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Here’s some of our most popular ad sales posts of 2016! Happy Holidays!

Some of our most popular ad sales posts of 2016:

Here’s to 2017 and a Super Sales Year!


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The 12 Days of….Revenue Generation for Niche Media Companies!

Ho Ho Ho! New year, new ideas and new revenue streams right around the corner!

On the 12th day of Christmas, my niche publisher gave to me; One fantastic CRM, two new live events, three new partnerships, four new recruits, five golden revenue streams! Six social media successes, seven branded videos, eight techy tools, nine awards, 10 increased traffic rates, 11 data profit centers and an ROI that fills everyone with glee……

Here’s 12 days of revenue generation for niche media companies:

1. Vet your list! Your list is one of the most important parts of your marketing and prospecting programs. Make sure your database is continually updated and get rid of old addresses. Always be on the prospect for new contacts Take it a step further– Segmentation for fun and profit!

2. Grow your audience database. Offer something in return for email addresses. You can offer access to premium/gated content, e-newsletter subscriptions, branded products or discounts, etc. Expanded audience=more revenue.

3. Don’t undersell the importance and value of your first party data.  Your community represents a premium audience for the advertisers in the niche you represent. The “first-party” data you collect as these visitors spend time on your website and share information with you is [Read more…]

Are your tires on backwards? Or is your sales team driving donuts in the parking lot?

Let’s be honest. We’ve all made purchases at some point that sit there collecting dust. Whether it’s the 2:00am infomercial all-in-one blender, or fabulous technology for your publishing company, you might be asking yourself, “wait, what is this?” 

If you are a publisher who asked yourself this question after making a software investment, you are not alone. Buying a publishing platform can be intimidating at first. Maybe you intended to solve one specific problem, but after unwrapping your shiny new CRM, you say, “Whoa! What do I do with it?”

Publisher, Jennifer Jackson, at the Springfield Business Journal, had a similar situation not too long ago.  She bought a powerful CRM to house some basic data and contacts, but her team ended up using it more like a giant Rolodex instead of its true purpose: an ad sales, production, and billing problem-solver.

Jackson didn’t necessarily have a problem with the product, but her vendor kept relentlessly explaining that The Springfield Business Journal was missing out. [Read more…]

Digital Media: Create an “About Us” That Rocks!

Create an awesome “About Us” page with these 6 tips!

How readers interact with magazines has shifted. Audiences want to engage with media brands, not some faceless company. Whether you have paid subscribers or not, your devoted niche audience wants to know more about you.

So what does your current “About Us” page really say about you? Unfortunately, it’s often the page we give the least amount of attention. Yet it’s one of the most important because it’s the place where you explain to your audience who you really are and what you care about.

The goal of a great “About Us” is to tell your brand story and show your team in an authentic, informative, yet entertaining way. (Hint: Interesting enough so the reader doesn’t fall asleep reading the bios or jump to another website.)

Here are 6 tips on improving your “About Us” page: [Read more…]

Year-End Tips for Ad Sales Pros! Part 2

Super sales pros know this is the best time to get prepared for 2017.

Last week I shared with you what top media sales pros should be doing this time of year. You know, when everyone (including clients) are distracted with year-end deadlines, holidays, vacations, etc.

Year-End Tips for Ad Sales Pros! Part 1 

Here are 5 MORE of my key points for ad salespeople to consider this time of year: [Read more…]

5 Tips for Recognizing your Employees 


Here’s expert Don Harkey’s 5 tips on recognizing your employees.

A recent study in a manufacturing setting highlighted the power of recognizing employees for their efforts.  The study utilized 4 different groups all performing the same tasks and experimented with different forms of rewards / recognition if the group exceeded their production goals for any given week.

One group received a cash bonus.  One group received pizza. One group received a canned text from their supervisor that said “Great job this week!”. The last group received nothing (it was the control group for the study).

The results were surprising to some. The group that responded the best was the text message group.  The pizza group came in second. The nothing group came in third. Surprisingly, the cash bonus group came in last. This study highlights some of the complexities and simplicities of employee recognition.

Here are 5 tips for doing it the right way: [Read more…]

Planning for 2017? 7 Strategy Questions to Answer

Are you asking yourself the right questions as you plan for 2017?

Before you wind down for the holidays, make sure you answer these questions so you can hit the ground running in 2017.

  1. What is your “breakthrough experiment” for 2017?

If you aren’t innovating with new products, you’re dying. 88% of Fortune 500 companies have gone out of business over the past 50 years… unless you’re trying new things, you’re jeopardizing your future.

You need to try at least one new thing each year. Don’t expect it to be an automatic winner at the start – view your investment in something fresh as an experiment. You will learn how to make it into a success once you try it, measure the results, and correct course accordingly. [Read more…]

Year-End Tips for Ad Sales Pros!


Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow. Here’s Ryan’s 5 key points to consider this time of year.

For most media ad sales professionals, the fiscal year does not follow the calendar year. By late fall you are pretty much done with 2016. When you add the holiday season and new year celebrations to the mix, you have a double whammy that often brings ad sales to a slow crawl across the December finish line.

Here are 5 key points media ad sales pros should consider this time of year: [Read more…]

It’s Time for Your Staff to Shine!


Recognize your employees’ outstanding achievements with a Nichee!

You’ve created a solid team, you all work very hard and you publish a great product. What’s missing? What might be missing for your employees?

Studies show that when a company takes the time to recognize their employees for outstanding achievement, morale and productivity increase. It helps with retention too. Is it any wonder that creating a thriving company culture that rocks is a hot topic for media companies right now?

The key point it this: Recognition matters more to employees than money.  In a survey of 1,200 employees across the country, 83% of respondents said recognition for contributions was more fulfilling than any (monetary) rewards or gifts.

So when niche publishers told us what they’d like to see (and be a part of) in 2017, we listened. We have introduced the all new Nichee Awards Program, with the winners being honored at our Super Niche Media Event in Charlotte, March 27-29, 2017.

Here are two big innovations to the awards program that you need to know about: [Read more…]

Digital Publishing: Niche-worthy News for December


Niche media innovations are everywhere. Read all about it!

Evergreen content, tiny targets, the great niche influence, oh my! Here’s the latest niche-worthy news for publishers:

Mobile optimization imperative
From MediaPost: MPA study shows mobile is the key driver of magazine audience
Digital magazines need to think like TV producers. From MinOnline: Is “magazine binging” a thing yet?

Digital first then print profit
Luxury digital magazine creates print: The new model from Printweek: Luxurious launches print product
B2C appeal! Art and lifestyle content continues to shine. From the Guardian: Luxury magazines defy print market gloom [Read more…]