Let Ad Sales People Sell!

It drives me crazy when I see publishers misuse their ad sales staff.

Lots of publishers have their magazine ad sales people do all the administrative parts of the job, including mailings, chasing down ad copy, billing and even doing collections!


Let your ad salespeople do what they do best–SELL.

By the way—having an ad sales person also handling the collections is the worst idea. But, this happens all the time.

I want my sales person SELLING! And selling big programs. Spending time prospecting. Writing blog posts and presenting themselves as an industry thought leader. Helping clients develop successful programs.

NOT chasing down production ads and doing a bunch of database work.

A good advertising coordinator is worth their weight in gold. They should be doing all the admin work AND helping the ad sales staff be organized. They can even handle the smaller accounts.

Plus, this is a great training position for a potential future ad sales superstar.

So publishers: Do you want to increase ad sales revenue?

Let your sales people SELL!!!


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  1. So true! I sell advertising, sponsorships, exhibit space, and corporate memberships. I spend a HUGE amount of time on admin, including creating time-consuming revenue reports, etc. I’d much rather be on the phone.

  2. I would just like ad sales people who could sell ads. As a principle in a digital magazine its hard to find people who can sell ad space of any kind and do it well. We have given up completely on the idea and sourced out what ads we do allow in the magazine to agencies who supply them to us.

  3. Amen! I found in my business that this is the best way to maximize profits. But there ARE advantages for sales people to do their trafficking too – catching mistakes, another client touch, up-selling. Even more important is smart use of sales software like SalesForce. The ones that use it well seem to really be more efficient. My new company has an interesting twist – when you enteran order it gives you the choice to appoint yourself as ad trafficker, or a central-services person. I noticed that nine times out of ten the rep appoints themself.

    Sales people, more than anything, hate meetings. That’s another part of the mix. Less meetings, the better.

    Great post and thanks for sharing – as usual – Carl!

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