How to Become a Media Buyer’s Best (Ad Sales) Friend

By Nancy O’Brien,  

At the Niche Magazine Conference in Nashville last month I got to learn first hand from three local media buyers at the Media Buyer Steel Cage Match session how to become a media buyer’s favorite ad sales person. Media buyers are busy and have a lot of sales people vying for their attention. Here’s three things you can do to stand out from the crowd and make your sale.

1. Be Prepared: Use email as your primary mode of communication with them – at least initially.  When you contact them you need to have a compelling reason for them to consider your magazine or website, not just a general fluff piece on why you are the Bible of the industry. Come armed with solid numbers and your unique value statement. (Don’t know how to create a UVS? Learn here!) Be concise – don’t go in to a long, drawn-out sales pitch.  If they have to scroll down to read the whole thing they will simply delete it. Be concise to be read.

2. Be Informed: Know everything you can about their client before you contact them.  Media buyers are often overloaded and don’t have time to bring you up to speed on who their clients are and what they do.  Respect their time and you have a better chance of making a sale. When you do meet with them, either on the phone or in person, have a list of questions to ask pertinent to how they fit with your media offerings.  Respect a media buyer’s time if you want to be heard!

3. Become a Resource: Providing the media buyer with valuable research and market data will almost always get you a meeting.  Research is key to opening the doors of communication, so use it often. Media buyers will then come to rely on you for the information they need to do their job.  Feel free to contact the advertiser directly with any information you have, but always copy the agency (if there is one) with all communication.

Remember, there are thousands of ad sales reps out there! Be one of the best by being prepared, informed and a marketing consultant and partner to the media buyers. You will stand out from the crowd!


This post is part of the March issue of Niched Out News.

How to Become a Media Buyer’s Best (Ad Sales) Friend

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