Avoid These 7 Deadly Sins of Ad Sales Pitching!

Every successful magazine ad salesperson should know by know that sales-pitching is out. Building customer relationships is in. If you don’t know this yet, go back and read Sales Coach Ryan Dohrn’s previous post, Ditch the Sales Pitch. Or read it again to refresh, it’s good stuff.ID-100172662

Inc.com had an entertaining yet informative post about sales presentations and we thought we’d share. (They have really amusing, cartoony images to go with it too, for you creative types.)

Here is an abbreviated version of the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Pitching:

1) You don’t build suspense. The second your listener says, “I get it,” you’ve lost them. Make your presentation captivating throughout, not just the first 5 minutes.

2) You are too available. Always give a time frame first before presenting. It’s respectful to your client’s time and will make your listeners feel more at ease from the start.

3) You scare people. If you get too detailed and too complicated right off the bat, you will not impress–instead, your audience will not process what you are saying and recoil. Visuals always help understanding.

4) You BS the expert. Never do this. Enough said.

5) You’re too nice. Awww. If you are too available and too needy, not only will you not get ad business, but you will not find a date or a bff either. Learn to find the right balance that works.

6) You quote dead people. Or sports celebrities who take steroids. YOU be the expert, don’t rely on quotes from others. Way more authentic and effective.

7) You are booooring! (Grand Poobah’s favorite pet peeve.) Don’t immediately info-dump about your product to people or you will make them snooze right there in the meeting. Make an emotional connection first about something interesting.

Focus on building relationships with your customers and prospects for the long term. Sure, you need them to commit, but remember that your looming deadline doesn’t matter to them like it does to you.

Present yourself and your magazine in a confident, direct and engaging way. We bet it will lead to more “Yes!”


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