3 Ways Niche Publishers Can Create Successful Mobile Strategies


Expert Andy Swindler shares his insights on creating a successful mobile strategy.

Everyone has talked mobile strategy for years now, but what does a “real” mobile strategy look like? How can niche publishers demystify the ever-growing opportunities to take their publication(s) mobile?

We asked agency whiz kid Andy Swindler about some quick ways that publishers can decide which mobile path to take and how to get started.

Niche Media HQ:  What are some starting-point guidelines publishers should consider when creating a mobile strategy? 

 Andy Swindler:

“Don’t just jump at a platform or attractive technology. Like anything in business, your strategy should be guided by your business objectives. If you have an existing subscriber base, you may wish to engage in market research to ask them what they would want out of a mobile app and to learn how they use their mobile technology.

If your budget is limited, mobile web can be a good way to test the waters before jumping into the typically more complex and expensive mobile app realm. That said, there are some efficient platforms that can help publishers save time and money.”

Niche Media HQ:  Can you give us a couple of real-world examples of how apps can work better than the web? What capabilities should niche publishers be taking advantage of?


“The primary advantages of mobile apps over mobile web are:

– Smoother functionality and responsiveness

– Offline capabilities (better than HTML 5)

– Push notifications

– Easier to get phone real estate (better than web bookmark instructions)”

Niche Media HQ:  What are 3 mobile revenue-generating action items publishers should be working on now?


– If your readers want mobile, find a way to get started. Start small.

– Investigate ad models and sponsorships as well as using the app as another component to your subscription model.

– Investigate how your content and data could be used to create an app that extends far beyond just another platform to read your existing publication.”

Exploring ways beyond mobile as just another platform for readers to view you is key. Niche publishers are creating successful mobile strategies that connect with their audience(s) at a new level of engagement.

Editor’s Note: Andy will be speaking at the upcoming Niche Digital Conference this fall in Minneapolis. He will be leading the session, Niche Mobile Imperative.


More About Andy: Andy Swindler, President, leads the strategic direction and growth of Astek, aligning its comprehensive digital services to create value for niche publishers who may otherwise see technology as a cost. His innovations in the space include Astek’s Webany CMS and he speaks regularly on topics such as mobile, SEO and social media.


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