Ryan Dohrn’s 5 Links to Sales Success!


Looking for new revenue ideas? Check out sales expert Ryan Dohrn’s 5 links.

Ryan Dohrn gets around. As a sales coach, speaker, author and guest-blogger, he is always out there in the niche magazine universe, sharing his ideas and helping publishers and their sales teams find new ways to create revenue.

Here’s 5 quick links to stoke your sales week: [Read more…]

Time for a Change! National Oil & Lube News Magazine

In a world where we could just browse through websites and social media for the latest lube news, more and more print publications pop up about lube and oil change industry. National Oil and Lube News (NOLN), the fast oil change industry’s oldest and largest trade publication, is growing and continues to find better ways to connect and satisfy clients. Their monthly magazine for fast lube operators contains everything from technical tips; recall announcements and service guides, to articles on handling customer complaints, building brands and making fast lube businesses the best they can be. [Read more…]

News Flash! The Small Magazine Publisher is Thriving!

Guest blogger Steve Rank shares his insights on what makes a good niche magazine……great!

News Flash! The small magazine publisher is thriving – – even while mass-circulation colleagues are freshening up their resumes.

The secret: smaller magazines continue to speak convincingly to ever more narrow market segments. For example, there is a very successful publication strictly for teenage Hispanic girls who are planning their traditional coming of age parties. No niche is going unfilled.

With tremendous change underway, this is a good time for publishers and editors to review what makes a magazine great.

Take Pizza Today for example. For me, they get it right. It is a must read for every owner/operator in the pizza game. Everything in the book helps the reader operate more efficiently, stay abreast of trends and thrive. Features are often first person stories from other owner/operators. It’s like chatting with your best friend in the next town who is in the same business. Talk about rapport. I know, Pizza Today is a 40,000 circulation association mag and has great resources but the big idea is how they serve their readers so completely. Anyone can mimic this approach. [Read more…]

Niche Media News: New Ways to Generate Revenue!


Publishing success lies in creative new, revenue-generating strategies!

Our good friend, speaker and author Andrew M. Davis, says we have to crave change, not just embrace it. With that spirit in mind, here are some top stories on innovations and shifts in the media landscape:

State of the Industry–Magazine audience growing
There’s stuff to learn from the biggies here:“The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report for March revealed the average audience for magazine brands grew to almost 1.9 billion as of March 31, 2016, a 7.6% increase year-over-year. ” From MediaPost: Esquire, ESPN shine in MPA report [Read more…]

Shift Your Focus! Audience-Centric Ad Sales Management


Publisher/surfer Geoff Hird rides the waves of success with an audience-centric focus!

Do you know “the heart and mind share” you have with your niche audience? What the heck is that, you say?

We interviewed Geoff Hird, Publisher of Westwick-Farrow Media, a while back about the publishing trend of shifting from an ad-focused sales strategy to one that’s audience-centric. His sales teams have seen big success since making the change from slogging along in the traditional ad sales way to soaring to new heights with a laser focus on all things audience.

So where do you start?  [Read more…]

Think Differently to Monetize Digital Content


Leaving $$ on the table? CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights on how to monetize your digital content.

Many media executives complain that their audience is not willing to pay for digital content. Publishers often cite a 10% rule of thumb, meaning only one out of ten print subscribers pay for a digital replica.

However, we have found that people will pay for content if it’s done right. In fact, last year, spending on online content access increased by 31%, and the New York Times exceeded one million paid digital subscribers.

Monetization of Digital Content Through Advertising Has Its Challenges [Read more…]

More Media News: Reinvention, Buying Habits and Compelling Content


More nichey-news about what’s old, new and new again.

Okay, last week we gave you industry news nuggets: Media Industry News: Long form, “old media” and back issues become new again! This week, it’s reinvention, buying trends, compelling content tricks and a new pay button to digital pages. Read on:

Necessity is the mother of reinvention
Niche your niche by reinventing to a whole new audience. Why not? Metropolitan Home is doing it. From the Washington Post: Mag reinvents itself by focusing on Milennials [Read more…]

Dear Advertisers: We Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!


Are your advertisers full of “Nope!” when you pitch new ideas and products? Here’s how to break through!

How many times have you tried to get your prospects and clients to sign on to your newly rolled-out, super-fantastic advertising program, (which is way better for them) BUT they don’t get it and don’t want to make any changes?

It can be frustrating right? Here are 5 top tips from some of our sales experts, Nancy O’Brien, Ryan Dohrn and Carl Landau on how to present a new ad sales program so your advertisers love it: [Read more…]

Are You Publishing Sideways?


Do you want your salespeople buried in admin stuff or selling? Tim Hermes tells us how to avoid publishing “sideways.”

Back in the day, it was so much easier for media salespeople.

In the print world, it was make a call, make a sale, collect the material. Move on. Nice model. Rate was high. Yield was high. Post-sale work was low.

Then print gave way to digital.

Now in order to meet sales goals, reps are selling smaller units at lower costs at a lower yield. We’ve become slaves to high-frequency media. However as a mentor told me once, “…doesn’t matter the size of the sale, the back end work is the same.” And although every salesperson would say a personal assistant to help traffic materials would be the greatest thing since Game of Thrones, most would still want to do it themselves for the “touch point” with their customer.

Last month I had one of my clients go through an exercise where their top sales rep kept a minute-by-minute diary of her work activities in a week. Her media portfolio includes email newsletters, websites, events, webcasts, and video. When we totaled her time, here’s the result based on a 40-hour week: [Read more…]

Media Industry News: Long Form, “Old Media” and Back Issues Become New Again!


Everything old is new again. Not kidding, read on for the latest buzz in magazine publishing,

It’s May and there’s news about the print-digital-publishing world all over the place! We’ve found some industry nuggets for you since you probably don’t have time to read everything out there. What with running a successful niche magazine and all…

Surprise, surprise
Millennials prefer short mobile videos and older audiences want long-form. Make sure you know how your audience wants to view your content! From AdWeek: New Study [Read more…]