Ad Sales Tips from the Experts: Are you a Sales Introvert or an Extrovert?


Here are some expert tips for introverts and extroverts….working together for a winning sales team!

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? This can make a BIG difference in how you handle being part of an A-Sales team.

Experts Don Nichols and Ed Coburn gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Niche Digital Conference about various types of people that make up super sales teams. It’s all about learning ways to be effective and successful within a team environment.

Here are some of their quick tips on how to be your best in a top sales team environment:

If you’re an Introvert on an Extrovert team:

  1. Arrive early at work to take advantage of quiet time.
  2. Intentionally seek out private reflective time – take the long way home.
  3. In meetings, voice even partially thought-through perspectives.
  4. Plan private breaks during the day to collect your thoughts.

If you’re an Extrovert on an Introvert team:

  1. Network with others outside your work time.
  2. Ask others to voice their ideas.
  3. Pay attention to the written word.
  4. Allow others to think about your idea before they provide feedback.

Keep these strategies in mind when you work with your team. The more successful you are, your team will be too!


More about Nicholas & Coburn:  

picture-175Don Nicholas is CEO and Lead Consultant of Mequoda Group. Don has guided the development of more than 110 successful niche media websites. He is an expert in new business development, digital publishing, and internet marketing. 


picture-346Ed Coburn is one of the true innovators in the online media world. He’s currently the Chief Strategy Officer for Mequoda Group.  Most recently Ed served as the Director of Harvard Health Publications, the consumer media division of Harvard Medical School. 



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