Media Ad Sales: Don’t Just Provide Info, Offer Solutions!


Don’t just provide info, help your clients by offering solutions!

Lately a bunch of people have been randomly poking around my son-in-law’s cul-de-sac, at all hours, glued to their phones, probably looking for a Dragonite or a Mew.

Of course by now most of us know why–it’s the wildly popular Pokemon GO mania. Everyone walking around, hoping to find their next stardust.

This latest craze made me think of how some salespeople are constantly bumping around too–looking for ways to help their clients, but not always sure what they’re looking for.

And although it’s important to keep your clients up-to-date with helpful information, that isn’t enough! An ad salesperson needs to offer their clients solutions to their problems. [Read more…]

Publisher Events: How to Add Value to Your Sponsorships


Boost the value of your sponsorships with these tips from the experts.

Events can bring in a whole new revenue stream to niche publishers–if done right. Securing sponsorship dollars is key. But demonstrating the unique value of your events to sponsors is a never-ending challenge, right? And trying to convince sponsors about a new event isn’t easy either.

We checked in with some of our experts to get their insight on some of the key drivers of profitable sponsorships and the best ways for publishers to deliver value. [Read more…]

Focus on Innovation, Not Cost Cutting, for Magazine Growth!

I’m working with a magazine CEO who has seen revenues fall 45% over the last five years. Until last year, she didn’t think she had a problem because she cut costs enough to keep profits flat. Then last year, the bottom fell out. Now, the company is at risk of going bankrupt.


CEO Rob Ristagno makes a strong case for new product development, especially if a media company wants to thrive!

While it’s important to keep lean cost structures in our industry, let’s not forget that cost cutting is not a long-term strategy! The only truly long-term growth strategy includes innovation and new product development.

New products are the lifeblood of an organization. If you don’t innovate, you will die. Don’t believe me? Out of the companies that were in the Fortune 500 in 1955, only 61 are still on the list. What are you doing to grow your top-line? [Read more…]

SO Many Smart Reasons to Attend the 2016 Niche Digital Conference!

 “I can’t possibly unchain myself from my desk. Who has the time?”


1. YOU need to get yourself out of your office and learn from industry experts about what’s working, what’s not and what’s cutting edge—in order to thrive in niche publishing. No excuses.

2. You will learn tons of new, revenue-generating takeaways to implement back at the office!

3. The 2016 Niche Digital Conference will be held in super-fun Denver this year. It’s the perfect match—digital publishing revenue opportunities are exploding and so is Denver’s Downtown! In addition to LODO, the Mile-High City boasts Union Station, Larimer Square.

4. Registration today means you get it all! You get EVERYTHING – Conference admission to ALL sessions, 2 Keynotes, breakfast each day, lunch each day,  the Niche Orientation Party, Niche Mile High Welcome Reception, Digital Nichee Awards Party and access to ALL speaker presentations.

5. picture-688 Learn how to Stop Giving Away Your Audience! Hear startup veteran-turned-VC brand builder (and visionary) Jay Acunzo talk about transforming passive readership into active customers and exponentially increasing revenue at the same time—and big time.


6. picture-689Brad Fayfield, Founder of Storm Mountain Media, will show niche publishers how digital and social channels can allow you to engage with your audience and communicate with unrivaled efficiency! Same as it Ever Was… Radical Digital Reach and Print “Magazine” Media


7. In addition to these inspiring keynotes, we have an all-star line-up of speakers and sessions covering everything  from monetizing video to revitalizing your email marketing to creating online courses that your audience and advertisers will love.

8. Did we mention that the Early Bird Discount Deadline is Thursday, August 25th?? And that you’ll save $300 if you register today?

9. The Niche Digital Conference provides tons of opportunities for you to make meaningful connections and cultivate new revenue ideas with your peers.

10. Niche Bonus: Boost your Digital Publishing Strategy at a Niche Hands-On Revenue Workshops!  Our hands-on 1/2-day workshops are 100% practical and revenue-generating. Choose from Creating Your Digital Transition Action PlanNative Advertising: Selling Paid Sponsor Content, and City & Regional Digital Strategy Action Plan.

11. Just for you, right now: 12 Quick Digital Revenue Ideas

12. And don’t forget the 2016 Nichee Awards. Find your place in the sun among your digital publishing peers! (And yes, there’s a fun party too.)

