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Niche publishing is in the news all over the place. Check it out!

We polled our niche publishers to find out what they want to read about. How best to walk the native advertising tightrope, info on new launches, recent media stats and adding new revenue streams top the list.

Every niche magazine wants to get it right.
“According to an eMarketer report, spending on native is expected to reach $8.8 billion by 2018, up from $4.3 billion this year.” From Ad Age: Is Native Advertising About to go the Way of Pop-up Ads? [Read more…]

Apple to Introduce Ad-blocking: What’s It Mean for Niche Ad Sales?


Don’t let ad-blocking software put you in an digital ad-sales panic!

The digital media world is abuzz about Apple’s introduction of ad-blocking capability on their mobile devices. You may get some questions about it from your advertising clients.

Here’s some of the mixed reactions out there:

From WSJ:  (negative)
Apple’s Ad-Blocking Is Potential Nightmare for Publishers

From NPR: (informative)
With Ad Blocking on the Rise, What Happens to Online Publishers?

From AdAge: (Oh no!)
Confusion Reigns 

So BEFORE we jump to doom and gloom, we thought we’d consult Ryan Dohrn, an ad sales expert who has worked extensively with niche publishers. We asked him what the Apple ad-blocking hoopla really means for digital media ad sales:

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