Bust Outta Your Rut: Avoid These 10 Digital Content Pitfalls!


Getting too complacent maybe? Avoid these 10 digital content pitfalls!

Constantly creating quality digital content that engages (and ultimately converts) your niche audience is a big job. Or it should be. But sometimes it’s easy to sink into a nice, comfy rut, cranking out content you think your audience loves. That topic worked so well then that it must work tomorrow too, right?

Not necessarily. High-caliber content creation is about always having that constant pulse on your niche market and paying attention not only to the big audience shifts but the subtle ones too. And it’s about not letting your publication get too complacent.

Here are some common ruts that publishers can fall into:

1. Not enough visual oomph. Too many content creators crank out quality stuff but then forget about the visuals to keep viewers interested. Even a technical, dry B2B needs to keep this mind.

2. Boring headlines. You lost them at “Hello.” A common pitfall is to spend lots of time on the content and not devoting enough time to creating the best headline ever. Every time.

3. Creation in a vacuum. Everyone is guilty of it. You think you know what your audience wants to read and you start getting over-confident. Get out of your comfort zone and survey continuously to make sure you still know what they want.

4. Inconsistent gating. The quickest way to irritate and lose your viewers is to not have a clear strategy or purpose as to why you are gating certain content.

5. Your content is buried. Visitors have to search around in this giant archive that is difficult to navigate and specifics are hard to find. When was the last time you tried to download something from your magazine? Is your user-experience the best it can be?

6. Too many silos of content-creators. There must be cohesiveness between your blogs, emails, social media, video, etc. to make meaningful connections with your audience in multiple ways. Make sure you have an overarching, coherent message.

7. Not enough video. It’s now and it’s huge and you need to incorporate it everywhere you can.

8. One-hit wonders. Don’t fall into the rut of creating one-time-only content. Look at the bigger story. Is there a series in there somewhere? Does this start a conversation with your audience that can be continued in an e-book or a future special edition?

9. Hum-drum tone.  Every brand has a unique style and voice. Have you adequately shared your’s? Include not just your brand story but also some personal stories that will resonate with your audience.

10. It’s all about generating leads. Yes, you need to generate new leads but it is not the sole purpose of content creation. Your audience comes to you for answers to their questions and information they are looking for.

It’s good to periodically review your own content from your audience’s perspective— to ensure you are giving the people what they want!


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About this blogger: Diana Landau is the Content Wrangler for Niche Media. A former sales director and corporate marketing hack, she has now found nirvana in writing and wrangling quality content. Diana is a food, wine, art and SF Giants enthusiast…who sometimes gets carried away.



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