7 Top Tips for a Better E-newsletter


Whether your are B2B, B2C or an Association, you can make your good e-newsletter GREAT!

I recently had the opportunity to be a judge for an e-newsletter award. The panel looked for certain qualities immediately. Of course, navigability, layout and creativity were key elements. But it the entries didn’t also incorporate the 7 tips below, they were usually headed to the reject file.

Here are 7 Top Tips for making a good e-newsletter great:  [Read more…]

5 Big Fat Excuses for NOT Creating Fresh Content!


Creating fresh, valuable content for your readers doesn’t have to be one big headache. Here’s what NOT to do.

You hear it in discussion groups all the time: We can’t, we don’t, it’s too hard, there’s not enough…….

Those are just big, fat, whiny excuses! And that thinking creates a barrier to your success. Sharing quality content with your audience is like having a thoughtful, memorable conversation. Every niche publisher wants an engaged, growing readership, right?

Eliminate these 5  misguided mindsets from your business:

1.  It’s not the priority, we’re too busy! No excuses, folks, everyone has tons of work to do. Creating quality content must be embraced and driven by management. The whole team needs to be on board for it to work—and work well.
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Savvy Selling Tips from the Magazine Ad Sales Experts

In ad sales, you are always looking for something to keep you inspired and focused. Here are 3 great bits of timeless advice from our niche publishing experts to kick-off your magazine ad-selling week:

picture-454Audience-centric selling
Publisher Geoff Hird on finding your audience-centric mojo:
“Our experience is that advertisers are always keen to meet, or make time on the phone, if you have something ‘of value’ to share with them – and audience demographic data that fits their potential customer profile is a door opener like no other.  [Read more…]

Super-Targeted Marketing Starts with Quality Data!

In the travel industry, real-time data and information is critical to the success of many of the world’s top travel brands. Enter Northstar Travel MediaTravelWeekly, the #1 B2B Information & Marketing Solutions Provider to the Travel Industry. Northstar delivers an award-winning portfolio of integrated platforms, including magazines, websites, databases, online subscription resources, and conferences & events. Also, Northstar is a leader providing marketing services, content licensing, and database management.

But while the need for quality research, data, and content is always the goal at Northstar, so too is the speed at which they achieve it. How have they continued their excellence and value to this important niche market? Northstar knows it’s audience and carries a willingness to apply different strategies and techniques to serve their markets. [Read more…]

Niche Publishing Management: 6 Top Tips for Revenue Diversity!


Here’s some top tips for niche publishers on expanding their revenue diversity.

With the transformation of magazines into multi-channel media brands, there is greater opportunity for new kinds of revenue. Working across platforms is not a choice–it’s a necessity. But the flip side is there is also far more demand for successful ideas and product development.

Jim Sulecki, one of our expert speakers at the Niche Media Conference this year, inspired our audience of creative niche publishers to find the best ways to maximize these new revenue streams.

Here are some quick highlights from Jim’s presentation on expanding your revenue diversity:

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How to Drive Your Ad-supported Digital Business to Thrive!


Industry Dive’s Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Willumson shares some of his insights on a successful digital ad-based business.

While some niche publishers are focusing on subscription revenue models (again), you have an opportunity to capture market share by building a profitable digital business supported by your clients’ marketing campaigns.

Digital business expert Ryan Willumson spoke at the recent Niche Digital Conference on some best practices for building a sharp sales operation. Here are some of the sales highlights from his presentation, “How to Build a Thriving Ad-Supported Digital Business.”

First you must start by busting two common digital ad-supported business myths: [Read more…]

Publishing Management: The Rich Media Gold Mine


Find gold in your display ad programs by using rich media.

In the past, rich media advertising has been viewed as too complicated and too expensive. And if you have totally immersed your advertising program in rich media and are getting all the results you desire, then don’t read this.

But many niche digital publishers are still focused on increasing their search rank and CTR’s to drive their ad business. Here’s the new twist–with the exploding online presence of rich media it may be time to look at your digital display advertising (and the results) in a new way.

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Power of Niche: The Content Universe Expands!


Everyone knows the brave new content world belongs to NICHE!

The niche media landscape keeps changing as new ways to consume, create and distribute content head to uncharted worlds. Just like The Martian, niche publishers will have to draw upon their ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist. And find a way to signal the digital world that niche is what matters.

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How to Sell Online Paid Content Successfully


Get creative and help your ad clients develop a winning paid content strategy!

You are trying to sell Sponsored, Paid, Native, Special Promotion–it’s all the same thing.

To add to the confusion, there are SO many kinds of paid content published now that it’s sometimes hard to know which ones will generate the most revenue for your advertising clients. So how do you determine the right paid content strategies to offer? And how do you then sell them on it?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that sponsored content sales success is all about execution and approach!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Setup a clear path for execution.
  • Help the advertiser understand the path to ROI.    

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The Best of Niche Magazines in the Digital Space: 2015 Digital Nichee Award Winners Announced!

2015 Digital Nichee Award winners

The 2015 Digital Nichee Award winners

The 2015 Digital Nichee Award winners were announced on September 30 in Savannah, GA at the Niche Digital Conference. These awards recognize the best in digital innovation in the niche magazine publishing space.

Here is what made the winners special: [Read more…]