Media Ad Sales: Change Up Your Presentation Style!


Change up your presentation style to your clients to get the results you want! Here’s how.

When we talk about customizing a presentation for a client, we immediately think about the advertiser’s business needs and how best to integrate your various programs for them. But what about the presentation style itself?

The average attention span for a human’s brain is now down to 8.25 seconds. Knowing there are different ways to learn (audio, visual, tactile) does make a powerful case for varying your presentation to keep your clients engaged—and quickly. [Read more…]

Publishing Management: The New Mindset Shift with Advertisers

You know readers and advertisers are the backbone of your publication. Give readers the content they need, which in turn builds a strong, devoted audience. But you also have to give your advertisers meaningful and measurable access to that audience. What do you do when it seems like the needs of your readers and advertisers are at odds? [Read more…]

10 Genius Ways to Repurpose and Monetize Your Niche Magazine’s Archives!


Here are 10 genius ways to repurpose and monetize your niche magazine archives!

Are you trying to find new ways to repurpose your content within your own team without busting the budget on a pricey digital asset management system?

At the Niche CEO Summit earlier this year, publishers shared how they are finding great success by selling their archives online to current and new readership. But many niche publishers are realizing there are new opportunities out there to repurpose and monetize their archive content even further. [Read more…]

Ad Sales Mission Possible: Save the Day with Research!


Save your advertiser’s day with the ultimate weapon: Research!

Can you imagine your clients desperately needing you to save the day? Do they call you a bunch now because they know you are a trusted resource?  If not, do you know how to become so indispensable that your clients can’t imagine not working with you?

Here are 4 ways research can be your ultimate magazine ad sales weapon: [Read more…]