The Social Media Time Commitment: How DO Niche Publishers do it??


Is social media a giant time-suck or does it have real value for niche publishers? Tim Hermes explains.

So I’ll start by saying my personal social media efforts are lacking.

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, or other made-for-TV celebrities who have oodles of time on their hands, keeping up with social media posting from a corporate perspective is daunting. Many people perceive social media as a fun hobby or a casual, person-to-person experience. But in the publishing world it can be serious business and even a single-character mistake can have a profound effect. For example:

Just finshd a bd conversatn w XYZ Cmpny 2day. Need more discuss. #XYZ
Just finshd a gd conversatn w XYZ Cmpny 2day. Need more discuss. #XYZ

Can you imagine if your editor made a mistake like this if they were in a hurry? [Read more…]

Niche Media IS the News!


Niche media is making news. Read what people in publishing are talking about now.

It’s true–being niche is the news. Latest stories on new launches, new types of publishers and different kinds of business models, read all about it:

Editor’s gotta brand new mag
Or tea bag, that is. Long-time editor launches new mag via Kickstarter. From TalkingNewMedia: Veteran editor unveils Kickstarter campaign to launch new digital magazine Tea Journey [Read more…]

Create Some Ad Sales Monkey Business!


Add some fun into your ad sales. Do your clients know it’s the Year of the Monkey?

2016 is the Year of the Monkey, the 9th sign of the Zodiac Chinese Lunar calendar. Why should you care, as an ad salesperson?  It doesn’t hurt to find inspiration in new places, right? Plus it’s a fun reason to reach out to your ad clients. Here’s why:

First, the qualities of people born in Monkey years can easily be translated to the qualities of the super-salesperson: [Read more…]