The Stats Don’t Lie! Monetizing Video with Publisher Tim Hermes


Fear not! Niche publishing expert Tim Hermes gives us a solid road map to monetizing video.

Video is the #1 consumed media online. Have you fully embraced a video strategy, or does video feel outside your current staffing capabilities? We checked in with niche publisher Tim Hermes on how to best develop a solid video strategy that generates revenue.

NMHQ: Why should niche publishers have a video strategy? Can you give us some real-world examples of how it can increase readership and revenue? [Read more…]

Create Layouts That Connect to Your Readers!


Walking the tightrope between advertising and content isn’t easy. Take some tips from expert Steve Rank on creating a layout that connects!

LLS–Lazy Layout Syndrome, I call it. I still see design mistakes happening in niche magazines that really detract from the reader experience. There’s really no excuse for it! Sure, you have a small staff and you’re  jamming to get to deadline, but publishing a quality magazine must be the priority if you really want to connect with your readers.

Here a couple of common layout mistakes in niche magazines and solutions to make your magazine shine: [Read more…]

Hey Advertisers–It’s Not Print vs Digital, it’s Print AND Digital!


It’s not an either-or advertising choice: Give your clients the best of print AND digital!

As a magazine ad sales professional, do you encounter prospects that only want to devote their ad dollars to digital? We know it’s not an either-or ad buy these days, it’s the full, integrated package! So here’s some handy links with stats and survey results (from the digital realm) on why print still matters. Start sharing with your prospects and clients this week: [Read more…]

Leverage Digital and Social to the Max! An interview with Storm Mountain’s Brad Fayfield


Brad Fayfield knows how to leverage digital and social with print to increase revenues. He shares his insights.

It’s a brave new magazine media world and ch-ch-ch-ch-change is all around us. It’s a perfect time to be niche!!

The radical shifts happening today present HUGE opportunities for niche publishers. So how can you best pair your print and digital together to heighten impact and maximize revenues from your content? Brad Fayfield and Storm Mountain Media have very successfully leveraged their digital and social to reach more audience and generate much more advertising revenue. We recently checked in with him to learn more: [Read more…]

How Can You Lower Costs AND Increase Sales? Segment, Segment, Segment!


Want to lower marketing costs and increase sales? It’s all about segmentation!

Segmentation allows companies simultaneously to lower marketing costs and increase sales. The results speak for themselves. I have seen segmentation benefit many media firms and publishers. Actual outcomes include:

  • 50% increase in email conversion
  • 10 point increase in profit margins
  • 15% increase in sales
  • $300,000 reduction in marketing spend without affecting sales

[Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Print Ads ARE Trackable!


Print ads ARE trackable! Sales coach Ryan Dohrn gives helpful tips on how to maximize results.

Are you tired of hearing that print ads or offline marketing is not trackable? Me too. In nearly all of my ad sales training workshops I hear sales reps say that is one of the most common objections from advertisers.

So, here is the answer.

Please feel free to create a one sheet from this information to use with your advertising clients.  (Please note that there are some VERY detailed instructions at the end of this blog post too.)

Here are my 8 helpful tips to maximize your print ad buy: [Read more…]

Don’t Miss Finding NEW Digital Revenue at the Niche Digital Conference!


Even Denver’s Big Blue Bear wants in on the 2016 Niche Digital Conference! (He must be a savvy digital publisher on the side.)

The 2016 Niche Digital Conference will be held in super-fun Denver this year!! It’s the perfect match—digital publishing revenue opportunities are exploding and so is Denver’s Downtown! In addition to uber-cool LODO, the Mile-High City boasts Union Square, Larimer Square and……don’t forget the Big Blue Bear!

And Wednesday, June 22 is our Crazy Niched-Out Discount Deadline Day!! [Read more…]

Niche Media News: New Platforms, Markets and Strategies for Success!


Niche publishers are finding success in new platforms, new markets and new strategies!

Twistin’ and turnin’ and bustin’ a move, niche publishers are in the groove! They’re trying on new platforms, tapping into new markets and adding new twists for success. Here’s the top of the news in niche media:

We couldn’t have said it better
The (Digiday) mantra appears to be that trends in publishing are neutral. They stress they are “optimistic realists who believe the shift to platforms is neither good nor bad, simply a new reality that will test publishers.” From FIPP (Magazine Media Assoc.) Why Digiday is launching a print magazine [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Dare to be Great!

Even as a kid, Carl knew someday the Cleveland Cavaliers would come to their senses!

It was 1969 and I was 13 years old, totally immersed in sports. (My wife would argue that I still am.) To my full-on and complete excitement, my hometown was about to bring in an expansion basketball team to play in the NBA. For a teenage boy in a boring Midwest town, this was tantamount to the biggest thing ever happening in the world.

The local newspaper, the Plain Dealer, ran a front page news story announcing a contest to………name the team! I knew I had to find the perfect name. I stayed awake nights, tossing and turning until I came up with the best name ever. My friends and I discussed the contest pretty much every day at lunch. I told them my name was so great, I wouldn’t even tell them until right before the contest closed so no one else could steal it. I thought it was that good. Even when my buddies, Paul Schrank and Mike Fisko pressed me over cafeteria sloppy joes and tater tots to spill the goods, I didn’t budge. Not even. Click, click, click. [Read more…]

Stop Giving Away Your Audience! An interview with Keynote Jay Acunzo


Whiz kid Jay Acunzo shares his insights into new revenue models in a brave new world of audience development.

The old model: Publishers gain readership through high-quality, niched content and then redirect their audience to advertisers.

Pause. Ditch that!

What if you did the unthinkable and stopped giving your audience away?  A whole new generation of media companies are reinventing their revenue models by owning every layer of the audience relationship. There is an enormous opportunity to develop new revenue by daring to stop selling advertising and start selling products.

So where do niche publishers start? We talked with startup veteran-turned-VC brand builder (and visionary) Jay Acunzo to learn more about transforming passive readership into active customers and exponentially increasing revenue at the same time. [Read more…]