dollar Baby: From Adweek, Instagram will surpass Google, Twitter in US mobile display ad revenues by 2017.

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Ad Sales: Get Organized to Sell!

Does that Rolodex card really say “Friendster” with the password? Really, Carl?

Yes, believe it or not, that photo to the right is the Grand Poobah with his genuine, authentic Rolodex! You know, the ancient way of keeping contact info–jammed full of dog-eared, coffee-splattered cards of contacts that are mostly irrelevant (except for that one random IT guy if you can ever reach him.) You really don’t need it taking up space on your desk anymore, so perhaps it’s time to stop holding on to it as if it’s a precious resource in your selling life.

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