Digital Marketing: Quick Conversion Tactics for Success!


COO Mike Bannan of IDEA Health & Fitness Association shares proven conversion tactics for digital marketing success.

Ok, so there’s huge buzz about digital marketing conversion tactics. With all the options out there, where do you start? What strategies are going to help you drive revenue and build lasting relationships with your audience?

Mike Bannan, Chief Development Officer for IDEA Health and Fitness Organization, shared his 12 Quick Conversion Tactics recently with our conference attendees and we thought we’d share:

1. Experiment. Offering deeper discounts can work. Maybe it’s 50% vs the current 40%.

2. Mutual Value. 99 cents is better than FREE. Offer a value-proposition always.

3. Customize. People actually open emails from real people.

4. Simplify. People will run from complexity—and you. Keep it understandable.

5. Captivate. Subject lines that work: With “numbers”, with “Free”, with “gift”, or with a fun image.

6. Repeat. Send follow-up emails with subject lines “RE: Reminder to…..”

7. Be Visual. Pre-headers with “Can’t see this image?” fail! Make sure your images are easily viewable on multiple devices.

8. Test Your Content. See how it resonates. Marketing vs Customer service? Too chatty?

9. Set Limits. Use limits for urgency by using a countdown or “First 50.”

10. Drive Quantity. Use limits to increase quantity, like “limit 3” etc.

11. Get colorful. Button color matters!

12. Round Up. Eliminate pennies in pricing.

So don’t get caught up in all the hype! Try this proven, straight-forward road map to your digital marketing success!


More about Mike:  Mike is COO of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world’s largest membership organization of fitness professionals. Mike’s focus with IDEA is exclusively digital. contains over 5,000 articles, hundreds of streaming videos, and an online learning center. Mike increased site visitors, engagement, and conversion 300% in just two years.



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