Scared Straight: 7 Spooky Sales Fears and How to Overcome Them!


Don’t let fear spook your sales confidence!

Yeah it’s that holiday where people big and small dress up in costumes and try to scare each other. Possibly score some candy too. (I like Reese’s myself.)

And even though it’s not my favorite holiday, (Gasp!) it got me thinking–as salespeople, what do we fear most? Here are 7 “sales” fears and how to overcome them: [Read more…]

M&A Straight Talk with FON’s Phil Binkow

Phil Binkow

M&A expert Phil Binkow shares some quick insights into successfully navigating the process.

Do you think about maybe selling your media company some day? Since the very beginning, during that late-nigh start-up phase, you’ve been actively building value in your company. But realizing the maximum value from the sale of your media business can make you fraught with doubt and uncertainty.

So what is the best strategy for a successful sale at the best price?  It’s early preparation. [Read more…]

Don’t Just Slap Up a Paywall. First, Define Your Digital Value Proposition.


Don’t leave $$$ on the table! CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights on defining your Digital Value Proposition.

Research shows content creators leave over a billion dollars per year on the table by not offering digital membership programs. These membership programs include access to premium content and, potentially, other products, services, and benefits. The challenge is: you can’t just put up a paywall and hope customers will pay for your gated content.

You need to thoughtfully develop a value proposition for your digital membership program.

ConversionXL, a digital consultancy, explains, “value proposition is the #1 thing that determines whether people will bother reading more about your product or hit the back button.”

I concur. I’ve experienced at least double digit growth when I’ve worked with brands to refine their value proposition and how it is communicated.

Three Parts to a Digital Membership Value Proposition [Read more…]

The Ad Sales Pro: 7 Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Pumped Up!


Here’s some ways to get yourself out of an Ad Sales Funk!

It  happens.

You feel up against a brick wall, out of leads, stuck in a rut. You don’t know when it happened, but somehow you find yourself pretty deep into an ad sales funk. And it doesn’t even matter how long you’ve been in the biz, it can happen to anyone.

So how can you can climb back to the top of your game and keep yourself feeling super-motivated?

First step: Don’t despair. It’s temporary. Take a deep breath and get ready to make some changes.

Here are 7 smart ways to get your ad sales motivation back on track: [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Become a Video Expert!


Don’t pull your video ideas out of hat! Here’s 7 ways to become an expert to your advertisers!

Video can improve audience engagement, attract new web traffic and drive sales leads and conversions for your advertisers. So is video a big part of your ad program? And are you confident in selling it to your advertisers?

Here are 7 savvy ways for you to help your advertisers maximize video with your magazine: [Read more…]

Northstar Travel Media Dives Deep into Audience Data

In the travel industry, real-time data and information istravelweekly critical to the success of many of the world’s top travel brands.  Enter Northstar Travel Media, the #1 B2B Information & Marketing Solutions Provider to the Travel Industry.  Northstar delivers an award-winning portfolio of integrated platforms, including magazines, websites, databases, online subscription resources, and conferences & events.  Northstar is a leader providing marketing services, content licensing, and database management.

But while quality research, data, and content is always the goal at Northstar, so too is the speed at which they achieve it.  How have they continued their excellence and value to this important niche market? Northstar knows its audience and carries a willingness to apply different strategies and techniques to serve their markets.

It’s this willingness to use all strategic tools that makes Northstar a leader in their Niche, according to Len Roberto, Northstar’s Director of Audience Data. [Read more…]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (to sell your brand)


Media expert Tim Hermes shares his insights into what to do right when selling your brand.

The American Dream. Launching, growing and selling a business. All those years of work paying off. The courtship, the dinners. The (sometimes fake) laughter. The new people who impress. The ones who don’t. New systems, new twists, new visions. A big check. The renovated bathroom your spouse wants (yeah this happened – good call, honey.) [Read more…]

Beyond the Potluck: Create a Thriving Culture that Rocks!


Expert Don Harkey shares his insights into how to create a culture that benefits employees and your media business.

How do you create a thriving culture within your organization? Can it really affect your bottom line? The truth is why we work determines how well we work. We interviewed CoFounder of People Centric Consulting Group, Don Harkey, to learn more about how niche publishers can bring a pragmatic approach to building culture that supports employees, business AND growth goals. [Read more…]

Niche-worthy News: Metrics, Niche “Desks” and Video to the Max!


Metrics matter yet some CMO’s still aren’t sure about the ROI.

There’s no debating it, we have plenty of great niche-worthy news and information for you this week:

Metrics matter
Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic, said: “It’s clear that across environments, magazine media delivers against the metrics that truly matter to brands. It’s pleasing to see that online magazine media is 41% more effective at delivering brand KPIs than other online environments. [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: TGIF!!


When is the best time to make a prospect call? Carl shares his secret to success.

When I graduated from Miami University in Ohio, there was no back up plan. (My adoring mother decided to live her own life by getting out of Cleveland and moving to Florida.) I sent out hundreds of resumes, determined to land a fine job in marketing. In the meantime, I had to eat, so I took a job for a few weeks at TGI Friday’s. So many red-and-white-striped shirts!

I shared this story with my wife recently. As Niche Media’s Content Wrangler, she’d also been bugging me all week to write an ad sales blog post. Then it hit me……..

I LOVE Fridays! I’ll tell you why. [Read more…]