Apple Ad-blocking: What’s it Mean for Niche Publishing?


Will Apple’s new software take a bite of the niche publishing audience? Expert Ryan Dohrn weighs in.

Publishers are buzzing about the latest ad-blocking software from Apple and what it all means. Will it affect niche digital publishers and how? In past posts we’ve shared different voices on the matter: Apple to Introduce Ad-Blocking and Apple Effects.

But between gloomy predictions of the end of the internet (maybe the entire world, while giants Apple vs Amazon vs Facebook vs Google vs Godzilla combat) and hyper-chirpy press about all the reader benefits, what’s the real deal?

We asked Ryan Dohrn, digital sales expert, author and speaker at the Niche Digital Conference in Savannah this week to give us his sense of the Apple ad-blocking debate:

“If the Internet dies so does Google. After all, Google relies on everybody else’s websites to drive their primary business. Facebook use in the United States is actually dropping year over year.

So the REAL struggle will be a fight about relevancy. Niche publishers need to be hyper-focused on creating high-end, very relevant information that readers will clammer to consume. You cannot get away with creating the same-old-same-old status quo content each and every month, or a repeat of what was produced last year. 

Media brands are also in a very unique position to become leaders in the creation and distribution of their unique, relevant, niched-out content, along with equally unique and relevant marketing opportunities that match readers with advertisers. There are literally hundreds of ways to present compelling marketing messages to a super-targeted niche audience.  

Another competitive edge is the locality of many niche publishers. In my opinion, they have a tremendous leg up on national media because people are very often seeking localized information. And from a B2B perspective, many publishers have an inside track on information related to their industry that the national media simply doesn’t have. 

The greater discussion must be about relevant content and then creating marketing products that are exceedingly connected to that content.”



Ryan_New_HeadshotMore about Ryan:  Ryan is the President and founder of Brain Swell Media and 360 Ad Sales Training, a boutique internet revenue consulting firm with a detailed focus on ad sales training, internet consulting and media revenue generation. He is an award winning ad sales training coach, international business speaker and the author of the best selling ad sales book, Selling Backwards.


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