Be an Ad Sales Superhero to Your Clients!


Be a superhero ad salesperson to your advertisers!

Ridiculous you say? Not really. Sure superheroes can have invincibility and laser-beam eyes. But they are the best at what they do.

Salespeople are not so different really. They are committed, responsible, ethical and yes, even sometimes courageous when it comes to meeting the needs of their clients (and their own magazine’s deadlines!)

Here’s 5 ways to embrace your inner-Superman/Wonder Woman and get the sales results you seek: [Read more…]

Niche Media CEO’s Share Their Top Tips

As a niche publisher you are up to your ears in daily stuff that must get done yesterday. At the same time you also have to be constantly looking for ways to improve your business and your puzzler is getting sore.

So let’s go to the smart guys and get some good advice…

Eric ShanfeltTrends in mobile-optimization- Eric Shanfelt, Founder and CEO of the Local Marketing Institute and former Senior VP of eMedia at HarperCollins shares why a mobile strategy is so important for niche publishers: “Think mobile first. If it works for mobile, it will work for full-size laptops/desktops, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Forget about all the buzzwords and chic trends and focus on making your emails and website work great on mobile devices. Another reason to think mobile first is that it makes you prioritize. Many publishing websites are a cluttered mess, but when you optimize for mobile, it forces you to prioritize the most important elements for your readers and for your business model.” [Read more…]

Are Your Emails to Ad Sales Prospects Producing the Results You Want?

I asked my daughter to create this cartoon to illustrate how important it is to send the right email subject line to your prospects and clients. You want to get them to respond to you vs. annoy them. So what’s the solution? Know your clients and treat each email as unique. I’m not kidding.

Here’s some of our most popular past posts on “the art” of emailing prospects: [Read more…]

Custom Publishing Opportunities Abound for Niche Magazines!


Diversify your revenue streams by capitalizing on custom publishing opportunities!

Niche magazine publishers are always looking for new revenue opportunities. So how do you maximize the editorial, production and advertising team you already have in place and increase revenue at the same time?

Todd Matherne, CEO of Renaissance Publishing, is a rockstar in the custom publishing game. He diversified his own company during the past 5 years, and now custom publishing represents over 25% of the company’s revenue. His New Orleans Magazine and 5 other lifestyle titles are growing like crazy—they’ve even added a business monthly title, Biz New Orleans to the mix. [Read more…]

Advertisers and Readers: How Do Publishers Keep ’em Both Happy?


How best to keep readers and advertisers happy in a shifting media landscape? Here are 5 points to consider.

Give readers the niched-out content they want and you’ll build a strong, devoted audience. Give advertisers meaningful and measurable access to your audience and you’ll see ad revenue jump.

What’s changed? Multi-platform media. Readers can consume content in a wide variety of ways, including print, online, apps, videos, podcasts, events and more.

So how the heck do you keep your advertisers happy without scaring off or irritating your readers with all these new opportunities?

Here are 5 points to consider as you strategize how best to please both worlds: [Read more…]

6 Keys for Achieving Your Ad Sales Goals in 2016


Ryan’s 6 keys to success will help you reach your 2016 sales goals.

Each New Year we set resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. About 90% of people set goals on January 1st. In reality, fewer than 10% achieve those goals. What can you do as an ad salesperson to get it right?

I have identified 6 keys to achieving your sales goals for the New Year: [Read more…]

Revenue & Retention: Creating a Company Culture that Rocks!


Publisher Gary Whitaker knows a bunch about creating a super-cool company culture that produces results.

Having a high-performing company culture with super-motivated employees who generate tons of innovation and revenue is every magazine publisher’s dream. So how do you create a culture that attracts dedicated, rock-star employees for the long-term?

We recently checked in with Gary Whitaker, President and Publisher of Whitaker Publishing and asked him how niche publishers can achieve the same success as the biggies with their small-to-medium publishing company. [Read more…]

Creating New Revenue Streams with Events: Carl’s Quick Tips for Starting Off Right!


Thinking about a new event or growing an existing one? Read Carl’s quick tips to keep you on track to success!

So it’s a new year and your magazine is strategizing about new revenue streams and ways to deepen the bond with your devoted niche audience. Are you thinking about starting a new event or growing an existing event?

Here are my 5 quick tips on how to start off your event on the right track to revenue:

  1. Always, always pre-plan:  You always need to have more and better communication in the pre-event stages. Why? How you communicate before the event will make a BIG difference in the success of your event, as it’s all about keeping your speakers, sponsors and staff in the loop. Plus the only way you can have your speakers and sponsors help you, promote your event, and feel they are a part of the event “team” is to keep them involved in the PRE-planning processes. Read more: 3 keys for pre-event planning [Read more…]

Ad Sales “Segmentation” – Selling for Fun and Profit!


Don’t just rely on your CRM to do the strategizing for you. Drill deep with Carl’s 5 steps to segmentation success!

As an ad salesperson, you should always be looking for some new way to reach out to your clients/prospects. I’m a huge proponent of selling advertising and sponsorships by product and services segments. You can sell this way by first drilling deep down into your CRM’s categories. This will enable you to super-target your various segments and create the messaging that produces results.

Here’s how I do it in 5 steps: [Read more…]

Don’t Miss the 2016 Niche CEO Summit!

To succeed in the niche media world, you need to get out of your office and share ideas and strategies with other media company CEOs. The Niche CEO Summit provides niche media head honchos with just that –  a focused learning and networking opportunity for CEOs of niche media companies to network, share strategies and develop plans to take their  media companies to the next level.

50% of the sessions are peer-to-peer roundtable discussion segmented by B2B,B2C, size, and topic. The other 50% of the sessions are facilitated by our Fab 4″ keynote speakers. You can’t help but walk away with new, innovative ideas that work for YOUR media company!

We limit attendance to just 50 qualified CEOs for the best peer-to-peer learning experience. Plus, it all takes place February 22-23 at the amazing Andaz Hotel in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District!. What’s not to love?

So join us for this totally niched-out CEO event. Our “Fab 4” media experts will cover key areas of greatest interest and concern for Niche CEOs:

1. People, Passion and Profit: Creating The Company Culture of Your Dreams

2. Custom Publishing is the Future for Niche Publishers!

3. Niche Mergers & Acquisitions: This Isn’t Your Mom’s M&A!

4. Online Conversion Magic!

5. Finally, and probably most important, you’ll get your chance to ask our Fab 4 Niche CEOs your hardest management and strategy questions during Fab 4 Reunion Q&A

Don’t miss your chance – register today and save $200 as a Super Early Bird! [Read more…]