Top 12 Tips for Launching a Niche Media Brand


Publishing expert Tim Hermes shares his top 12 tips for launching a niche media brand.

How do you launch a brand as a niche publisher? Guts, risk, timing, funding, content – even geography – play a role. The chances of launching a successful new niche publication of course depends on these things and more. Moreover, the famous “four P’s” of marketing play a role, too. If I was to add a few more “P’s” – plan, preparation, proposition of value, public relations – you’d have an even higher success rate.

As a niche publisher in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world, I have found the following things play the highest percentages in a successful launch. Here’s my “Top 12.” [Read more…]

Niche Media Digital Update: The Big Shift


Digital media update: Here’s the latest on all things new (and new again).

It was 1976 and everyone said it was a decade like no other. Apple was born, Nadia Comanici scored a perfect 10, the Viking 1 landed on Mars and movie fans cheered for Rocky. The Grammy went to “Send in the Clowns,” (which comes dangerously close to our current Presidential primaries.)

And now it’s 40 years later. Yet again we have a defining age and a new Rocky movie. As the evolution of digital media transforms traditional publishing models, all aspects of the business will have to change with it. Here’s a look at the latest buzz on what the future looks like: [Read more…]

Leveraging Behavioral Intelligence to Improve Audience Engagement

As a media company, your audience is your bread and butter—an asset that brings infinite potential for value and ROI. But information about the people you’re trying to reach often lives in disjointed silos, making it nearly impossible to develop a 360 degree, human perspective: you have a partial view at best of how they’re engaging with your website and what actions they’re taking on your website, ads, and emails.

This industry-wide trend presents a big challenge, as digital ecosystems are becoming increasingly competitive. With information overload being the new norm, it’s critical that publishers take steps to unique these disparate systems to aggregate audience data on one contact record. The result of this critical first step? You’ll be able to learn more about your readers and better engage with them. You’ll also unlock new sources of value for your advertisers who are looking to reach their own stakeholders in an engaging and personalized way. [Read more…]

Cold Calling Ad Sales Tips from the Pros!


Cold calling can be a bright idea! Try it this week and up ad sales your game.

Are you ready for spring yet? Tired of sloshing around in the cold, the rain, the snow, your own database? Well we have the perfect remedy for what ails you--Make more cold calls.   

Are we crazy? Heck no. This is the perfect season for you to ring up your cold call list and turn those awkward, dreaded calls into the fine art of introduction, possibly even conversion.

Here’s some solid tips from the Ad Sales Pros to get you going: [Read more…]

Go Ultra Local with Texas Highways

Each month we select a fantastic niche magazine to highlight as our Niched Out Magazine of the Month. This month’s pick: Texas Highways. This regional magazine takes going local to a whole new level! Publisher Joan Henderson told us about what makes Texas Highways special: [Read more…]

The New Magic Marketing Tool: Introduce Your Archives to New Readers!


Want to increase readership and create new revenue streams? Roll out your archives online!

If you have been in the publishing biz for awhile, you have tons of great content–probably going back years, maybe decades. Maximize this magical audience development tool!

We recently sat in on a dynamic roundtable of niche publishing CEOs at the Niche CEO Summit in San Diego and had to share the takeaways. One big discussion centered on the success niche magazine publishers are finding by releasing their old content online. Some publishers said they offer their archive content for free, which is often “new” to their web traffic, and then they allow access to current content as a paid subscription.

Think about creative ways you could also monetize your archives online: [Read more…]