Niche Media: Looking forward to 2016!


The new year brings new ideas and revenue-generating strategies. It’s the perfect time to experiment!

We’ve had an amazing year. I hope you had a great one too! The quiet time around the holidays is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all the awesome stuff you did this year and plan something new for next year. It’s about getting your publishing house in order so you have the time to experiment.

At Niche Media HQ this year we started a new podcast, Events: What Wakes You Up at 3:00 am?, created our first ad sales infographic (stay tuned for more), changed up our Niche Media Conference format with more roundtables, and fine-tuned our second Niche EventFest! We also moved the Niche CEO Summit west, coming soon in February in San Diego. Whew! And we’re only getting started. [Read more…]

7 Top Tips to Beat the Holiday Sales Blues!


Got the holiday sales blues? Fear not, Ryan has some great tips for you to turn your sales around this time of year.

This time of year business tends to slow down in Media Sales Land. At least that seems to be the mindset. Some ad sales reps even make the claim,“Nothing never happens between Dec 21st and Jan 8th.” That’s often a common excuse in the media sales business. I beg to differ!

This is an excellent time of year to grow as an ad sales professional. Rather than sing the holiday blues about advertisers not calling you back, or people not wanting to make any decisions.

Here are my 7 top tips to keep strong so that you can start the new year with a sales BANG: [Read more…]

Social Media Marketing Insights for 2016


SME’s 2015 Report to help you make sense of your social media goals and strategy for 2016.

The Social Media Examiner has released their 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. They surveyed over 3,700 marketers from a variety of industries about everything social media–what the big questions are, how much of a time commitment it is for organizations, the measurable benefits, most used platforms, etc.

Beyond the summary of their primary findings, we went through the 54-page report to give you some helpful quick insights as you develop your social media marketing programs, for both advertisers and your audience, in 2016: [Read more…]

Good News for Niche Digital Magazines!


Good news for niche digital magazines!

Digital media revenue and consumption are up, up, up. Niche magazines are always searching for new ways to create revenue streams and distribute their fine, niche-y content. Long form content and print have come full circle. Quick links below:

Numbers don’t lie
First the facts–the fastest growing segment was mobile, where revenue climbed 54% to $8.2 billion during the first half of 2015. From AdAge: Digital Ad Revenue Sets New Quarterly Record, IAB Says [Read more…]

The Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Get Ready for 2016 Ad Sales!


Here’s Carl’s 5 ways to get prepared for 2016 sales success!

Tacky ornamental sweaters, fruitcakes and your mother-in-law are coming soon. Yes, we are right smack in the middle of the holiday season–which in the business world means that unless you are a retailer, things start to slow down. It becomes harder and harder for ad sales people to get in touch with their advertisers and prospects. Clients are more focused on their upcoming holiday parties and gifts they still need to buy vs their advertising plans for next year.

So what does the smart ad salesperson do? You change your focus. Rather than concentrating on making your calls, why not focus in on YOUR plan for 2016? [Read more…]

Brave New World of M&A: An Interview with A.I.’s Don Pazour


CEO Don Pazour shares his insights on navigating Mergers and Acquisitions.

It’s a new world in Mergers & Acquisitions. What are some of the best ways to aggregate great content and audiences and and drive growth from complementary business models? Are earnouts a bad idea? And what do all the changes mean for sellers?

Don Pazour, President and CEO of Access Intelligence, has sat at all sides of the table in over 150 mergers & acquisitions. Whether you’re looking to expand or sell, Don knows the framework to navigate the new M&A landscape. [Read more…]

Franchise Update Media is a Multi-Channel Media Powerhouse for Multi-Unit Franchisees!

Franchise businesses are a part of any city’s landscape, but have you ever thought about how all the franchisees running those businesses got started? Franchise Update Media has! This media company publishes our Niched Out Magazine of the month, Multi-Unit Franchisee. This magazine is an amazing resource within its niche! MUF4_cover

“Franchise Update Media is the trusted industry resource for content, programs and curriculum to help multi-unit franchisees learn, grow and be inspired. Through our Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine and digital properties, we provide programs, tools and resources to encourage growth personally and professionally,” said Diane Phibbs, Executive Vice President of Franchise Update Media. [Read more…]

TMB’s Audience Universe is a Real PLUM!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that innovation and creativity is only in the glamour industries with the name brand publishers. TMB Publications, Inc. out of Chicago a niche provider of high value and diverse content from the plumbing industry is shaking up an industry that is as established as you can get!


TMB Publications, Inc. knows the importance of mastering audience data!

As the long time publisher of successful niche print titles including Plumbing Engineering, PHC News and The Wholesaler, Cate Brown, VP of TMB Publications, realized that even her industry and audience behaviors were changing with the times. Her vision was to re-invent TMB built upon its rich heritage and brand in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry but modernize its go to market strategy.

Like many of her niche peers, she realized that at the heart of the publishing revolution sits audience data: the rich amount of demographic, behavioral and contextual information being created by the audience everywhere they touch the TMB brands. But as a niche publisher, with limited resources and a fairly defined audience, how could TMB pull it off? [Read more…]

Niche in the News: Go Long in 2016!


Go long in 2016 for niche success!

Important to stay current, right? Here’s the latest niche-y news for mid-December.

Take the long view
Niche magazines are constantly faced with the challenge of demonstrating the effectiveness of online advertising to their advertisers. The good news is advertisers and publishers are developing ways to improve the standards and measurements. From Ad Age: ANA: Almost All Marketers Want Third-Party Verification of Digital Ad Views [Read more…]

5 Easy Tips for Improved Lead Management!

It can be utter chaos if your whole sales team is pouncing on the same new leads that come into the office. The last thing you want is salespeople sulking in the corner about unfairness.

I get this question often from frustrated sales managers: “How do I best distribute new sales leads that come in from our website?”


Ryan gives us 5 quick tips on adding structure in new lead distribution. 

I have 5 quick tips that will help you simplify the distribution process for maximum ad sales success: [Read more…]