How to Make the Sale When There’s “No Money in the Budget”


Ad Sales–Do you ever get this response?

These are the 5 dreaded words that we ad sales people HATE.  Media buyers LOVE saying, Soooorrrry, there is NO money in the budget.”  

We’ve been talking about how to handle this objection in our Camp Niche Ad Sales training program for years.

Media buyers like saying it because most ad sales people freeze and say something clever like, “Oh, that’s ok, when will you be working on next years budget?” The answer is almost always the same. “Check back with me in 6 months.” Media buyers love it because you won’t be bugging them for those 6 months.

Don’t give up!  Here are 3 things you can say to counter the objection and make the sale….

1.  “I’ve never heard of any budget carved in stone. We have the perfect audience for you.  Isn’t there a slush fund or or some splash cash or money dedicated for special issues in your product category or show issues with extra distributions?” (Or whatever special thing you are selling.)

2.  “Sounds like your advertising budget is spent. What about your event budget, PR budget, or social media budget?  We have unique opportunities in all these areas that I think you’d be interested in.”

3.   “Let’s just say you had all the money in the world to spend.  Tell me about your audience and your ideal marketing idea.” Get them talking and before you know it, you prove you have the right audience and then they’re interested.

EVERY media buyer says, the “…no budget…” thing 15 times a day.  Only a few ad sales people challenge them on it and get their business. You need to be one of those!!!

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