Lights, Camera, Branding! Editors + Video = Sales Supercharger!

For many brands – if not all, then most – your editor serves as more than the content creator of the publication. Just as importantly, he/she also serves as the “human incarnation” of your brand. Take a trade show for instance…do you go to a show and leave your editor behind, riding a desk at the home office? Hope not! As my son would say, “That’s a trip to crazy-town.”


Ad sales: Great Video + Your Editor = Successful brand image

As an editor circulates in a market, they leave a trail of spinning “brand” impressions on the audience they interact with. The brand becomes more than just the site, magazine, event.

Everyone loooooves a meeting with editors – from customers and readers to analysts. Want proof? Have an editor go with a sales rep on a sales trip and see how many more appointments they get if the client knows Mr. Big is along for the ride.

So as a sales rep, how can you magnify your editors’ industry face time – properly? 

With video. Video is the niche market’s killer app…not only does it drive higher time-onsite, but encourages interactivity with the brand and is eminently viral-capable.

But video has to be done well. A dimly-lit, poorly-shot video on a crowded trade show floor with an editor who doesn’t have a good social skill-set can also lead to a poor perception of your brand. I’ve produced a few donkeys in the day and looking back would love to have had the chance to do it right.

Here are my 6 top tips for you to execute great editor video: (An easy way to remember it: “FLAASH.”)

Find the right subject. Whether you’re doing stand-up solo commentary or an interview – the goal is the same. The subject needs to be timely, important, and actionable.

Light the set well. Make sure your editor is front-lit, as is the subject is an interview. Ensure there are no shadows, and that the light positioning does not cause glare on the subject’s face (aka the dreaded “shine.”)

Audio is everything. Coach your editor to speak LOUDLY, and encourage the subject to do the same. Try to minimize background noise. On a show floor, that can be hard. But you can find quieter spaces. It’s always smart to scout good locales out in advance when at a trade show. If you’re shooting in the office…turn off cell phones! The perfect take has been ruined more than once by someone’s iPhone receiving a text to remember to walk the dog. Microphone placement: There are hundreds of opinions but rule of thumb is just above just above chest-level for clip-on mics, and a handheld mic should be held slightly below the chin.

Appearance. It’s important that the editor look like they are camera-ready. Lose the golf shirts, the old tweed jackets, the 20-year-old tie. Editors should dress for camera like they dress for a job interview. And a bright white shirt and good tie are a must. If your industry is more informal or more niche-based, then a clean, ironed shirt with your brand logo will work fine. Another little trick…use Visine!

Staging – a good background is paramount. If you’re shooting at the office, stay away from clutter as a background. If you want a newsroom feel, do a stand-up shot in front of all the cubicles in your office “bullpen” (we all have them.) A great trick is to take your brand’s trade show booth and set up a piece or two with your brand logo and create a custom set. Of course, best of all – use green screen and key out and drop a custom background in. A note about green screen – do not use flashy backgrounds with lots of effects. It takes the eye off the subjects and after 60 seconds or so causes eye fatigue. (So no matter how great your video post-producer is, resist the urge for lasers and lightning bolts.)

Head up! I you’re doing a solo shoot, always look straight at the camera and try to minimize blinking. Smile during the intro and outro. When doing an interview, be sure to look at your subject during the Q&A, but also at the camera during introduction and close. Practice makes perfect!

So follow my FLAASH tips and you’ll be on the way to having an editor who will deliver engaging, professional video for your brand. And that will also help you ultimately close more deals.

And remember—the better the video quality, the better the chance it can be sponsored!






More about Tim: Tim Hermes is a publishing consultant with over 20 years in the b2b space. He is also a pioneer in b2b video and has sold over $1m in sponsored video in his career. As an Account Executive, Regional Sales Manager, Associate Publisher, VP/Publisher, Owner and CEO, he has seen an industry change and embrace the excitement that multimedia content delivery presents – first-hand – from different positions.


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