Ad Sales Roundup: The Best of Bonnie


Gear up for 2014 with these real world ad sales tips from an ad sales pro.

As we wind down 2013, we’d like to thank our guest bloggers. When the ad sales pros in our niche magazine world share their nuggets of wisdom, it helps everyone.

This post features the 2013 contributions of Bonnie Dodson, long-time ad sales pro and niche media enthusiast. (Thank you for being so prompt and easy to work with.) With Bonnie’s advice you will be on track to sell more integrated print and online magazine advertising in the coming year, and have more fun doing it, too.

Here’s some of Bonnie’s ad sales advice so yo can jump start the new year:

Is your sales approach on the phone tried and true? Try something new:  Here’s Voice Mail as An Ad Sales Tool!

Every salesperson has those moments of secret dread on some days about cold-calling. Ok, don’t call it dread, but then why are you procrastinating by cleaning out random file drawers?

Ad Sales Cold Calling–For Fun & Profit

At different times throughout the year, ad salespeople often have to work a trade show. Here’s how to actually look forward to it and get the most out of the experience: How to Work a Trade Show to Get More Ad Sales Prospects

Finally, as employers jump on the flex-time bandwagon, Top 3 Tips for Ad Sales Reps Working From Home.

Keep ’em comin’, Bonnie!

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Bonnie Portrait   More About Bonnie: Bonnie Dodson is a former Advertising Sales Manager and now represents LP Magazine and Courts Today, both niche publications. I must be a true salesperson because my favorite part is making cold calls,” she tells us.




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