13. To top it all off? The conference is going to be held at the Embassy Suites. Can you say a free made-to-order breakfast, evening cocktail hour, and your own two-room suite? This beautiful hotel is steps from downtown Denver’s Performing Arts Complex, 16th Street Mall, Larimer Square, multiple sports venues  and more!


Don’t miss out because you waited until the last minute!

You know you need to do it and that your brand is worth it. What are you waiting for?

Registration NOW means you get it all!

[Read more…]

Not Your Grandma’s Digital Marketing: Email Targeting That Works!


We’ve collected the bright ideas of niche email marketing visionaries for you!

Burning Digital Marketing Question of the Day: What are the most effective ways to drive traffic, customers, and revenues?

Do you still think email is so old-school and only a hopeless combat against everyone’s totally jammed in-box? Guess again. The right email messaging targeted to the right segments of your niche can increase campaign response tenfold! How? By focusing on what matters most — compelling design, relevant content, and clear calls-to-action. [Read more…]

The Ulimate Website Makeover: An interview with Brian Lewis


Digital expert Brian Lewis shares his insights about website redesign and the user experience.

You know you need to do it. Are you hesitant to spend some bucks on a website redesign, unsure if it will increase traffic and revenues? What’s the right focus, you ask? It’s all about improving the user experience! The goal is a conversion optimization.

We interviewed Brian Lewis, CEO of Wolfhound Interactive, to get his insights on what’s important for niche publishers to understand about their websites, before they take the plunge on redesign:

NMHQ:  First of all, what do niche publishers need to understand about “visitor intent”?  [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Keep Your Eye on the Prize!

Carl Landau

Carl gives his insights on taking the practiced approach to win the sales game.

So this was my Saturday: In the morning I went to to play racquetball. I realized I could beat the college students–who are faster and quicker than I am–because they are always trying to rush the ball, running wildly all over the court, instead of paying attention to where the ball is headed.   

Later that day, I settled in to watched my favorite baseball team, the SF Giants. The batter from the opposing team popped the ball high into the air, but our outfielder didn’t rush the ball as you might expect. Instead, he focused on the route of the ball, ultimately catching it. Any baseball pro will tell you that tracking fly balls is about getting a good read on the ball first, then choosing the best route, then moving efficiently in order to position yourself correctly for the throw.

So why am I telling you all this? Because these two examples reminded me that in media ad sales, we get that one positive call from a prospect and just rush into it, often without a clear protocol in place to successfully make the deal.

Here’s my 5 tips to winning in the sales game: [Read more…]

The 5 Year Strategic Plan is Dead!


Register today and save $300!

Most niche publishing CEOs want to learn (and need to know) what’s cutting edge, what’s working well, what’s not, make meaningful peer connections and do it all very quickly.

Our Solution: The Fall Niche CEO Summit

The days of the 5 year strategic plan are long gone. To succeed in the niche media world, you need consistent and frequent checkpoints on your strategy as your business evolves (if not a full reinvention every 6 months!).

So get out of your office and come share ideas and strategies with other media company CEOs! The Niche CEO Summit provides niche media head honchos with a focused learning and networking opportunity for you to network, share strategies and develop plans to take your media company to the next level. [Read more…]

What’s Hot in Niche Media!


Beat the heat and read up on what’s cool in niche publishing right now.

Too hot to move, stats too hot to ignore, scorched by real influence, fake reality and much, much more. Here’s the latest hot, hot summer news in niche media: (Did we mention it’s hot?)   

It’s not inertia, it’s the experience that matters.
Ooh, ooh, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive–at least if you’re niche. While big print is still stumbling around, here’s some overall good print mag news from Quartz: Kept alive by subscriber inertia, print magazines are going to be around for a while yet [Read more…]

Sponsored Content Programs + YOUR Magazine Readers = Sales Success!


Publishing sales expert Ryan Dohrn shares his insights on the future of advertiser-sponsored content programs.

Are advertisers not all that excited lately about buying ads? Are you spending a lot of time trying to convince them of the ROI? That’s unfortunate, because there is a HUGE advertising opportunity they are missing out on: advertiser-sponsored content for YOUR hyper-targeted, super-niched audience.

We recently interviewed Ryan Dohrn, Founder and CEO of 360 Ad Sales, on ways publishers can help their advertisers position themselves through compelling content in both print and digital: [Read more…]