Create Content That Feeds Multiple Revenue Streams!


Turn one piece of content into a multiple revenue-generating products! CEO Cindy Carter shows us how.

Niche publishers invest a lot of time and money in their editorial programs, working to craft the best possible content to secure and retain devoted readers. But how do you make sure you’re getting the most content bang for your buck?

Cindy Carter, CEO of FDAnews and a recent speaker at the Niche Media Conference in Austin, shared with us a typical trail that just one piece of content can make as they turn it into a revenue-generating, multi-platform machine: [Read more…]

Niche Publishing News: Make a Bold Move!

Monkey Drawing low

Are you up on new developments in publishing? Stop monkeying around and read on.

We live in a media world where magazines are making radical moves–dropping print ads altogether, constantly launching new branded products and even making the ’80s new again. Even a distribution strategy that avoids the post office and uses a barge. (No kidding.)

Here’s the latest buzz in publishing: [Read more…]

5 Top Ways to Drive Sales Numbers from Sales Expert Ryan Dohrn!


Check out expert Ryan’s DRIVE plan for sales success!

To win the Daytona 500 is one stop on the quest for auto racing greatness.  To win takes more than just going fast.  It requires a carefully crafted plan to drive in the victory lane.  Yet I see more and more salespeople who remind me of the losing drivers—just fast and furious, going round and round in circles or hitting a wall. They don’t realize that their lack of a plan is costing them the race. Or more precisely, ad sales deal after ad sales deal.

Let’s use the acronym D.R.I.V.E. to focus in on a potential plan for sales success: [Read more…]

Digital Marketing: Quick Conversion Tactics for Success!


COO Mike Bannan of IDEA Health & Fitness Association shares proven conversion tactics for digital marketing success.

Ok, so there’s huge buzz about digital marketing conversion tactics. With all the options out there, where do you start? What strategies are going to help you drive revenue and build lasting relationships with your audience?

Mike Bannan, Chief Development Officer for IDEA Health and Fitness Organization, shared his 12 Quick Conversion Tactics recently with our conference attendees and we thought we’d share: [Read more…]

2016 Nichee Award Winners Announced!

Nichee_Logo_ColorWe’re excited to announce the 2016 Nichee Award winners!

NICHEE Winners 2016

These twelve magazines demonstrate excellence in the niche media space and have really dialed in on their niche market. Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to Trend Offset Printing for sponsoring the Nichee Award bash in Austin, TX! The 2016 winners are: [Read more…]

What Chefs & Publishers Have In Common

In the challenging world of ad sales, wouldn’t it be nice to meet your annual sales quota as early as February? Or better yet, imagine exceeding it in mid-March by a whopping 20%.

Before you mumble “fat chance”, you may be surprised to learn this really happened to one of our new Magazine/Newspaper Manager clients. [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: “No” Can Lead to “Yes!”


Yeah, this prospect so wants to say “No.” But you can overcome it with Nancy’s tips for handling objections.

“No money.”    
“Too expensive!”
“Timing isn’t right.”
“We tried it before and it didn’t work.”

We can’t avoid them, but almost every sales call with a prospect has them.

I’m talking about objections. And I’m going to tell you why they are actually a good thing in the sales process. So how do we learn to handle them? [Read more…]

Grand Poobah Carl’s Top 10 Tips for Successful Event Management!

ID-100260174 (1)

Successful event management is key to expanding your magazine’s revenue streams. Here’s Carl’s Top 10 Tips.

Events are one of the best ways for niche magazines to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. It can also be a highly profitable additional revenue stream for publishers…if they do it right and watch the costs. (Ever pay $80 per gallon for luke-warm hotel coffee?)

Carl Landau, Niche Media’s Grand Poobah,  has been creating events for over a decade and recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Niche Media Conference in Austin.

Here are his top ten tips for successful event management:

[Read more…]

Blogs and Podcasts for Niche Media Publishers!


President Thomas Jefferson was an avid reader. Find some time to follow what’s happening in niche media!

Our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson, has a birthday tomorrow. He LOVED, loved, loved reading and books so much that when the original Library of Congress was attacked by British troops and all the books were burned, Jefferson offered his personal library — over 6,400 books — as replacement.

Reading books in the office may not be terribly practical these days, but you should set aside some time for your own personal education. In that same spirit here are some of our fav blogs and podcasts that we think niche media publishers should be following: [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Are You Ready With Your A-Game?


Here’s expert Ryan Dohrn’s 7 smart tips for better ad sales role-playing!

Being the best salesperson you can be requires practice. I’m talking about the importance of ad sales role-play. There are always new ways to learn to ask the right probing questions! It is also a great way to find some new approach to overcoming to advertiser objections. The point is role-play is an opportunity to hone your sales game.

Ready to play? Here are my 7 smart tips to get the most out of your role-playing practice:

1. Create real-world scenarios. Borrow from ad sales meeting discussions and use those to role-play and solve issues at the same time. [Read more…]