Niche Media logoNiche Media has created super niched-out events for over 13 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! This is what you would expect from a founder like Carl Landau, who became famous 20 years ago for “sending cats in the mail” as an ad sales campaign (not to worry, no cats were harmed in the promotion).Carl has created a super-team of media experts who put on all Niche Events–Ryan Dohrn, Nancy O’Brien, Rebekah Darksmith, Stephanie Selesnick, Diana Landau, and Robyn Ireland. The “Super Nichers” have a combined 100+ years of media experience. That’s almost 600 years in cat lives!
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The Niche Super-Team

Carl Laudau Carl Landau
Grand Poobah Carl is the perfect host. He’s made millions starting and selling five niche magazines and two conferences & tradeshows in both the consumer and B-to-B publishing worlds.Carl became famous 15 years ago for sending cats in the mail! He has taught his Camp Niche ad sales seminars to over 3,000 ad sales professionals. This has given him unique insight into the needs of the small-to-medium niche publishers. He started the wildly successful “Publishers Only” Niche Magazine Conference in 2007 and the fast-growing Niche Digital Conference in 2009. His latest super-niche projects are e-Newsletter World conference and Niche Yearbook directory.Carl is bringing the niche media world together!Carl’s most famous inspirational quote: “There’s no “I” in Niche.”
carl [at] nichemediahq [dot] com
Ryan Dohrn Ryan Dohrn
Conference Director: Niche Digital Conference & e-Newsletter WorldRyan didn’t invent the internet, but close! Ryan has been an innovative force in the marketing, promotion, and internet business since 1995. In 1996, Ryan translated his passion for horses into a revolutionary online equine marketplace. In 2000, he sold HorseCity.com to the Fortune
1000 Morris Communications. As General Manager of Morris Magazines Interactive, he managed the web strategy and online operations of 14 magazines. He left Morris to found 360 Ad Sales Training & Strategy, an advertising consulting firm focused on developing online and print advertising strategies for magazine publishers.Now Ryan is starting a new adventure as a Group Publisher at PennWell Corporation, the largest privately owned business publisher in the USA.
Nancy O'Brien Nancy O’Brien
Conference Director: Niche Magazine Conference With Nancy’s training, you’ll never fly coach again! Nancy got her start at Petroleum Engineer and has been on the publishing fast track ever since! She was a perennial million-dollar-plus ad sales star at Oil & Gas Journal and Electric Light & Power. As a publisher at Phillips Business Aviation Maintenance she transformed the publication into a multi-million dollar property.Today she sells millions of dollars a year in ad sales as a part-timer for Aviation International News without breaking a sweat. She’s an ad sales super star that is an expert at teaching how to use research and circulation to bag that big ad sales prize.
obrie [at] aol [dot] com
Aviation International News
Rebekah Darksmith Rebekah Darksmith
Conference Manager: Niche Magazine Conference & Niche Digital ConferenceRebekah has worked in publishing for over 15 years, with experience in consumer, b2b, and academic periodicals. Rebekah is currently Sales & Marketing Director for University of California Press, Journals + Digital Publishing where she is responsible for 35 titles, several of which have circulation of under 500. (Talk about a niche!)Back in the day, Rebekah was the first employee of Niche Publications and helped Carl launch Brew Your Own.
rebekah [at] nichemediahq [dot] com
Robyn IrelandDiana Landau Robyn Ireland
Operations Manager & Swiss Army KnifeRobyn has worked for Niche Media for over seven years and has the bowling, golf, flower child, baseball and western shirts to prove it! Anyone who knows the inside working here at Niche HQ knows that Robyn basically runs the operation. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain… Grand Poobah Carl is basically a figurehead.) Robyn oversees all conference logistics, edits Niched Out News, and administers the Niche websites.
robyn [at] nichemediahq [dot] comDiana Landau
Content WranglerFormerly a Regional marketing director with decades of experience in advertising, brand strategy and lead-gen in an old-school industry with traditional marketing, Diana decided to take her talents to the next level and joined the Niche team as Content Wrangler. When not co-developing new strategies and and writing zippy copy for Niche blogs and newsletters, Diana enjoys the research, interviewing and curating that goes along with sharing the happenings and wisdoms of the niche magazine world with the niche magazine world.
DianaTLandau [at] gmail[dot] com

The No-Nonsense Niche Team!

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