Ad Sales and LinkedIn: Carl’s 6 Tips for Success!


LinkedIn can be a a valuable sales tool if you use it to it’s full potential.

Are you making the most of your LinkedIn? There is intrinsic value in having connections in common with your prospects. Actively using LinkedIn paves the way for you to get to know your prospects better. And your prospects can get to get to know YOU better. The best part? These initial connections can begin before you actually meet the prospect in person.

I routinely use LinkedIn in my workday. For now, let’s focus on what ad salespeople should be doing with it: [Read more…]

Publisher’s Pain Management: Here’s the Solution!


If you want to take your media business to the next level, you have to learn the art of delegating!

As entrepreneurs, niche publishers wear many hats. And even though sometimes it seems easier to just do it yourself rather than take the time to explain it to someone else, that’s short-term thinking.

But there comes a time when it’s just not working. Too much to do, not enough help, not enough hours in the day.

So what’s a publisher to do? Delegate! [Read more…]

Niche-worthy News: Start-ups, Stats and More!

It’s November already! Niche publishers are launching new magazines, the MPA released new stats, the IAB is addressing digital advertising conundrums and more. ID-100264961Here’s our latest round-up of niche-worthy news:

Top Magazine Launches 
Hola! Lonely Planet, SwimSwam, oh my! Samir Husni gives us the top magazine launches of 2016. From Minonline: Introducing Mr. Magazine’s 30 hottest launches of 2016

Audience growth
Average audience for magazine brands is currently up 9.3 percent from a year ago. Here’s a promising summary of the latest Brand Audience Report from industry metric Magazine Media 360°. From O’Dwyer’s: Magazine readership rises [Read more…]