How to Motivate Yourself for Amazing Ad Sales….When Your Boss Won’t!

Lucky for us salespeople, most of us have a great boss who knows what we need to keep us motivated to sell and bring in the dough. But what about the times when we are working with a sales manager who just does not get it?


Does your boss seem to be oblivious to your your ad sales success? Here’s how to keep motivated.

You prospected, proposed and made all the proper follow up. Finally the advertiser bought. The contract is signed.  Time for high fives and celebration! Woo-hoo!

The contract goes to the sales manager and you just know you will get all sorts of thanks and kudos. Time goes by and nothing. Nada. Not even an acknowledgement. Woo-hoo-not-so-much.

But seriously, come on—what did you expect?  You are one of the top salespeople in the company so all the bosses know you regularly bring in the contracts. So closing a deal is really nothing to get super-excited about.

But where does that leave YOU?  How do you pick yourself up and go after the next sale?  You have to have a strong sense of self-motivation and give yourself celebration. You could call your spouse, good friend or peers who are happy for you and will celebrate your successes with you. Having someone to celebrate with is essential for the short term. But you also need to have a strategy that will keep you motivated for the long haul.

Here are some self-motivating techniques that can make you feel pretty good about yourself and get you ready to go for the selling the next advertising contract:  

  • Set goals for yourself and pat yourself on the back when you reach and exceed them.  
  • Compare numbers to last year, so you can see your gains.  
  • Add up your numbers and recalculate your commissions.  Those increasing dollars are pretty good motivators.
  • And a tip taken from the Niche Media HQ Grand Poobah—plaster your office with copies of the contracts.

For most great salespeople, the money is important, but it is more than that.  We need validation that we work hard and we are good at our job too.  We know it, our family knows it and our boss should know it—but sometimes he or she just takes the successful salesperson for granted.

So don’t sweat it! Just keep making those calls and signing those contracts. And before you pick up the phone again, dive into that special stash of really good chocolate that only comes out for special occasions……



Bonnie Portrait   More About Bonnie: Bonnie Dodson is a former Advertising Sales Manager and now represents LP Magazine and Courts Today, both niche publications.  “I must be a true salesperson because my favorite part is making cold calls,” she tells us.




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